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chest pains and torn flesh for filming this week.

I have Chest pains ad the torn flesh from my hands isn't helping the fight. Everybody is sick and hurting. I am still one of the lucky ones captain. I can make it work and sell some music today. I old a lot of stuff over the years. I was a natural born dealer of fine antiques .This week is no different a I make offers to new agreements in the musical world. several response's came along for another drummer while ours take time off to tour. Today we are # 10 and that fine with me. I cant play a well as I can with all my pains today. I don't care. The weather is 84 degrees. The birds are churping and the lizards are fighting for power. Distrubed blasts out the radio and my minds is thinking on making the new Videos and web site. Fuk so much work , glad I have a cast of friends to help. We should be filming on Lower Decatur st this week. the entire process is gonna be great. Contact us if you want or need in. the plot is hilarious and everybody is exciting about shooting. we are thinking of adding the PRO status to vimeo.com/luvispro to upload this stuff. Its what we do around these parts, and you know its right ! Its ok its Monday If I get 1 thing done today i'm better than anybody in Washington dc . Thanks for all the great emails ladies keep'm cumin. It time to sing to Jah and get my mojo in order for this weeks gigs . have a great day cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

#8 | L.A Music Factory | Jackson SQ jam out

Thanks you to the L.A Music Factory where the new cd is entombed for future experiences to unleash the healing. the more I think of this the more I have to say Thanks. It was the Factory that was my first venture as a new local musician. 25 yrs in waiting for this moment I guess. Reminds me of going to Memphis and doing same thing. After that so many cool things happened. Now I also went over and dropped off copies to Offbeat for review. That should be interesting of snorts. I really like Offbeat and what they have done for the musicians in new Orleans and thru out . I am not leaving quietly and so now i'm going down St Ann out to Jackson Sq for a little moment with St Louis and all us saints and sinners. I have a couple of new jams to play and get write before the new split cd is released from swampmuck. that another story. chilled to the bone I am today and you turned me on so now i'm cum'n straight fur da who dat momma with long red hair and fire in her eyes............................

Thank You | Cdbaby | Itunes | C-lo R.I.P.

Hey , I just wanted to say Thanks to Everybody over at cdbaby.com. the site looks great. the songs sound great. Cant wait to release more music this way. so far so good. take a look and leave me a message. now its should be a few more days and the entire album will on iTunes and over 30 music servers. So Thanks for all that as well, it nice to know im not getting run off the road for selling my music using a phone or a computer. I was gung ho today to do more but I ran into a little problem last night in Treme and survived it so all is good. I am glad to be alive and able to say "NO" to those who want me to just follow the sheeple music. The cds are moving pretty fast, everybody wants one as soon as they see it ! this is why im on the phone with discmakers about the new cds coming out from Swampmuck. my hands hurt. my ears are ringing so I guess someones talking bout me. Today show on alex jones is really good you should check it out. keep playing music cause music means freedom. A special shout out to my main girl dj wendy who had to be with me 3 yrs ago today when we had to put an end to my dear old friend C-LO. He was my favorite dog and my best friend at times. he saved my life and I saved his. we were a team and I miss having him next to me. even though I knew it was gonna someday happen , and I promised myself I wouldn't let him effect me , he still make me cry cause I always knew I would have to sing him his favorite song without him wagging his tail " pitbulls, on my shoulders make me happy, pitbulls on my mind makes me high " and the classic " everybody loves him and nobody loves me pitbulls my pitbulls " xoxoxoxoxox

the weekend is over | Cd release party info | Blob Snarly

the weekend is over and all my problems are still here. But at least I am gonna make a break for it again. I will not breathe this air with out a fight . It seems like every where I go somebody is trying to ask me some kind of negative question or statement. I walk around laughing at the people who think they need me to do them a special favor. its that time of the year and that why I put out the new Luvis cd. its filled with positive moments. I cant say theres a single negative thought on the whole cd. the entire album is filled with happy , lustful , funny moments . when your feeling da blues maybe you can listen to some luvis and get cheered up. now I would like to say thanks to cd baby.com and how nice my site looks check it out and have yourself a listen www.cdbaby.com/luvis NOW new CD Release party info is simple. the LUVIS crewe will be happening at several places like the Frenchmen st stores, French quarter shops, Bywater cafes, Mid City head shops and the like. the first one will be announced soon and it will a blast to play and sell some of my greatest songs ever written. the weekend is over for them but not for me and old SWAMPMUCK RECORDS who of course are spreading the luvis virus all over the net. Please keyword swampmuck records and luvis 25 yrs for the quickest placement of our fine and rare tracks past and present. All of this is for you my brave and dear fans and friends . Please check out the blob snarly song " ghost jam " and support the Reggae like jah wants you to Thanks

Red White and Blues wit Lots of Mean GREEN !

