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"It'z bean a whirl but i wear it swell "

Howdy Doobie musicians & artists . I bean a whirl but i's wer'z it swell. lots to talk about. but not much to say. Once again Luvis is heading into un charted terrories with all my glory holes. It's like ass in your mouth johnny ! the Gorilla Battle of the bands is comming up soon to play, playing atthe new jam room is making for some awesome jams - the lastet of which is the forming of AR-15 the new speed metal thrash band. check out our sound check from club Spit Fire at www.ar-15.bandcamp.com i will make a revrb page soon enough. the new band is about to play again at spitfire april 23 at 9:00 sharp. the top 5 ranking for Luvis is indeed a sweet kind listing here on the page. Cdbaby still has some 25 yrs cd's avail at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/luvis I am about to start the MYRAGE cd and we are working on the new Luvis cd now titled of corse Luvis 26 yrs hahahaha we are trying to put on more outdoor generator shows like " Fear and Hated " Fest with over 10 bands ( contact me if you wantto play it in the month of MAY 2015 @ SWAMPMUCKRECORDS@OUTLOOK.COM or the facebook . the weather been in the 80's and slighty sunny so i'm pissed i'm not selling my merch atteh river front to all the fucking tourists hahahaha I'm forgeting something to tell ya'll but that what its like on the road baby doing these 1 nite stands making love to whoever takes paypal. Music means freedom and i'm all about dat ! ETC ETC THC LUVIS X0X0

Luvis and the 420 All Stars @ the Howlin Wolf 3-15-2015

Just 2 more weeks til the biggest show of the new year for ME n the 420 crew. This is a big deal for me since we are all playing thee crazy show all over new orleans as of late. The new band The New Orleans Impalers are gearing up for the first time. Transition of new musicians means new material and great times. The new jam room is helping to make everything come together better. Playing the Howlin Wolf show will be Epic on all levels. The 420 All Stars are getting the gear out and about. This all Started almost 10 yrs ago when i was asked to play a Ron Paul Benifit show as he was running for president. We all played as such for the B Movie Celebration events back in Indianapolis IN 4 yrs in a row. An Acoustic rock show with our friends from Homeplace. Now its beens a while and i'm pulling my hair out to get the musicians to jam thee old songs of Mary Jane . This new show is gonna be a mix of that stuff with some new songs fro the LUVIS 25 YRS CD. A blob snarly song here and there plus a couple of tracks ya never gonna hear. It just a great story for me to tell and now that were in Nola its even better. the chance to play at the Wolf and win a chance for some great Tascam recording equipment is the bomb. I could sure use a new studio console for the future recordings is a great feeling. $500 bucks and to play with some other shows is always fun. As with everything I created this stuff cause i believe that the Herb should be legal. 3 states now legalize herb. 25 yrs ago it wasnt so. Now i'm a man who is able to talk to other adults about denver, seattle and now alaska ( who cares about washington d.c. ) i have freinds who think this show and this time in history is really important for the movement of such laws. peter tosh and bob marley would be so happy to understand its been decrimianlixe in jamacia in 2015. oh believe nothing is free. we have all paid the ultimate price a million times. its our time to shine and shine i will as i play our sweet love jams for the sweetest girl in the world MARY JANE. Thaks and support live local music cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! THANKS L.U.V.I.S.

