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LUVIS / Blog

R u proud of what you've done ?

R u proud of what you've done. As a fan of music and the power it has When are we gonna rise up ! The music today is vast. there is more music available now than ever on planet earth. Everybody everywhere is recording and releasen music, sound recordings, memories. The entire 45 yrs of my life hs beena world of music. Classical music filled my ears as a new born. my moms heart beat kept me in tuned with living. I liked country, r&b, 50's 60's jams, folk and whatever else, if it was music I heard and used to. Music helped me to kiss a girl and saved my friends life. I sometimes cant think what the hell I would have done with my life if I wasn't into playing guitar. Maybe I would have been a puppet working for the new world order. I almost gave my mind to the armed forces and men must at 18 sign up for selective service. Its all bullshit. Music gave me a chance to get outa new jersey. I remember going to Canada as a kid 1 summer with my family. I brought my guitar. were at this camp ground and so I bring out my gear to jam. All of a sudden this little ki came over. he wanted me to play Beat it by Michael Jackson - I really couldn't play it, but he was so happy when I jammed. I showed him some chords. I gave him a moment to be a musician. He gave me the moment to become a teacher. What ever happened after that - I don't know, maybe that kid grow up to be a guitarist ? I think about my girlfriend from 9th grade. her dad asked me to teach him guitar. I was taking lesson from 1 guy and passing that info over to him - he paid me and I paid my guitar teacher. we all learned. If I stopped playing today I still would be telling someone to learn to play a musical instrument. musicians are a higher breed of human I feel, we are super humans who don't bow down to the machine. now some musicians have turned away from helping other. They spread junk and bullshit daily. music is a weapon and its my weapon of choice. I will smile all the way to heaven someday when i'm dead and gone from this life form but my music wont ! it will be used to teach others. good bad or ugly its how I think and I think i'm the best at what I do ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM - SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC !

How to act when meeting Famous Musicians Part 1

How to act when meeting Famous Musicians isn't always easy. Sometimes you meet somebody whos famous and u just lose you mind. Try to be cool and not act a fool. just treat them o.k. like a normal person. say something nice and move along. I don't like to name drop but I think sometimes ya have too.It happens a lot. Every valentines day I think of these moments. valentines day 1999 week was crazy for me. I was living by the sword. I was in new jersey, Essex county area. looking for some gigs. had my press kits and was playing/singing the blues a lot and I found myself playing at MLK park in Newark one nite. I was there playing some songs of freedom when I was invited to come over Stafford street to perform. I wasn't there 2 minutes and I saw the usally musicians and than I saw her. she was so not herself, laughing. smiling. At first I didn't know but than when I seen the limo and the entourage I knew. I wlk over and said " and I will always love you " . she smiled and said thank you. I said whoa are you and she lightly touched my lip and said " don't mother fukker " WHOA I was her - I do always love you . I was taken back by her and I said I have this song called " natashia from Russia " and I started singing it to her. She was able to hit thos high note along side my lame ass vocals, she was able to play melodies I wasn't able to here. she pull off a double octive high note that echo all along that building hallway and every musician there was stunned. than just as fast this super sized dick push me out the way and said " fuck off white boy " and I was almost shot . how I Made it outa there was a mystery that nite. I will never forget meet you miss hueston . That was my valentines day moment around famous musicians. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

