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LUVIS / Blog


Luvis and the 20 All Stars epic performance Oct 11 @ the howling wolf , new orleans tickets now only $10 ( http://www.gorillamusic.com/buy-tickets-gorilla-music-and-eagle-one-local-concerts-and-music-festivals-2/ ) get your tickets today and support my band and all the bands cause music means freedom . Lots of fun in the nola sun when we get back to the lendary howling wolf were we the mighty 3 piece band kicked out some in yer face jams . Now the truth be told is that I have been recording a bunch of new songs and i'm hoping to get some cd's avail for the show. Lots of new ideas and much of the same loud distorted jams are on the set list. The AR-15 crew is working on some new songs and maybe were blast that shit out live that night . I hope we get our DJ to m-c the show - that would be the bomb just like old times - I will contact her and i hope she's down with the pow wow. all is good in love and music. Love the 1 yer with kids cause you might not get anymore cause the new world order wants you disarmed begging for free government money but when the going get tough the new world order wants you to kill the enemy with a machine gun ! :-) so go get some tickets - download the schedule from the howling wolf on facebook, hit up twitter and insta gram and learn all you can about the band and about Gorilla productions. It all good my Brotha's and Sista's :-)

I'm ur Fretboard Freak-n-Stine with the shine !

Ya i play guitar ,Trained by the best and partied with the worst of them Learned alot from those who wouldnt waste there time to jam but thought they could best me on the street talking shit with daddy's money .As humble as I was as a young man I have tossed that bullshit to the side lines cause atthe end of the day all i think of is how your lame ass lost te title in front of all of us musicians . Ya My memory is a little cloudy but i remeber those who thought i was o.k. for smashing your car up but not for studio time. It all good the door slams both ways now doesnt it. I seem to be more fit and less violent with the wahaha pedal than before - now i just laugh and get a bottle of whiskey and some spray paint . I'm a great guitar player but i'm a better singer. I wrote Dead Hooker in Trunk in the Homeplace studio while the snow was falling . Poor girl should have stayed away from those crooked politicians. R.I.P ~ ROXX-ANNE The fall is here and so is my new band AR-15 , working on new songs telling stories to help you live and survive the comming revolution designed by the inventors of NWO destruction. iTs time like this where i hear the words of General Patton. It times like these tat Dave Grohl doesnt make any sense to me. he's cool at times i guess. 25 yrs of this game has made me a little untrusting of the industy titans who are able to put 3 choard together with a drum beat and some clever words and there you have it Billboard # 1 album. I was young man and i coulnt resist Got me a girl and i kissed her a little bit. Ya i'm in constant heaven with my click. Its all part of history. the untold story never to made into a movie. Its good to be a little unknown It helps with getting the truth. I have folks who can honestly look at me and say that song sucks dont play it that way . Thank god the band members who i jam with have my back on stage or in the court room . I used to really day dream on scales and theory looking for the rigt notes to play. it a code. It all an enigma. the Luvis Labyrinth is far reaching like a black hole . the charge has been ordered by High Command. We are all loading up on gear for the war againest the red barons . I take a deep breathe when Jimmy Page plays those few short notes to " Going to California " and rip a huge fart to the pop slop justin bieber fools . Sorry kid ! Money isnt going to save you when i'm knocking on your front door with my Marshall Stack. Funny thing about me and my friends is that we will hunt yer big fat ass around town. We will take notes on your tour. we have and always will never forget those who lost there lives on the musical battlefield for the dead are among us and the living are just pawns in the real recruitment called the after life. o.K. ITS TIME to get your fretboard weapon and aim it your sight at the ISIS fukwads for music means freedom and if you like to gamble U WIN SOME LOSE SOME IT ALL A GAME TO ME !!! :-) L.U.V.I.S.P.R.O.

so long summer of 2015 You Rocked !

its been a great summer of 2015 for all of us musicians out there in these local little cities rural towns. I am grateful for all the music i got to see and hear this past yr. bands from all over the world come to nola and i am here to help. A Rite we are trying to get more songs to the band AR-15 so that we have a longer set list. I am being placed into the fall season where a lot of my songs are written. I remember as a kid going to NYC with my girlfriend playing guitar in washington sq park smoking herb drinking wine coolers singing and laughing people watching and thinking about the future of my music. It been 25 yrs behind me now. I have a massive amount of songs and bands past present and future. I keep my finger on the trigger and have been lucky to keep in hot pursuit of playing music. The future of music is always cool but the past is even cooler. I have been pushed latly to record some music that i never thought about. Plus i have been seeking to publish some music theory concepts. the Studio stuff is fun and i always need to get back into the console and make some great demo's. I am keeping my eye open for more possiblities that are always right around the corner. Its like when we would just sit and hang out in front of the store krawzers . people pulling up from all over the place. asking us for either directions or smoke. hopping into free city rides and getting around the rest ofthe night using subways and bmx bikes. getting busted jumping the hand rails at $80 a piece - thank ful we didnt have any felonies or warrants. It was and still is always on my mind - its moment like those that help me sing and write about stuff. Like Natashia from Russia - It was just the 3 of us and her. its was just a strip club on a frieday night. I was higher than a cooter bird. Drinking beers looking at titties, laughing all the way to jersey. now its a song. have fun and than write songs about it - its really that e-z cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