Happy Mardi Gras to all us useless morons hahaha

My Spy Boyand your Spy Boy Tokin up around the fire, my spy said to yer spy boy I'm gonna set your ass on Fire hahahahahahaah Ya baby its Mardi gras 2015 and its all about family and friends Libations and Celebrations, Already i am gaining huge momentium from the past lundi gras events were the king and queen of zulu are crowned and honered thru out today events, I love being a useless moron and for the past decade thats been my struggle - its o.k. i'm a better man now than i ever was in New Jersey. 3X I will attend the greatest show on earth with my girls, laughing and joking as Tucka plays Working it out of somebody souped up SUV. On daze ike this i keep a pen and paper ready for the moments i hear or see something worthy of creating a song. I have about 15 songs for the new luvis 2015 album due out any week now from Swampmuck records and tapes. Blob Snarly is going thru new drummers and a new more powerful band is emerging but we havent quite gotten the sound yet. its still being created. we are still trying to produce something different. I love these guys who i jam with - dedication to the music and the lifestyle 247-365. The new Hank Wailen songs are going well but like always i have to stop recording to defend my family from those who are evil-mean-rude and of course a BITCH ! Dirty old bitchs need to be thrown in the fire to clean the earth ! All in good fun and all in good time Bitch ! SO MANY NEW SONGS ABOUT TO BE UNLEASHED ITS AMAZING. I know what your saying " will i produced it professionally for $10,000 - Will you use auto correction for your vocals - maybe work outthe guitar solo's, no smoke hits and beer cans poping open on the track " Hell why dont i just say fuk it and just play it say and roll up another one. Cool thing about today is how long it all takes to see the zulu king and maybe be given the magical coconuts - last yr we were given about 10 ! It 7:30 am and the show is in full motion ! NOW BE CAREFUL NOT TO STEP ON ANYBODYS TOES OUT THERE HAHAHAHAHA my new song that i have been working on is " I WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOUR OFFER " a love song about those who have slithered there way into my world only to try and take me for a useless moron " hahhahahahah my other song " THE DAD YOU NEVER HAD " is a sad song about being a father and not running away but standing strong in the face of liars ! the 3 song is called " GET A JOB COLLEGE BOY " A rock ballad about those who have an education but lack the will power to help the community " TELl ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL " is a song about being able to tell the truth while being lied to about the past present and future........ I could go on and on and thats what i will be doing ! I will forever go onward and upward . I am no god for i bleed and cry like all us humans and now of course i am laughing , and laughter is the best medicne in the world wide web ! Cheers ya'll Luv you all see on big stage cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! X0X0X0X0X0X

2015 Watch out Cause i'm BACK IN BLACK !

hey ya'll welcome to the 1st 2015 LUVIS PRODUCTIONS SWAMP MUCK RECORDS tax write off season where we are never thought of or downloaded unless we have pissed off a bunch of haters and ainters. I ssit here in the huge 256 track dumaine st studios here in new orleans listening to mardi gras music from 1 indian tribe after another and am in heaven. 3 yrs i have been a part of the tradition. for over 25 yrs the LUVIS tradition is still standing tall. from the basements of jersey to the studios in hollywood up down side to shining sea playing my wild madcap tunes of wacked out moments and sexy hunny playboy bunnies. The 2015 season is awesome right now . LUVIS is everywhere from ITUNES to the Louisiana Music Factory. Swamp muck records is 1 click away from another insane assault of downloaded music from all points of the world. New country jams From Hank Wailen, New Blob Snarly tracks, New Bands forming as we speak. old songs revamped with everything being uploaded day and night on youtube vimeo and ustream. tons of free music, tons of 99 cent master piece's . I have to say 2014 was a trip but 2015 is even bigger and funn'r. I have to say thanks for keeping LUVIS - HANK WAILEN - BLOB SNARLY TOP 10 ON REVERBNATION. MYRAGE 1990 is in the 25 yrs marker which always makes me smile seeing how hard i was as a kid to play and live the night life learning song writing lyric. the whole memphis process was kick off to where i am today. in nola writing and recording everything cause thats how amaing its all sounds to me. Live fast die young be prepared for both :-) MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM GOOGLE 25YR LUVIS

Happy 2014 Holidaze - Cheers & Salute !

It another great day here at the Dumaine st studio's as the final mix of songs is being put together for the 2014 countdown. We want to thank everybody this yr who listened and downloaded our songs - Blob Snarly, Evil Luvis, Luvis live jams ,Myrage1990 have been a wonderful spot for free American made music. Music means freedom is almost 5 yrs strong as our core mission statement here at Swampmuck Records and Tapes. The past 12 months has been insane for recording music and release'n free independent all original tracks . Bandcamp-jango-soundcloud-nix-mix-myspace-facebook-google play-itunes-rahpsody-spotify-iheartradio-youtube-vimeo-mog-betarecords-imeem-rock.com all these and a shit ton web sites means at any given moment i can tell ya what we were playing with who when were and how - fukking awesome time to be a musician - imagine if mozart had this type of control - the amount of music ! I took a lot of chance's and way to many risks this yr. I acted in ways i shouldnt have and got really pissed off a few too many times over the silly shit that happens when doing a show. Ya get out there and play and it just sounds like shit. all the practice time and new equiptment and the entire good time turns to felony conviction but gets dropped outa court. Lawyers Bankers and politicians have made my music hard to sell . Most record stores that i used to go to are closed. Big labels putting out NWO ideas & visions while controling the airwaves over and over again yr after yr in most cities. If not for the internet now of this here guys music would be known. 30 yrs of jamming i say with some songs stll sitting on lost cassette tapes all over the U.S.A. & Canada . The good side to all of it is that i have made a small dent in new orleans and that puts a smile on my face. so many great songs are about to come down the road. new bands are forming as we enter 2015. old goals are becoming true and new goals are even further away. I cant say it enough but THANKS for the fun times and smile's, the peace signs and flip offs, the spilled beer and whiskey cheers! the hugs insted of drugs, the sweet louisiana voodoo queens, and sexy smoking hot girlfriend baby momma who keeps me walking that line each hr on the hr, ya herd me ! I jump up with excitement over that piece of king cake ! so show me yer tits and i'll toss ya some luvis beads cause we all need a good laugh and a great start to a magnificant new yr - a rite LOVE YOU ALL ! HAPPY HOLIDAZE ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM! X0X0X0X0X0X0



2014's 3 x champ " Luvis "

3 X CHAMP LUVIS PRODUCTIONS hits personal goal of 3 bands in the top 10 on reverbnation. Every yr I give myself a moment to shine. this yr was a massive yr of music. free songs reached the 50 mark easy. tons of songs recorded and release. It been a great yr for music. so many great musicians that i have become friends with . New Orleans is a giant music city. the entire town is dedicated to your musical memories. I have had my music put into the hands of folk all over the world. Meeting and jaming atthe river has become the norm buts not normal to beleave how many amazing jams were recorded atthe wharf side aka studio 419. Last night the trains roared thur causing the ground to shake while massive cargo ships cruise past us in nite. I have beat up acoustic so bad it wont stay in tune anymore. thank god for beer. the beer intake i've been a part of thanks to Sydneys is a super fine tale each time i enter this hot spot. I only try the beers that are above 6%. I drink some heavy beers. i mix it up every time. I dont think i've ever had a shit lite beer from them. I really think NEW ORLEANS should BAN Lite Beers ! I am so thankful for 3 different reverb pages in the top 5 top 10 and top 20 all in 1 yrs time ! fucking awesome ! I uploaded the entire Lousiana Music factory show to bandcamp.com/luvis25yrs We still have a bunch of LUVIS 25 YRS CD - SIGNED AND SEALED ! CONTACT SWAMPMUCKRECORDS@OUTLOOK.COM FOR A COPY. SWAMPMUCK RECORDS is about to unleash some new music and bands in 2015. The MYRAGE cd is being created with a 45 minute documentary of the songs and story that help make me love music that much more. I have some bigs show comming up with BLOB SNARLY and of course more is better than less which is the fight i face in trying to take down the NEW WORLD ORDER of things. HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY. PLAY SOME MUSIC AND MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY. IT's time for us humans to love each other ! I love you all MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! Capcha word of the day 4129 X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X

