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Hey Reverbs I sit here at the studio brain washed with new songs wit dat super natural melody line that only i can cross. I have been to the cross roads and was almost ran over but i just kept walking and never looked back. It tough to make a stand these days. When i was a younger man my in-stinks were a lil off. I used my little head to think for my big head. I made love songs with some sweet country rhythms but add'd to many spices and everything went sour. Now that I just played the L.A. Music Factory and watch the video i see a new me. A new luvis is emerging. Much the same way the fall and winter months are comming. Cold winds will blow snow drifts into your g clef. Dont worry about the " what ifs " anymore seeing how we are all being watched and listened to but NOBODY wants do anything anymore. welcome to freedom. I used to be told i couldnt play guitar over there. Mark dont play that song ! Luvis you shouldnt sing that ! hey everybody I LOVE YA BUT ITS ALL A LIE ! 25 yrs of playing music making songs cursing farting puking fuking getting busted on the run on the lamb down by the river under the bridge flippin off the system throwing signs to the fuzz, throwin bodys to the ground, smashing limbs, slicen thoats being assaulted, false flag attacks, marshall amps dr pepper navarro handmade cigars myrage woodro evil luvis and the 420 production suicide solution . the whole system is way to much. that why on SEPT 5TH 2014 the Bands here in New Orleans will gather atthe Warehouse to play music that screams real freedom ! real AMERICAN ROCK ! KILLER MUSIC ! I do alot of this for my own gilty pleasure but i always seem to touch and teach somebody the truth about music ! thats what its all about ! music is the only thing that matters ! make love not war but be prepared for both ! xoxoxoxoxox

hey Satchmo its a PARTY OVER Here YO

Hey Satchmo its a Party Over here in the Luvis world of tings bings and chicken rings. With only a few hrs to practice for the Blob Snarly shows I sit across from an empty bottle of expensive whiskey with dark eye telling me to go promote and distribute or die like punk bitch on the fringes of the river. LUVIS is going with full intent to commit shredding of an electric instrument. It how I roll the dice honey, whats wrong with your facebook u never smile anymo . No worry on this day as rent is paid and my girls speak only love for me, my biggest defenders of my freedom. I keep outa new jersey this is alldat matters and I live to tale the tall tails. got so much to do on this mountain morning. gonna hit the river banks for some cool breeze's later while playing " my little fireball or nose e neighbor " it must be done or u'll she'' b ask'n me to " fix the toilet " . ahhhh shit its so nice to see my name up on the wwoz website. its official now. this new cd " luvis 25 yrs " is a formula of abstracts + opticals with musical fractions = LUVISPRO aka LUVIS PRODUCTIONS. NoW its almost 25 yrs ago today I wer sittin on a loading dock in Memphis laughing with our lawyers over copyrights and the library of congress with the co conspiricer of MYRAGE -Texas Tom when we add'd the new word into the world known as LUVIS....IT wasn't soon after that it all exploded like a fart on the tip of Uranus. its a shame but I feel your pain. SO here go again some 25 sec from mars later. It almost like my friend cata clismick . she was livin with 3 other in there .....reefers .....MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO :-)

it ant cheap livin in the big easy

it ant cheap livin in the big easy , it is cheap to record your music here. big easy does it round here in july is how we go today. ya she's a total hotty in her lilly whites. it my day to promote SWAMPMUCK Records. I usally go to Jackson Sq with my cd's and gitar . sell ya the shirt off my crack back. as i sit in the middle of it all I ponder the yonder and i'm very amused by all the confusion and such going on. Theres a show next frieday nite with blob snarly , mea culpa and the repellers. As long as members of the bands dont go to jail - fuk ! its all good. SO LATELY i have been thinking of songs i recorded back in the yr 1989. some of those songs were created during & while in the aftermath from MI. troubles abound for young mark. no band and no gigs along with no songs and no direction made me do some crazy things. I did write some songs that made no sense than - but know make all the sense. AS i moved outa the ST ANN studio and now creating the DUMAINE ST STUDIO , i am finding it harder and harder to create music. I have to always had to break down my studios just as i am getting them to record music. I am not a happy camper to have to always change my situations. still i have all the gear and the man with the most tools always wins Wrestle'n with my demons can be a damn distraction so with that i am leaving for the bayou. to shake my head and wonder. to listen to the sounds of crickets and secadas . fuk it for now. i will she my girl later on. the house will be full ths week with the arrival of grandma, she doesnt jam but is a pure inspiration for me when writing death metal songs. good times u bet, bad luck ya i know him, karma is a bitch and murphys law is what i just wrote about - have a great day everybody - MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

on this day ! let me tell ya a little musical story......