wounded but not outa the game 8-10-2015

I might be a little wounded from the war but i'm far from the onslaught thats aboutto take place when the day comes. I have been playing guitar ever since i was old enough to punch you in th enose and that what i'm gonna do. I 'ma gunna punch this fucked up little world rite in the eye and than i'm stand on yer chest in pleasure. as u see I've changed the songs around its all because i'm fukked in th ehead. 25 yrs of music bitchs and u want some kind of order - I have no form of communications to give the answers to everyone - wtf I'm no god ! But as a mer meak mortal blood flowing human i will pound out my guitar solos than ever before. Ya know latly i've had to reach to the higher power. the native spirits are in my circles and they are helping thur my dark moment right now. I am injured and hurt but i have a baby grrl to feed and so i keep pushingthe music . I have these moment from time to time last yr it was my hands - 25 yrs ago it was my hand - i've been put to the crub a few times but i'm a fighter and i'm damn good looking so thank you mom and dad. We had to ball on a few mission with the AR-15 metal band but its a good thing cause we need some time to jam out new stuff. Now i'm not as hurt as say when Bob Dylan flew off his motorcycle but i look as though i might have had a major fucken accident. I fell into a metal shevleing hanger at the SATURN BAR last thursday 8-6-2015 god damn thing hurt me nd i jumped up on the bar ad bent it over and the bartender told me to get off the bar. Fukken life can suck it ! so i have been soaking my wounds and using whictch's to heal me. Life in swamp country. The best thing about it will of cose be the songs that i write about all this bullshit - No punching bags to RUSH kinda shit wahahahahaha classic funny shit, Thats what me and g love would say. man i miss that bastard He's been silver city bound since 2002. I hate to say this but i'm not the thing white boy i used to be. Long haired hippy from mud sippy. so here's the shazzzz NATASHIA FROM RUSSIA - written about a russian lover between friends of the Band. DEAD HOOKER IN TRUNK - written while doing bong hits and making up cool title to songs about real life struggles. SOMETHING ABOUT HER - written about my Babys momma and how i love her. WHERES ALL MY MONEY - written after watchin nine nail in nail in concert and thinking of old times in my cars crashing and smashing them up. LIVING IN PAIN - written about my ex girlfirend who left me for the other band member cause i didnt have enough money ! Bitch !!!! Thats about it for now i have to soak my back and get the swelling down ! fuk ! jam practice at 8 FUCK YEAH CAUSE MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM!

AR15 PLAYS TONITE 7-22-2015

AR-15 performs tonite with Luvis on the Flying V , Dave Boss hitting the 4 string Schecter with madman ian smashing kick drums from ??? fuk if i know - i dont really know shit. Hell i came with a bunch of shit and this is all i can handle. Really i dont anymore music or bands. thats it - after this tour i'm finsihed and i'm gunna go back to school for a couple of yrs and get my degree in auto mechanics and find a decent job at Gm or Ford. I will never get picked for test driver but i want to i really really do not want that ...... So tonight big shoe atthe behind the skate park with 5 bands - generator elimanater player hater punk school. hell yeah kill kill kill. bring your BBQ chops riffs and spirits for this show is another 1st for the ar 15 band. more great show and more great bands cause it never ends down here in the swamps of the la wezzi anna ! thannk yo Saint Ann ! so tonight we have 2 mics ? fuck we have 5 but i'm not care ring any more, to much stuff to do on stage. I need strings and batteries. Fuck . I stil need to buy some beers - Fuck. gas food and water. MEDIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 MAN DOWN ! ITS not always glorious when your laying on the ground in the center of the battlefield. We are the ones who do it. I am happy to serve the community with independent original music made right here in New Orleans of America ! Musis Means Freedom and we are all so thankful for all the support here and over sea's. We miss and love all our Brothers and Sisters in Arms. We all Have a job to do to serve and protect the music. the music tells the story of here and now than and " dont get fooled again ". I ant perfect only the lord and savior is so i give myself a break and pat myself on the back from tine to tine mang, e-z does it . slow and low. calm cool hand luke and collective. slow low rider . Thumbs up if ya hearing me. honk if your down with the pow wow baby. slap me five soul sista with the sweet hip sister. I wanna kiss ya cause yer so Pretty and i'm so Dirty. AHHHH Rite my Name is LUVIS now let me plug my cord into your amp 1,2,3,4 hit it !