Top 5 for rock - 1st time ever 12-14-2014

Thank You Reverbnation feinds for granting the honers of 4th place this fine a-positive sunday bloody sunday down here in the big easy. As i wake and bake i see the rank and think of my first music teacher in elementray school MR C. MR C was an italian fellow from the block could play piano and sing all the hits of 1850,60s,70s and todays modern hits. I knew nothing put a mere fly in his class. I admired his drenched armpits from all the work he did. several yrs of this and that lead me to a chorus which i sang amongest my other class mates. The king and I , shall we dance .....bla blab bla we sang in front of our peers and family on the big stage at the high school auditorium . we were very excited. days later we all met up in the school gym for more singing. we were very loud. all us kids talking and laughing. MR C yelled out to tell everybody to be quiet. i didnt hear any of it. me and my friend were talking and laughing. ALL OF A SUDDEN MR C went crazy - yelling screaming - shouting and than he calls out my name " and you 2 guys are the always talking and MARK ( THATS WHAT THEY CALLED ME THAN ) yo are the worst in my class always disruptive - yelled other truths and what nots - the whole class looking at me. MR C yells if you dont want to listen to me than you can leave right now ! It was a silenc that i still hear sometimes in my head. I stood up - said " you shouldnt talk to me like that - chorus sucks anyway - who's with me " My friend followed along and both of us walked out the class. I never returned to chorus, even after all the parent teacher talks and the idea that i would be stuck in a teachers detention room for the rest of the yr. I still failed 6th grade and i also wants allowed to attend the end of the yr game day. I do remember writing the song " rudolph the cocaine stiffer " during this time. now i have Santa doesnt come to my hood ". Thanks MR C for trying to keep me down and out and pointing out all my flaws at 12 yrs old. I bet he thought a little different about teaching music after having a kid tell him off. I wonder if the school kept the music program going after all the hoopla. I stand in the face of tyrants and say fuck you ! Thanks for the laughs MR C. Thanks for the ranking REVERBERS. MERRY JAMMING TOO ALL AND TO ALL A GREAT RECORDING MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

1 last kiss ...... X .........!

1 kiss is all it takes to start my beating bleeding cold dark oviparous heart of gold plated rust. Like a gutter that collects leaves and clogs your downspout i am recording this same fashion. Broken amps and spliced together guitars with feedback and white noise makes for a perfect collection of sounds for my orange library here in New Orleans. As with all my lyrics i write about stuff that excites me. like that look your evil kinky eyes say to me while i pass u on the street. I know you want me to say a riff or use a old chord than say something but your lover might not like my compositions via literature. I am searching for some old/new jams to upload to the Luvis page. myself and other have recorded over 100 tracks on this tascam of love. I think " Hit the Bong " live at L.A. Mucsic Factory might be todays find. Uploaded the Bob Snarly show aka blob snarly from Siberia - Luv that Bar, I only wish i had more money to party with everyone that nite- o well. Only a few more weeks til the end of the yr. what a yr its bean. so many great moments on stage and at the studio's. Crazzeee fuking yr as a musician i tell ya. the music scene here is so thick as a brick. I started the yr off top 10. blob snarly is till top 5 Swampmuck records was created. the Luvis 25 yrs cd is still avail all over the U.S.A. I was a top 20 rapper/dj on Coast to Coast mix tape vol 493. Jamacia is about to legalize herb and my song " Every day i smoke the Herb " is being played right now in hydroponic lab and cannabis dispensaries thru out the world . I am a lucky happy guy ! thanks to all those who support local music cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM!!

when yo smile the hole ward smiles wit yo

$tardate luvispro 12-1-2014 . A Story. " Dont touch that guitar ever again Mark " That was almost 40 yrs ago when i pick up my dads gitar to be jam. Getting caught and being busted is the worst feeling. almost as bad as having a root canal in yer front tooth. kids will be kids. Know the funny thing is that i now have that guitar and i tell my kid the same thing. new orleans has such a great music community. its that time of year where christmas is rite round da south bend. got my first distortion rat pedal for christmas 1 yr. love getting guitar stuff for jesus's big birthday day. yea ! keep us save St Ann. so as we enter today i want to rap about the new album sneek peek so to speak. the luvis swampmuck records has some new rap jams to throw out this commin season. as always SANTA DOENT COME TO HOOD is a huge holiday song me. almost as good as Rudolph the cocaine sniffer , but its helps pay the water bills at the studio. thats rite. the french quarter maddness has been explosive on my music and so with a new season come s anew rap. should be fun and easy brezzee like i make everything. so when yo smile da hole ward smile wit yo. merry monday, happy birthday. luvs420. good morning shorty lets do lunch and munch ! xoxoxoxo music means freedom baby doll ..........................................