let me tells ya a lil story a long time back in 1990 I wer still livin in nj an I had just got back from musicians institute before I begin I must say its nice to be back online ) I was studing all types of music. I love nj/nyc BUT .... So was getting into jazz and really loved django stuff and this other guy named Joe Pass. so I heard he was a jersey guy and still played. so I get around the few jazz guys in my hood ( gus ) and we go in search of Joe. Now I had a bunch of albums and sheet music from hal lernard about ho wto play like Joe Pass. I of course didn't get A'S at MI for sight readin and I needed a lot of help. So one nite in NYC I head over from my West 4th st hangout to the Bluenote. Holy Cow JOE PASS is on a calendar date. So I drop the $50.00 bucks an get my seat reserved. I luv NYC for this. NITE of show an its a packed house. I am wearing my finest dive bar attire amoungest the tux's. ok. I order a beer and it came to me in a LG glass ? o.k. My girlfriend didn't want to go. o.k. shagging myself to table #5 I sit and wait with tablature in hand of these songs and there substitutions in #/flat bhahaha, such a rookie ! luv it - all this flash backing thankx to wwoz radio today 7-16-2014 :-) ... so Joe appears with a greascth and whails in my face like a madman, the sweetest guitar runs EVER...I shook my head in amazement more than in time with his crazy rhythms, rite ! alright ! A Right ! yeah yeah yeah ! wild ! smoken ! hotter than Memphis BBQ ! whoa luv'd it ! ..... in 1 month I play LOUSIANA MUSIC FACTORY AUG 16 2014 on Frenchmen St ! whoa !!!!!!!!! 25 yrs ago all this crazy fun stuff happened and it's still goin $tronger than eVr !!!!! Flash backs of music are a blast ! like when I blast back to top 10 for the 4 x this yr on reverbnation ! bahahaha wanna say GREAT FUKKIN show wit BLOB SNARLY at Siberia with KEN SOUTH ROCK , all the bands this month have beena blast , so much talent ! I luv New Orleans for that ! all good wit me ! see ya soon on stage to party yall- MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

Its OFFICIAL - LUVIS 25 YRS \ Explicit content ?

It Official - LUVIS 25 YRS is now avail to all via iTunes . Fuk yeah again - Thanks to Discmakers & cdbaby.com LUVIS is now on track to a huge summer of partys and jam's. now let me tell ya a little story. I used to operate a Construction business. All day I would try to sell folks the bet materials for the job. I would always get shot down with inferior materials because the cost is to high. than we would walk away at the end of the job saying " I wish I had did that " . people are weird in the home improvements business - free estimates suck - fuck u and you free estimate ! so with that story come the story of me telling you that this new Cd is the bomb. Discmakers is the bomb. Cdbaby is the bomb. iTunes is just another hand grenade . I didn't expect so much from so little. I don't mean to be short with ya but size matters when dealing with music. I give you 38 minutes of the best I can offer at 44 yrs old. My instrument has been thru a lot of stages. I watched my lil axe pound , 2 3 maybe 4 sho's a week. IT gets very hard to concentrate with all the music in my head. I see musical passages in my eyes that connects with the stars and planets which directs me the mainline of time and space. Only a few of us left who can do it. most of us jersey guys were killed of during the the 1990's drug wars between NYC and the NJ fractions. I miss my Friends / Musicians - I blame who ever is in charge at the opium fields over sea's cause " you cant grow it here " ! Was talking to a fiend of mine last night who is going out to do a major concert in Denver with some rappers , he said "the music is all that matters anymore". SO fukking true. WIT DAT I would like to THANK YA'LL once again for all the kind emails , postx, comments and love I get around the web and please take a listen and download the new album its now avail on iTunes key words " LUVIS 25 YRS " https://itunes.apple.com/album/25yrs/id885537762?v0=9989&ign-mpt=uo%3D1 XOXOXOXOX L.U.V.I.S.