weird stuff happens in this musical fun ride part 3

this musical fun ride makes me always laugh when I think of daze like this one. It was all over for a few of us at musicians institute. The crew of musicians I was living with were all heading back to Hawaii. They wanted me to come along. we were a 3 piece band, I could sing. I was known as Malcolm as in Malcom Young from Ac-Dc . I had to figure out what to do. I wanted to stay in Hollywood. but all paths were closing fast. With cerimonies on Friday most were flying outa town on Monday morning. Pete from vegas was heading out as well - we became a tag team on the road to veags. The last week in LA was a blink. partys and goodbyes were the norm. The pad I as staying off Yucca wasn't no longer avail to us.So I made plans to move into dee and pete apt off Cherokee & Hollywood . another closet and couch was my home. Larry Damon and myself along with pete and dee would have been one hell of a band . but with all the bullshit going on the few days we had came up empty - we didn't record. we didn't even play. we just smoked and drank and tried hooking up with this girl and that stripper. walked the blvd for laughs . ate pizza and maddog shots while listening to music at the whiskey. the night life of LA is awesome. Sunset strip on a hot summer night. Loved it. I would peddle my bike everyday and on weekends go to santa monica to catch a tan on the beach or boardwalk. I can still see those streets and back alleys of Beverly hills. I miss that . Working in the print shop " the copy cat " . anyway my last lesson with my teacher was a little depressing. she was very smart. she and I didn't pair up well together but we became friends and I remember her telling me to keep sight reading daily. I had a problem with readin music real fast. she told me to stay in LA and go full time - she would add her approval to get things moving - yet I was moving - packed and ready. I didn't have any options other than sleeping in my car which was always breaking down. I remember taking shots of maddog with the crew for the last time. telling the pawn shop thanks for everything. shook the hand of the man who created MI and that was it. the entire time in LA was hairy ! I got into a fight with 5 dickheads as soon as I got there. spent way to much money on bullshit. it rained like once and I didn't even see it happen. the weather was so sunny and warm. the fact I was seating outside the school smoking and drinking a beer when I met larry who was dieing to smoke and drink but wasn't old enough to buy licker and was to scared to walk down " That Street Alone ", I wouldn't have made it there. I went from a 1 room crack house on Wilshire to a premium apt in the Hills . we jam'd a lot but didn't record anything. that fucking sucks. I have very few pics. now again I think of this stuff that's why I writing it down. I miss those daze. spent a week in vegas with pete . we jammed but we didn't record anything. crused to Chicago . froze my ass off. went to jersey and the rest is what it is.I still have some unsettle business with MI. I still plan on returning to LA and going back to school there. I don't care . I knew time there was gonna end . but when it does it's always a little bit weird. what happens out on that road of life is weird ! The music is a story. I'm a lucky lil guy I think ! Music Means Freedom

weird stuff happens in this musical fun ride part 2

weird stuff happens in this musical fun ride part 2- SOOOOOOooooo I started it up. made that engine Roar ! slammed on my air horns ! slapped the truck into 1st gear and let go the clutch ! with my 36in mudders spinning firoulsy rocks shot at the hotel room doors like buckshot from a double barrel shotgun. Air horns a screaming , engine maxx'd outa control dirt wind a mile high, thetruck starts to spin and I let in go- a complete 360 in the parking lot ! bigfoot would have been proud. I stopped the truck. and waited for the smoke to clear. standing there with his middle finger in the air, no shirt, shorts flip flops, holding a beer was don ! I flipped him off - and slowly pulled onto the highway and back to Mississippi I went . SO I get back to studio 3424 and I see afor sale sign in the grass. In the 1 week I left. my room mate decided to sell the house and move back to California. in the 10 hr drive I never thought about that. I had so many plans. all of it came to a halt. the next few weeks were there were filled with partys - moving and of course crying. we all said this and that. we all say a lot of stuff when things are going along. I remember confronting the band. we were all not in any shape to make music. we recorded daily. we paid the last of our bills off. went to the river a bunch wondering " what now " . Drank and smoked with everyone. gave guitars, book, clothes and food to our friends. I can still see Kelly Craig crying her eyes out as we drove away. man that sucked. what if. gas was only $1.00 . a six pack was under 5 bucks and no more free cassette tapes from daisy tek. 10 yrs later I returned to 3424 and it wasn't the same. it so changed. I almost don't know how I did it or why I was even there. life is so funny. ya don't know whats what til its gone. I hate goodbyes. so many fun times at the lil house. the people who we knew than are still floating around. some I have found. others are still MIA. I wonder about them a lot. I think about those yrs a lot. It was a blast. but all good things come to an end. all this stuff happens and when it does the strong survive. The people you meet in life now may never been seen again. You never know. I know that i'm a lucky fukker who can play and sing music while making ya slam dance, head bang, or shake that money maker. I will sing and dance til i'm 6 feet under. whoever wants to dance i'm all for it. lets dance. cause tomorrow might not be here for us. so today like always may be the last day of your life. high fives to all who live another day. and to those about to rock on outa here - we salute you ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! Thnaks for making us # 10 today L.U.V.I.S.