AR 15 plays tonight CREEPY FEST 2015

OH YEA babydoll AR-15 plays tonite @ CREEPY FEST 2015 at the Spitfire bar in the french quater. Fucking 1 of the most bad ass shows myself and the band has ever done - thanks to all you crazy fukkers, this show is a early 6:45 show with SPIT - GLUT AND SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT S.V.U. . The show is gun-na b loud and proud and i cant wait to take my lunch break and go over there and kick some major freaklin ass hahaha. The black bitch is all warmed up and ready fpr action. we salute ll our men in woman in the armed forces and to all the fellow warriors who lost there lives on the battlefieds for the oils fields . we are all just sitting in the tour bus smoking in drinking down on deacour street if anybody want to party. the block is jammed packed with locals who want to hear the best music for the 2 nite of CREEPY FEST. The evil luvis band used to play in freaklin indiana for the b movie shows and this cant be more fitting now some 5 yrs later. So come on out and listen to some great music at spit fire and than later on in the nite at Siberia's on Saint Claude7-17-2015 9:00 pm thanks for everything you crazy muther fckers 1,2,3,4...

get it while you can !

Get it while you can and Don t you turn yer back on LUVIS cause i'm just trying to make your head feel easy and breezy like a warm new orleans summer day like childhood memories where everyday day was as bright as the big blue sky. But i been drifting along in th eback of mind - its the clouds that pass in my rear view window. It take time for vacations and tours thru the countysides of AMERICA where i have called home MY WHOLE LIFE. Like my old buddy dean and sal myself jack old bull lee g town and sour girl we own all these tress and concrete that hold back this amp from blasting stars from the sky. less than 1 week for the AR-15, BURN BARBIE, BAPTIZER, AN ATOMIC WHIRL SHOW AT SPITFIRE JUNE 30 10:00 PM ON LOWER DECA-TOUR IN THE HEART OF THE MUSICAL BEAST REFER'D TO the rats base camp south -French Quarta what guitar should i destroy on this night before ! who is gonna be able to with stand the sounds from these 4 bands is there anybody out there that can save us ? june 30th SPITFIRE 4 BANDS ban together to send the message that MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

U HAVE BE WARNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L.U.V.I.S. (Type in blood )


AHHH June is so sweet and hot with tons of music and BBQ's. Beers Bongs and Thongs Baby. Thats all i need. Like spring break in Florida or cross country to California. its the Memories of Grateful Dead concerts at the Meadow lands in New Jersey. The back yard badmitten games listening to " Black n Black & U shook me all nite long ". the best thing about JUNE is its when i would get hours of time to practice my Randy Rhoads solos while listening to Van Halens Hot for teacher with a confounded perplexed look on my face & Fretboard. Summer time love with Janis and Jim in Wsahington Sq park looking for Reggie. smooth ass nites of what if or what ever happens for me in June. The world cahnges in the June month. Its was a day like today - hot and blues skyed waiting for the Allman bros to play while stripping negitives for the Print Shop - Morris County Duplicating :-( miss that place - DOMINGO & Bruce - scotty - Art ! Fucking Art ! I know these guys are still jamming - ya paper jams hahahahaha. June is where the eyes are on the prowl and love is in the air. A soft Blue eyes and ivory coast skin makes my blood rush and my heart melt. I see that fireball over at the ALley Kat in a mini shirt and i'm gunna hit that later attitude. Drinking games and intense bon fires. The FINEST HERBS come thru the air in june. Excitement at every turn i would say. I see i am top 10 and AR-15 is top 20 - How cool ! Thansk for that folks - we all must share the creme of the crop this summer. I have been in the top ten for the past yr of the Luvis 25 YRS CD - STill aval on CDBABY.COM/USER/LUVIS I am so proud of that album. recorded in the heart of new orleans at ST ANN Studios - wow ! when yer able to flip your age/birthdate and think where you where at that time, well u will be thinking like i am today. i am 45 - where will i be at 54 - maybe i will be able to get back to L.A and go back to school at Musicians Institute - Maybe my daughter will go to M.I. and i will teach there, thats a cool goal. I had this teacher there name Chas. his teaching were so vital to my playing and even more so now. He talk with such passion for music and how he lived he's life by it - but life changes and o did he and what you get isnt what u might have wanted so go with what you have and ride that logical thought with a big smile thru the sharp and flats. dont be so deadpan bro ham :-) eat drink be mary, smoke with merry and kiss mary, cause there's some about Mary. As a kid June would usher in new musicians and new lessons. Summer rock concerts are my fave - just lik ethe 2 big show for me this month ! I am so bless to be playing guitar in the AR-15 band. Luvis is happy musician. It all because of June . Have a great Summer ya'll cause it start today - dont get busted, stay clean, keep yer nose clean- dont go off the tracks and becareful under the bridge downtown - this is a locals only area - BEWARE...... LOCKED AND LOADED 247-365/420 ROCK IT TO YER SOUL MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM :-) L.U.V.I.S. :-)

Luvis Featured in The Indie June 2015

Like to Thanks Everybody over at the Indie for there support of me and my songs next month on there web site. Special thanks to all those who recorded with me during these tough times. Check out the sites The Indie (http://www.theindie.biz/ LUVIS Music ... ( http://www.theindie.biz/luvis ) TANKS & MISSILE U L.U.V.I.S.

Luvis Summer Tour Memories - part 26

From the start i always wanted to go out to stage near you and rock it. Sometime its doesn't go well, all hell breaks loose weather you wont it to or not. I have seen shows collapse from the pressure to just play. I have sipped on wine and slapped back whiskey to get over the stage jitters. IT TAKES some huge Balls to get up on stage and make music. you gotta practice , acquire the right equipment, and hit the streets with those who support YOUR sound. It a hard thing to do. Alot of time you dont get any support and must fight to party. The energy that you will spend fighting is massive. the fighting will increase with every show. the desire to kill the other band on stage is major theme in the rehearsal room . you wanna kill it on stage, slam all others to the kitchen floor you just wann blow the door of the club. you want people to walk away thinking how bad ass was that performance -Mind Blowing jamming. Ya its not always like that but it become that after a while as you practice week after week year after year. 26 yrs ago i decide to make music a daily rue tine . I would wake up pick up the guitar and jam. When i had my dirt studio i would record a rhythm track at night and lay the other track the next night just to keep a daily positive flow of music. My playing became more and more fluid. I would go to my friends house and immediately start playing there drums or bass . Just try to play more than anything else. Go to work and i would make songs lyrics and sing along to last night jam. things go wrong all the time. flat tire and flat notes. Withdrawals and pitfalls happen by the minute. I see that the next month or so is going to be a circus of music. june 2015 is a great month for the Luvis band and the AR-15 band. So many different cools things going on. Got a email about being on SRL Radio and touring thru Canada in the Fall 2015 maybe. Took some time to look at all the stuff i have and all its like a giant warehouse of Christmas past's :-) yesterday was Memorial day - i had to work - no biggie cause 25 yrs ago i was sitting in my parents house with some friends of mine jamming the Star Mangled Banner ! I forgot to do so yesterday with my family as we were having a new Orleans brunch. I used to play a lot more and dream of laying every nite with 2 different bands . Lots of things change. just like being able to instantly download a song that the band just recorded last night. I am still amazed that we can all just sit and listen to any song i recorded all from a cell phone calulater. I almost cry everytime i think of it. Songs that me and my dad goofed around on and played are available right now on www.musicxray.com lots of great rock and roll luvis moments caught on the video lens. I would never have funked it. I still see a lot of gigs that we played and man i wished that shit was on camera. The nite the band WOODRO played the Down Town Beruit Bar off St Marks street in teh bowery of New York City. That show was fucking insane. I was so fucking High on Life. The Band got off with a wild nite of drinks, skin heads, laughing, janis joplin jams & sweet slaming in your face blue rock classics. I remember weeks before wlaking in some old school clothing store off Tomkins Sq Park , Pearl & found this 1960's orange & white big rimmed collar shirt that i wore. it was a jimi hendrix woodstock looking pirate on stage that night. higher than a cooter bird . I remember 1 point turing the amp all the way up and thinking we had to being the loudest band on the street - so fucking loud that lil marshall amp could be at times . Ya it only happend once and than the club closed down and that was that. some folks dont ever get to say they played new york city. We did. All fifty states baby doll is a great goal in life. I'm gonna make it and i'll be just fine as frog hair'z slit Peas vaze ! hahaha and yes a Pigs Pussy Pork Taste like chicken :-) wahahahah MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM L.U.V.I.S. 2015