www.CD BABY \ LUVIS 25 YRS \ =SCORE .com

SCORE FOR THE WIN Luvis and Cdbaby.com are making a huge score like judy with her pocket of high cause oh lord heavens no's I belong way down below these charts. But today the devil is knocking at my door with # 6 on the reverbnation charts ! hit it ! You can hear her crying cause she didn't grt her new cd. its o.k. honey. the weekend was filled with zydeco music and I loved it. As I was around the quarter I was able to finally buy a nice Violin. Needs some work but looks great - I send up some pics here in a minute. After seeing the great music I want to do some violin solo's with my music now ! Making music is fun when its done in a magical way - no need to get excited the thief he said. I have a great friend who knows everything bout these 4 string monsters. who knows what happens on this great musical journey. We the guardians of groove must keep pushing the power thats before us daily, that monster doesn't want you to be free and play . So as I purchase said instrument I was ultimately being put in its world. my mind can see and hear music before it happens. this violin saw me and I saw her. we both automatic and passionately touched and now we are the double duce of disaster.... the double duce now avail 4 99 us cents at WWW.CDBAY.COM/CD/LUVIS


Thanks from Swampmuck records & LUVIS # 3

Congrats Luvis fanatics were are # 3 for Rock in New Orleans today. Thanks for spinning all the songs and downloading the songs. The page counter for this site has be increasing daily. I have to upgrade my accounts to keep up with the demand. As always I am grateful for everything that happens to me as a independent musician. Swampmuck records has been going crazy with interviews, magazine reviews and a host of other cool stuff that i'll announce at the right time. I am floored today as I look at the stats and see the numbers. # 3 is a special number for me and my family. I still cant believe I placed higher than some of the artist represented here in the big easy. I would love to do a show with Lena Prima and Cowboy Mouth. Sun God Seven and the Molly Ringwalds can rock the hell outa a venue. all these bands I have either seen live or watch online and I must say these are musicians who take and make a lot of noise to support the cause. I tell everybody to check out all the bands on reverbnation. Still I am going to keep the fire burning high and bright for all to see in order to get off this island. Music is a fight. I have fought to explot my music yr after yr. Luvis is the proud owner of over 25 keywords that are exclusive property on the internet super highway. LUVIS, LUVISPRO, LUVIS420, EVIL LUVIS, SWAMPMUCK RECORDS, RINGO DIAMOND, ZIGGY HENDRIX, 6 EYED GOAT, THE STOOL PIGEONS etc etc etc you get the point. All my web mastery combined with my fretboard mastery has been so successful that others ask me to help them and I do so without hesitation. I don't owe this game. the game is mosty rigged. but knowledge is power and passing that power to others is how our community grows. Just like Luke I used the force and now i'm doing battle against the dark side. The NWO hates me and I hate them with songs and poems about them while they use banks and police to crush my spirt. :-) You cant crush watts already been, I have create a frankenstien how love me. I control my freak with beer and wine. I keep my monster happy with fine women and a lust for life. My zombie monster freak doesn't come to hurt you but instead hurts the ones who cant help themselves. my zombie monster freak is out on your city suburban run down 3 world streets hunting out the bullies of the music business who profit from the poor musician. 25 YRS of LUV is all you need to say. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! SEE YOU MONSTER FREAKS on the mean streets cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! XOXOXOXOXO

LUVIS 25 YRS cd - Swampmuck Records New Orleans U.S.A. 2014

Musicians are smarter than normal humans due the amount of emotions we pour into our songs. Sometimes others play a song better than you even wrote it , I call that the carl perkins theory. its all good. now every once in a while I get emails from a old friend who hates everything I do or say. we are friends till the end I tell ya. for years I forgot about them. but they always remember where I am and who i'm fukking. so the other day I was told how lame the NEW LUVIS 25 YRS CD was. didn't like the vocals. didn't like the sound. thought the production was weak. We at SWAMPMUCK RECORDS feel your pain bro. believe me ! at first I realize like always I was just a worthless subpar rookie composer with a piece of shit outa tune acoustic. Than we started talking about during our board room safety meeting and its about time I explain myself. So I moved to New Orleans in 2011. I decided to learn more about jazz. I listened to old records and of corse WWOZ radio. It hit me funny how many musicians were on a single mono track and how it sounded great. records skip and scratch and I remember that as a twited little kid. We placed that as a requirement to record with all this digital stuff at the studio. Demos are created for all types of reasons. roughs to be analizes for possible potential for an artist or band. Than we took to another idea which is play it live, unrehearsed, side walk jams playing with a can recordings. Take lyrics that reflect the little bit of positive/negative history of moving from the north to the south again. Keep it simple and pure with little gloss or effects. 1 mic recording all instruments no matter what. We didn't want any mastering during mixdown. Make it not radio friendly and try to curse a lot since that's all us uncivilized mucks do. Record it and Release it to every major server/service as the first album from SWAMPMUCK RECORDS New Orleans. With that said the cost to produce this album was less than $500.00 us dollars. Weve already made our money three fold and the album hasn't been out a month yet. If music was about the money every politician scumbag would be recording with jay z. Music is about freedom I think, to play and say whatever yo want whenever you want. In the meantime we continue onward while my old friend is still hating on me I will raise my bong and toke one up while posting there email on my porn site. what you didn't know I have porno's. BAhahahahahahah Music Means Freedom