So old UPS has my works of art in Hodgkins, IL, United States. I've never been there but did stay at a holiday inn express to see Dr. John A. Stoner, MD for red eye syndrome . I cant keep up with all the demands with running another indie records label. I wish I knew somebody who had experience with such things- oh well I'm a Scorpio and I can do anything. It looks like this weekend is going to be a party here at the studio for the new album. This album took way to long to produce. I can produce epic albums all day long on reverbnation. I've made millions on just " NEW JERSEY " and our charities are very happy with me. as promoter of local music I have to look at the big picture. the future of music is really over. this is a kick back to the old school. I really should have recorded the whole album on my old 8 track recorder that we used in the past. I miss those days. had to always hit a record store to buy tape. had to setup the mixers and mic's every single time. the process to record was so long. prepping the tape for recording. setting the ranges on the drums and bass. panning the vocals. double'd up guitar parts. mixing down 8 tracks to only 2 to add more sound effects and back up's. always a 9 volt attery issue would appear to stop us from jamming. mic's would nt be fully plugged in or a crusg cord is making a hissing sound. fuk. that sure asnt th case with the new LUVIS cd. I have to say the entire album was flawless for me. I guess its mainly because I remember what truly works and what needs to be left the fuk alone. The point is to get the story across to the listener. Like with NOSE E NEIGHBOR. U can bet from the song title what this track is all about. " Ur going tru wit it " and " Ur not allowed " tell a story faster than the nsa can hake your parents social seurtity acoount. Soon enough you know that this album will be listed on the FCC most wanted . I have never had a album like this one more feared and hated. Evil Luvis made several attempt but it didn't happen. I receieved more attention from my craigslist postings than from playing at a B Movie Celebration for 4 yrs in a row. I still get a huge hard on knowing that when I contacted the editor of Indianapolis's NUVO and told them " I was the first INDIANAPOLIS artist to upload over 100 videos mostly of original music - I never heard a word, yet I did like the issue that explained who was the most popular band in Indy going to play on David Lettermen that week. It been a wacky time behind the scene watching all this shit.Watching all the posurs and there love kittens walking around like where at CBGB'S On a Rolling Stone cover shoot. It is what it is. U have to laugh at this business. some people who have it and the people who used to have it. the record business only work in certain places. I coulnt sell a damn cd in NJ. It just didn't happen and the cost to make was insulting. Nowadays 7 yr old kids are selling there music over sea's with MTV styled videos in the millions of views. That's exciting. music it still the only business that has the ability to extend international borders without a permit. I often get a chuckle when I see a fan listen to my song in south korea or Pakistan . That's impossible for at least 95% of most business. I worked in construction for years and I was never asked to repair any grass huts in Hawaii, and let me tell I would have cause the hit brown shingle I had to install for the 99.9 percent of home owners was very depressing. Glad to be reCocring music with many colors. mostly I say the colors used on this ablum where RED WHITE AND BLUES with lots OF MEAN GREEN and some Black and Gold Bahahah its the truth. man I cant wait for football season, I heard this year Denver broncos are changen there colors to red green yellow with logos of Bob Marley ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM


I got ITunes, I got spotify, I got cd baby I gotto hang out with my friend pete yesterday for a minute in the Armstrong park. had a few beers and talked about old new Orleans. how the road and paths really crossed over. the entire music scene for a little while was right there on rampart and dumaine. I didn't catch the j&m logos in the movie RAY but Hollywood is fake and this town is fukking real. talking to pete was like a funky breath of fresh air. this past week has been a real treat. the whole month of april was just guns and roses. the best jams I've had where right here at the st ann studio courtyard where myself and dave practiced new songs and old jams like Charlie daniels long haired country boy. Ever since I wentto the mountains and had to drive past Nashville I been in a real 3 chord 4/4 beat in the 1/4 pocket player. thank god this week the new LUVIS cd comes out in store nationwide. 12 songs of pure simple powerful melodies. its been a long time a waiting for this stuff. I know the negitives better than the positives so that why i'm gonna only say this album is gonna knock your fucking socks off. I might even go as far as Kerry king and say " that nobody can transcribe or play any of my solos's on this album " ! ya right to that sun ! its Monday and the day is short. the sun is golden . the sky is exotic. my family is amazing and all my friends are magnificent . the only complaint I have is that some of my friends who are dead cant get my e-mails. I found guitar strings yesterday. maybe i'll put them on my guitar, maybe i'll use them like in that scene in the godfather part 2. the weekend party's are over. jazz fest is over. I AM SO EXHAUSTED from playing and performing. BUT I think tonight I will head out to smokey greenwells blues jam and jam on some muddy water or elmore james hell i'd even do lowrider if he wants to. now its time to lay back and watch the sauce simmer. The musical RUE that I use is so good it makes me mouth water as I type this cruddy blog. TODAY WE ARE #6 - tomorrow we will be # 1 . my mind is already aiming for the next gig. I have already starting laying the ground work for the new rap songs that I have been recording since mca was a nehi . born into this whole mess I was, asked to play and perform I was, past over like a pass over dinner I was, stolen guitars and smashed amps with a slice of so long and goodbye along with a large plate of gas booze broads and equipment and what I have is more than I ever dreamt . thanks everybody for making this the best day of my life. I hope I last to be 99 years old except I hope you live to be 99 1/2 yrs old so that you can talk nice about me during my second line ! xoxoxoxox L.U.V.I.S. XOXOXOXOXOX

new luvis cd | top 10 for rock | out of order

New Luvis cd " 25 yrs " has been sent to big brown for delivery any minute now to my swamp muck headquarters at st ann studios. its nervous to have this much going on. the family is anious for my first new product. its been a yr since the demo's wer created. life sometimes hands you a double duce, you rock and roll with the punchs or you get knocked the fuk out. I was beat up pretty bad. I lost a little blood but it only made me even madder and now i'm having fun with it. I am laughingeither or. but this cd better be all I expect and better or I might have to drive to new jersey and fix it myself. its jazz fest season and all us musicians are creating records to sell for the rent. I am justa ordinary average guy trying to make a few songs and catch a few dollar bills. tax free dollars cause I didn't make any deals with the Chinese so fuk all that debt . I paid cash for my cd's and in American dollars so hit it. Music means freedom and the cd's will make you feel good about yourself. the power to heal is in the music. the attitude is real no cuts no breaks all fun . i miss the days of Memphis were i learned such art. today i miss the ups guy. damn were is that brother from another mother. i need those cd's homie. jazz festers are gonna buy these disks like crazy. when u see how cool the album looks, and when you hear how laid back old school my guitar playing and vocals sound it is gonna take yer breath away & you'll know u were in da parrish . cd's will be avail everywhere. the tour will be outa this world. the shows will be memorable... so i see that today we are # 6 and i applaud each of my fans for such amazing dedication and with that i see the revivalist are # 10 ! so i feel good about that seeing how i really like this last album they did as does my kid. so very sweet ! thanks kids. I came up a new band name for a metal band when the time is right it will be called " out of order " and will sing songs about the break down of life love and the government ! bahahahahaha I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY AND A CRAZY NIGHT XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

I came to this town with Nothing !

I came to this town with nothing but a guitar and amp some old tapes and cd's . I knew I was entering a new level in my musical journey. I hoped to get a few moments here and there while in this tiny city. what has happened to me in the course of 2 yrs is amazing. I have been able to record some amazing tracks here at st ann studios. I have be able to film clips of some of the most interesting things on the planet. I have meet people who help push me toward the front stage. I was given a guitar from my buddy B-Rad who than got me another rare guitar all with the purpose of writing an amazing song someday with it. I went on reverbnation from # 268 to now # 6 . But the best news is being able to start another record business that is about to release a new album. If you had told me I was going to grow up in new jersey and spend the rest of my life living in th ebest music rich cities of America learning, teaching and producing music at this level I would have said " ya right " Thanks to everybody who supports me and the millions of other local musicians who play for the love of music. Now there only 1 more day til the big SCARED AND HATED FEST and I have to practice and get ready for the thrashing ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM


Scared-n-Hated Fest update | New Luvis Cd 5/15/2014

Scared-n-Hated Fest with 11 bands is still looking for some volunteers/bartenders/roadies/ etc etc so contact me at 504-215-4463 if you can. the new LUVIS cd is being molded as we speak. I have made several changes with artwork as well as 2 new songs " ur going thru wit it " and BLOB SNARLYS " Ghost Jam " it will all be avail on 5/15/2014 direct or at the huge CD RELEASE PARTY - t.b.a. side note - today profile pic is from my life in horn lake Mudsippy back in 1993. this is my dear friends Gus famous Memphis acoustic that he gave me before he split town. the seagull was a my special pet for years and could sing any journey song perfect. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM - SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC !


ITS FEARED AND HATED FEST april 29 at the end of the world - 11 great bands NIKKI 2 TIMES,ONWARD ETC,GRAVEYARD JAW,DIRTY ROTTEN SNAKE IN THE GRASS,MY NEXT BLACKOUT,BLOB SNARLY,THE LOWBROWS, THE BILLS,BETTY WHITE TIT FUCK, SNOT RAG, THE PALLBEARERS we be thrashing the stage during the jazz fest season. this show is gonna be amazing so come on out and check out the best local bands for free but donations and tips will be accepted. BLOB SNARLY will be passing the bottle around while we drop the reggae jams. check out the site at https://www.facebook.com/events/439287126206039/

Now the other great new is the new and improved LUVIS cd has been sent to the pressing plant. 12 songs of pure magic all recorded here in new Orleans and of corse to be avail may 15 on iTunes, amazon, cd baby, spotify google play and every other major service. the Luvis cd also has a special blob snarly track " the ghost jam ". we recorded on cassette tape and that's how it sounds when you here it on this digital cd. the whole album was recording using the modest of recordings techniques and equipment. that the whole idea of this album. to be in New Orleans and record an album with as little production and effects as possible. 1 mic, I guitar, 1 shaker = music means freedom " it ant my fault " ! that's for making us # 11 today , the top 10 artist are all playing this weekend at either jass fest or thur out the city. every musician in town is playing this week. I love that ! have a good day kids and keep turing up the amps yo :-)