weird stuff happens in this musical fun ride part 1

weird stuff happens in this fun ride of music. I have been reminded thanks to a friend of mine whos about to leave the town of nola. Now not to many people can handle this town. I swore 20 yrs ago I would never be back. now i'm living and breathing here ! amazing. life hands you stuff when you least expect it. That's how I remember the last days of Memphis . MY-RAGE was having some bad luck. we had gotten kicked outa the stage stop for life. we were all broke. we needed a bass player. the jam room had been closed down, our awesome studio off perkins road behind rakstraws grocery. I loved that place. Why I didn't move into there and live is another one of those momnets that now I look back and say " what if ". just like leaving Musicians Institute , Leaving 3424 laurelwood in south haven Mississippi was just like DAT ! BOOOOOOM ! The noise stops, the lights came on and thur the ashes a new MARK emerged now known as LUVIS !. It was a yr like this. weird and wild. 1994 - cold and lazy. My friend gus had left town months earlier. I moved to the country (ha). but what I remember the most was leaving. Arriving at a place is almost as exciting as leaving. I didn't know it. I was fired at daisy tek for drinking on the job ! ha imagine that ! I did it on purpose. I was the last of the MYRAGE crew left. So I said FUCK THIS PLACE and went into MARK MODE and just did nothing but smile and steal toilet paper. I took a job real fast as a telemarketing company. after about a month with them the company/crew was heading down to Pensacola fla. So I went along for the hell of it. I drove down there in my 1978 f 250 4x4 truck loaded with nothing more than a weeks worth of stuff. I remember recording a bunch of stuff with Don. We lived at a hotel on rt 10. Don Greathouse was a great guy and I never laughed so hard while getting paid for it. He and I were living like cockroaches at some weekly motel . fuk it suck. weirdo coming and going. Don was always up to talk about how " his buddy was drinking and than went to cross the road and was hit and kill - the driver drove off - " he made it a point to let me know I was staying in the bed that said dead person slept in. I miss don greathouse. I miss a lot of that. I could stand Florida. Had to leave. I went a little crazy trying to think " how can I get outa this mess " So I worked my 2 week and started slowly baging up y stuff . On Friday I took my pay check went off drinking with don and broke the bad new ! I'M LEAVING 1ST THING IN THE MORNING - IT WAS NICE KNOWING YA DON " . next day without a peep I closed my hotel room door. walked to my truck (part 1 ends now please see part 2)

heres something i just found out today

so heres something I found out today that still has me shaking my lil head. so I'm telling dj wendy about this bar and she tells me about who owes it and from there the story goes like this. I have been past a very famous recording studio but didn't know it was there. J&M records is where the songs like " tutti frutty" and " fat man" where recorded. its now a public laundry mat. blown away from being next to a building as famous as such is amazing. it reminds me of how music comes and goes. the web site with all the info is at https://www.prx.org/pieces/76269 the entire sound that came outa that lil studio is awesome. I will be going there now more often to wash my clothes and play some music. I have partied at several Laundromats over the yrs , but not one that was a recording studio. I should have thought more about it seeing how professor longhair sings about it in " if you go to new Orleans you gotta see that Mardi Gras ". I love all the history this town has. everyday new Orleans show me a little more of her long legs. today LUVIS is # 7 and we thank everyone whos down with the pow wow ! thanks

support the music today in new orleans or DIE!

hey support the music today n new Orleans or DIE. the facts are all over www.musicisnotacrime.com there are over 47 lawsuits just blows my mind. the entire city isn't up in arms. lots of people don't know whats going on. I glad to make folks aware of the fight needed to continue making music on the STREETS OF AMERICA ! SOON enough drone robots will taser and tag street performers and bands and dj's and singers for playing outside the legal limits of a this park and that school. the laws these fools and there lawyers makes is insane and Obama care will take care of them ! until than support live local music. music means freedom ! go to music is not a crime web site - lets all meet up at city hall today at 9:30 and well drink some fireball and do a few brews before noon - than its off to the studio to write some more music !

2014 - We hit top 10 and your not allowed !

Its 2014 and we hit the top 10 and your not allowed to party & smoke pot while driving to the super bowl with your buddies from seattle? I'm telling ya all you pot head from Denver should just watch it on tv. I love football but come on man.NJ Troopers don't Fuk around - take my word - Your not allowed to smoke pot in NJ . But " Everysingle day I smoke the HERB " in Denver. Its 2014 and You want to get a little blob snarly with it , don't let me hold ya back i'll give you all MY-RAGE. Serious I feel good today. Clean and sober with a little somber . It was just 25 yrs ago That I went to Musicians Institute for a while. Man When I make my second million dollars from the new album I will move back to LA and go get my degree from MI . Til than I will say one thing. Those teachers are the best. SO with that I cant help by thank the game and give back to it. Now I have taught a bunch of folks over the years how to play gitar-bass-drums- etc etc etc videos etc etc love making etc etc so with all this information needs to be release. So today we start the 1st transcript of " Play guitar today " By Luvis . as well a online SITE - LUVISGUITAR Links TBA ....... Thanks for helping LUVIS stay # 10 and remember MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

upcycle some Luvis Antiques view car styled

Upcycle some Luvis Antiques via view car style when you out about today. Cause it all goes down in the end. A song written in lovely Homeplace Indiana for a couple of old friends o'mine. Ya see The good Lord bless me me with several things. some things are HUGE and other things are small. I have a small brain but a big heart. I have small hands but a HUGE COCKY ATTITUDE -MUST BE CAUSE I'M FRON NEW JERSEY -WHERE WE DONT FUCK AROUND ! . I left that troubled little state of mind decades ago but once a junky always a junky . I remember not so long ago being taken to that mother ship. Abducted by aliens isn't always pleasant. They told me I was lucky and let me go back to planet earth. faster than the NSA can tap your bank account I was taken to another time and place and brought back to life - not once , has this happened to me. It all goes down in the end. my life is like the last 2 minutes of the superbowl game - its either or for Luvis. But I know some real useful mind bending tricks that work because you cant fuck with mother nature and you can fuck with karma. So when these issues happen you better have the intestinal fortitude to continue on with your mission in life. My mission is simple like pimple. I have my shit together today, tomorrow is another story. but right now I'm at the top of my game. Its 2014, I should have been dead yrs ago. To have be able to do so much in such a short period of time is extra-ordinary ! Like bruce lee I fear no tablature . Like chuck Norris I hear no evil notes. with so many distarctions going on its easy to get sleezy. as I UPCYCLE my musical ANTIQUES I will BIKE NO-LA all over this land spreading the Luv ranking Potion # 15. I have much to be thank ful for. I thank all of you who have made me a top twenty artist all yr long. Thanks to my family for all the support and love. I thank the good lord up above for giving me everything I can handle. When time are tough tough people get tougher. we didn't become the greatest nation on the planet because of these chodes in office today. I Support the music the music support me and now its on with the show. Big news coming from SWAMPMUCK RECORDS in a few weeks. We are still looking at which songs to upload this month to diskmakers/cd baby/iTunes/reverbnation etc etc Like david lee roth said " these are Good Times , Damn Good Times " No lie there ! have'n the time of my life with the one I love ! I am a lucky guy who play with a drummer named lucky - go figure ! High Ho Silver ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

why it sucks to have so much sometimes on REVERBNATION

WHY does it suck to have so much on reverbnation. I mean when you have over 300 videos I guess there server is unable for an artist to move them in any order that works for my/there web site. I guess I should try it on another computer- maybe win95 will let me do it ? maybe if I use the command prompt I can do it ? I should call them more. I haven't been to the headquarters yet. Where is reverbnation ? sometime when I drink coffee and the NSA is logged into my account the entire service goes fucking crazy. I work really hard from 5 am to 8 am to get my internet site setup for the day ahead. maybe its the coffee. today cup of coffee isn't as good as other daze. As a musician who knows when to say when and who knows this is a age for taking action I must just wait. just hang out. chill. do nothing and laugh to the evil bank. Ya that's it.the whole reverbnation isn't able to handle all this info. how can it. With over 300 videos, 100's of web sites, 100's of songs, 100's of blogs, 1000's of pics - I should just be happy and move on to another web site. 2014 is showing a plays of past 2013 and 1994 along with 1977. the entire site is great for what it does for me. Today we are #14. Thanks for the support. What I wanted to post today isn't a problem for me. just a problem for reverb nation. Its a cool rainy day down here in nola. swampmuck is soaked.with musings. what else would we be doing today. frozen in a shed with no internet and nobody who wants to jam at the open mike. A real struggle takes place at times. This Monday is no different. today i'm gonna do nothing. just let the day flow. a little work and a lot of thinking. i'm feeling the blues today. how many time can upload all this info. must be like 1020 gigs of Luvis Production/ Swampmuck Record stuff out there. I pay my service provider and so I can get my piece of the pie. It good pie. sweet pie. thistle pie. or pound cake. muffin top or junk in the trunk Luvis gets the job . You know my name. time to jam. gotta get the guitar back from Webbs bywater music. Maybe i'll run into some old friends of mine from the band BLOB SNARLY. I really like days like this, cause nobodys your friend on payday. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! :-)