Cant catch a 7/8 break with echo on fader #6

I cant seem to catch a fukking break, It very funny to work so hard and come up with very little - that's how the land of the free is, I don't mind cause my lifes is fukking perfect, I beat the rap in new jersey. I punched the devil right in his crooked slimey eye. I fly free like steve miller back in the 70's. AS the CEO of SWAMP MUCK RECORDS all the weight is on my shoulders and I LOVE IT, CAUSE I haven't meet 1 single person who can handle what I bring to the table. I know i'm the guy who will always get picked in the line up. I get the job done , that's why some in business cant sweat me. let me tell what its like to be knee deep in the shit - its really not that bad, just keep walking. But when your in over your head, and there only 1 way and that's 6 ft under ground and yet I'm alive. just me managed to get out of the quick sand of life. If you see me in the back ground looking at you that cause i'm telling myself how its all be o.k. Common sense is all I carry sometimes in my guitar case. As we travel the roads today I'm slowing down. I'm the dam in the river. Posed at making or breaking everything. so much fun when I think of it. Luvis 25 yrs is still going strong. I feel pretty good , my hands are doing better. its my ears that are the problem. no worries I cant still hear stuff , just not as good as I did 3 weeks ago. With that I just remembered that I broke a string on the Luvis acoustic - thats a first and I don't think I have any ? its all good I sound better with on 2 strings sometimes. its raining out and I love it. so last week I got to jam with a new drummer. Tony from the Low Brows helped fill the void for dave & I ( blob snarly ) Thus we are very close to creating a new band. We even played Abucted bi Aliens and without a miss step dude was able to pick up what I threw out. Not many drummers can hang with that song and that's impressive . who knows what Evil I put out there while I send my angels to do my work. I breathe, I learn, I build I WIN ! GAME OVER BAHAHAHAH MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

Thanks fo "Top 10" for 5 months this yr !

Thanks for keeping your favorite underground musician top 10 for the 5th month this yr. I wake and bake thru 50-60 web sites a day. adding videos, shorts and tracks each week. the numbers a simply amazing. the whole process for 25 yrs has made me really appreciate the game. I will keep posting the new music and selling cd's and merch til i'm no longer able to do so. the only way to get the music out there is to play daily anywhere and everywhere. for every day theres a new blood who doesn't mind being ripped apart from all they ever known. the constant exposure and endless moments with limitless time frames while more and more eye candy is added can become a ocean that cant be tamed. so many of my thoughts come into mind while here in new Orleans. I have flash backs of san diego music conference, Vancouver f-1 race, daisy tek , the copy cat, the Wilshire hotel, canal st, the Bronx all these places where the music was being built and designed. a lot of memories have been captured for the queen to use. I often get a little distracted when I blog music for theres a few people who always come into my mind just like the devil himself. I love to think about that. the inner voice that tells me to keep jamming, keep blogging, keep filming, keep recording keep taking photo's all of it is always been my #1 goal.. Its been a good number of yrs on reverbnation. unlike others this site seems to have everything I need. I endorse this site all the time. there's other but none like the BIG R. Luvis and crew are setting up gigs. small little shows here and there. I be out this week weather permitting at Jackson sq to peddle my wares. A cd release show is still being planned as well at the Warehouse in Mid City - Need some more bands, I think we have plenty of booze. I love jamming in June. 25 yrs ago this month I was kissing my girlfriend goodbye and packing up the car for Lost Angels Calimon. Good times to be a young guy with blue eyes and a pearl white BC Rich Bitch. That guitar was a mean motha. Bought it at Richie's Music in rockaway NJ . It time to go practice my sweep picking techniques it helps my wounded right hand. Old stick hand . it is what it is. see out at the shows. thanks for check out the Luvis 25 yrs on cdbaby and remember that MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM