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HEY YA'LL Its been a long long time since i wrote a little blog, but since i'm getting screwed over by the music industy i have to fight the good fight ! basically I recorded a song about 8 yrs ago in Indiana. It was posted on Imeem and Myspace.com . both sites shut down and turned around a new web site of crap. Meanwhile i keep getting update from my distributors about song hits going thru the roof but no monye can be collected because the company will not pay. I talk to a bunch of folks and they said hire a lawyer. I have asked a prominent music attorney to look into this issue and he want to work with me . I am a small turd in a giant septic system. All i want is my freedom back. I setup a gofundme account . Your donations will help me learn how to defeat thee bastards. Thanks for yer support ! more info at https://www.gofundme.com/2k8c5vg4 in the meantime th enew Luvis songs are coming together nice. the AR-15 METAL BAND is killing it on stage here in new orleans. AR-15 is about to record some new songs as well. I cant say it enough how lucky i am to play music in such a great band with some great friends. check out my gofundme site and tip me a dollar - check out the AR-15 site and thanks for keeping LUVIS top 20 on reverb ! Love you guys and Girls ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !!!!!!

You Thrill me - Honest You DOO DOO ......fest !

So i was at "the Fly" this morning drinking coffee playing wit nehi the pitbull watching the river boats and tugs push each other around when i had a flash back of my musical trip to San Diego/ Pacific Beach/LaJolla . It must be the picture perfect morning with that fantastic sun and slow breeze blowing on my face. Sometimes i get flash backs of the old times living on the road. I remember being behind the wheel in my brown toyota supra with my acoustic toking that so cal herb watching my buddy flip around on his surf board. I cant remember to much about the hr-hr accounts but i remember meeting a couple of folks out there who help inspire my music. It was sweet relaxing afternoon when we ran into a old lady who told us about a coffe house called the inner eye. She told us to come by and have d=some drinks and listen to the bands. She also sold us some really good herb . I mean some really mean green shit. It was the kind of herb that hangs in the air and never leaves the room for days. I remeber cruzing around the street looking for the bar. the homes around the place were incredible. the views up there was intense. My long hair blow wildly in the winds of calipornation back than. I was still a little off with my money situation but i made the best wit what i had. the mornings were filled with Irish creme coffee and finding a parking spot as i went to a music conference that talked about record labels, finding a lawyer, promoting yer products. its wasnt all that great in my mind. I meet a few cool people and had a great time a host of them. its funny how you think of stuff. I didnt really do much while i was there with music. but i played a minute or two here and there. i played on the beach a bunch. I remember smoking and drinking with some local fucks. the surf shop was funny as i was rolling up a fat joint this surfer dude walks up to the car and just couldn't believe i was rolling a doobie in the parking lot. we smoked him out. the hotel was a real dive but it was a typical beach side hotel with palm tress and lots of sand. We partied like champs with a couple of sweet cally girls that nite but no babies were created wahahaha i think :-) wahahaha The thing i remember was how it was the first time outside of memphis that i had a vision of how my music business should be. Very independent with lots of open boundies and never give up attitude 24-7-365. I was 25-26 and i had a lot of songs on tape and i was rolling a pro setup but my business was a mess. so the ride to and back was a time to think and reflect on my music catalog. I was able to sit with some older folks on the beach who helped me see what roads i might end up on. Dead and gone was 1 road. I didnt know what to really expect from the music conference so i just went there and gave it an open ear. I am glad it me some real insight as to who i was and who i wanted to become in life. No one hit wonders and no big world tour with famous musicians would be the end of my career. The music i made was kinda underground i thought. I dont think i really like anything i record- it could always be better and better and better in my mind. I took some bands musical roads over the yrs. it funny to see how long it is from there to here. I'm going into my 4th yr on Nola. It a creative place to be. the recording here have a lot of fun to them. this weekend in Halloween and of course were all playing DOO DOO FEST ( NOT VOODOO FEST ) ITS all fun and games till someone is pushed into a metal hanger at the saturn bar and they claim i was drunka nd deserved it so they wont pay up on my medical bills - fuck those people i will see them in court real soon ! the court system and the music industy goes hand and hand. I cant wait to sing the blues to the judge. thats the music business. sumtines playing the game is just pure insanity but it has to happen. I will make it into a song. It will be a hit. u will like it. I will play it. It what i need to do on this planet. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM


Once again i've been seduced and influenced by the charms of her Evil spirit. Waiting in the shadows LUVIS THE GUITARIST with my mighty amp and trusty pick Blasting and Thrashing all the solos that haven't been seen or heard from since days of folk lore and bon scott fire's wahahahahahahahaha WHATA FUCKEN GREAT past bunch of shows this month - almost in sane to think that i meet over 20 different bands from all over the country playing there songs of freedom. Fukking crazy to see the viscous style some of these crazy mothers play. I have been inspired by the spirits once again while toking at the river front to the Man. AR-15 has another killer show at DO=DO FEST oct 30 generator show - so its nice to be ale to get a chance to practice up on the new songs and work out the lyric's . the equipment need some tweeking before its all hauled off to another show. I've been busting strings lately and its mainly because of these " credit card picks " made with those thick edges for free with my scissors. Ya i am my own worst enemy. I have to say thanks to my Buddy Tom from MY-RAGE who sent me a care package a few yrs ago with some string inside. I used them to keep the show going but i still snapped them up ! thanks bro it was a MYRAGE week. Played 2 weekends in a row / working full time jobs is some real stress for a 3 piece band to deal with. New Orleans is a wild ride so you better lay your money down ! Cant always win big at Harrahs as i learned the other nite - but its all part of the show. the show never ends. Dream big or go 6 ft under ground. The ranking on old reverb nation are excellent. Number 6 for Luvis Number 7 for AR-15 Thats really a great deal of fun to say. i love thinking about who i am hanging with. we are always looking for new bands to jam with. I love jamming & partying with new musicains. Got to laugh it up with a few jersey/ philly guys and that was a blast to make fun of the garden state. We all miss those taylor ham and egg deli delights but that a givin. fucking hell yeah ! I have to think about next months shows and it a killer bunch of shows. the parades are in 1 week and so everybody will be out with the kids trick or treating it up. Halloween is always a funny day. I will work it and laugh at all the costumes sometimes its a gruesome display that makes fun. Last yr a groucho marx guy came out of know where and stole my kids balloon than came around the block to give it back ??? fukken weird. its all weird but its never boring. i'm tired of boring shit. like seeing a five piece band singing about never being kiss by that special girl. wtf is wrong with these kids today. so scared to do anything unless they have a gun . ya you got to keep them separated ! my kid keep talking to me about christmas and she's so great cause i'm always trying to make her laugh unless she's not doing her homework than i'm a total jerkdad but she's a good kid and so maybe for christmas i will give her my metal version of holiday classic's wahahahah its time to think about holiday sales kids. she's a little kid now and someday she will be a little kid who owes the music of her dad LUVIS ! Thats gonna be a lot of songs and videos passwords to remember. I hope she doesnt get my paypal account hacked and lose the millions and trillions of digital currencies in there. Ya i cant stay on this planet forever making songs. I have bigger plans with other life forms. Theres places in the galaxy thats never heard this strange music invented on planet earth using magnetic copper coil and lightning !!!! PEACE AND LOVE FROM THE SUN ABOVE CAUSE MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM L.U.V.I.S.


Luvis and the 20 All Stars epic performance Oct 11 @ the howling wolf , new orleans tickets now only $10 ( http://www.gorillamusic.com/buy-tickets-gorilla-music-and-eagle-one-local-concerts-and-music-festivals-2/ ) get your tickets today and support my band and all the bands cause music means freedom . Lots of fun in the nola sun when we get back to the lendary howling wolf were we the mighty 3 piece band kicked out some in yer face jams . Now the truth be told is that I have been recording a bunch of new songs and i'm hoping to get some cd's avail for the show. Lots of new ideas and much of the same loud distorted jams are on the set list. The AR-15 crew is working on some new songs and maybe were blast that shit out live that night . I hope we get our DJ to m-c the show - that would be the bomb just like old times - I will contact her and i hope she's down with the pow wow. all is good in love and music. Love the 1 yer with kids cause you might not get anymore cause the new world order wants you disarmed begging for free government money but when the going get tough the new world order wants you to kill the enemy with a machine gun ! :-) so go get some tickets - download the schedule from the howling wolf on facebook, hit up twitter and insta gram and learn all you can about the band and about Gorilla productions. It all good my Brotha's and Sista's :-)

I'm ur Fretboard Freak-n-Stine with the shine !

Ya i play guitar ,Trained by the best and partied with the worst of them Learned alot from those who wouldnt waste there time to jam but thought they could best me on the street talking shit with daddy's money .As humble as I was as a young man I have tossed that bullshit to the side lines cause atthe end of the day all i think of is how your lame ass lost te title in front of all of us musicians . Ya My memory is a little cloudy but i remeber those who thought i was o.k. for smashing your car up but not for studio time. It all good the door slams both ways now doesnt it. I seem to be more fit and less violent with the wahaha pedal than before - now i just laugh and get a bottle of whiskey and some spray paint . I'm a great guitar player but i'm a better singer. I wrote Dead Hooker in Trunk in the Homeplace studio while the snow was falling . Poor girl should have stayed away from those crooked politicians. R.I.P ~ ROXX-ANNE The fall is here and so is my new band AR-15 , working on new songs telling stories to help you live and survive the comming revolution designed by the inventors of NWO destruction. iTs time like this where i hear the words of General Patton. It times like these tat Dave Grohl doesnt make any sense to me. he's cool at times i guess. 25 yrs of this game has made me a little untrusting of the industy titans who are able to put 3 choard together with a drum beat and some clever words and there you have it Billboard # 1 album. I was young man and i coulnt resist Got me a girl and i kissed her a little bit. Ya i'm in constant heaven with my click. Its all part of history. the untold story never to made into a movie. Its good to be a little unknown It helps with getting the truth. I have folks who can honestly look at me and say that song sucks dont play it that way . Thank god the band members who i jam with have my back on stage or in the court room . I used to really day dream on scales and theory looking for the rigt notes to play. it a code. It all an enigma. the Luvis Labyrinth is far reaching like a black hole . the charge has been ordered by High Command. We are all loading up on gear for the war againest the red barons . I take a deep breathe when Jimmy Page plays those few short notes to " Going to California " and rip a huge fart to the pop slop justin bieber fools . Sorry kid ! Money isnt going to save you when i'm knocking on your front door with my Marshall Stack. Funny thing about me and my friends is that we will hunt yer big fat ass around town. We will take notes on your tour. we have and always will never forget those who lost there lives on the musical battlefield for the dead are among us and the living are just pawns in the real recruitment called the after life. o.K. ITS TIME to get your fretboard weapon and aim it your sight at the ISIS fukwads for music means freedom and if you like to gamble U WIN SOME LOSE SOME IT ALL A GAME TO ME !!! :-) L.U.V.I.S.P.R.O.

so long summer of 2015 You Rocked !

its been a great summer of 2015 for all of us musicians out there in these local little cities rural towns. I am grateful for all the music i got to see and hear this past yr. bands from all over the world come to nola and i am here to help. A Rite we are trying to get more songs to the band AR-15 so that we have a longer set list. I am being placed into the fall season where a lot of my songs are written. I remember as a kid going to NYC with my girlfriend playing guitar in washington sq park smoking herb drinking wine coolers singing and laughing people watching and thinking about the future of my music. It been 25 yrs behind me now. I have a massive amount of songs and bands past present and future. I keep my finger on the trigger and have been lucky to keep in hot pursuit of playing music. The future of music is always cool but the past is even cooler. I have been pushed latly to record some music that i never thought about. Plus i have been seeking to publish some music theory concepts. the Studio stuff is fun and i always need to get back into the console and make some great demo's. I am keeping my eye open for more possiblities that are always right around the corner. Its like when we would just sit and hang out in front of the store krawzers . people pulling up from all over the place. asking us for either directions or smoke. hopping into free city rides and getting around the rest ofthe night using subways and bmx bikes. getting busted jumping the hand rails at $80 a piece - thank ful we didnt have any felonies or warrants. It was and still is always on my mind - its moment like those that help me sing and write about stuff. Like Natashia from Russia - It was just the 3 of us and her. its was just a strip club on a frieday night. I was higher than a cooter bird. Drinking beers looking at titties, laughing all the way to jersey. now its a song. have fun and than write songs about it - its really that e-z cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

wounded but not outa the game 8-10-2015

I might be a little wounded from the war but i'm far from the onslaught thats aboutto take place when the day comes. I have been playing guitar ever since i was old enough to punch you in th enose and that what i'm gonna do. I 'ma gunna punch this fucked up little world rite in the eye and than i'm stand on yer chest in pleasure. as u see I've changed the songs around its all because i'm fukked in th ehead. 25 yrs of music bitchs and u want some kind of order - I have no form of communications to give the answers to everyone - wtf I'm no god ! But as a mer meak mortal blood flowing human i will pound out my guitar solos than ever before. Ya know latly i've had to reach to the higher power. the native spirits are in my circles and they are helping thur my dark moment right now. I am injured and hurt but i have a baby grrl to feed and so i keep pushingthe music . I have these moment from time to time last yr it was my hands - 25 yrs ago it was my hand - i've been put to the crub a few times but i'm a fighter and i'm damn good looking so thank you mom and dad. We had to ball on a few mission with the AR-15 metal band but its a good thing cause we need some time to jam out new stuff. Now i'm not as hurt as say when Bob Dylan flew off his motorcycle but i look as though i might have had a major fucken accident. I fell into a metal shevleing hanger at the SATURN BAR last thursday 8-6-2015 god damn thing hurt me nd i jumped up on the bar ad bent it over and the bartender told me to get off the bar. Fukken life can suck it ! so i have been soaking my wounds and using whictch's to heal me. Life in swamp country. The best thing about it will of cose be the songs that i write about all this bullshit - No punching bags to RUSH kinda shit wahahahahaha classic funny shit, Thats what me and g love would say. man i miss that bastard He's been silver city bound since 2002. I hate to say this but i'm not the thing white boy i used to be. Long haired hippy from mud sippy. so here's the shazzzz NATASHIA FROM RUSSIA - written about a russian lover between friends of the Band. DEAD HOOKER IN TRUNK - written while doing bong hits and making up cool title to songs about real life struggles. SOMETHING ABOUT HER - written about my Babys momma and how i love her. WHERES ALL MY MONEY - written after watchin nine nail in nail in concert and thinking of old times in my cars crashing and smashing them up. LIVING IN PAIN - written about my ex girlfirend who left me for the other band member cause i didnt have enough money ! Bitch !!!! Thats about it for now i have to soak my back and get the swelling down ! fuk ! jam practice at 8 FUCK YEAH CAUSE MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM!

AR15 PLAYS TONITE 7-22-2015

AR-15 performs tonite with Luvis on the Flying V , Dave Boss hitting the 4 string Schecter with madman ian smashing kick drums from ??? fuk if i know - i dont really know shit. Hell i came with a bunch of shit and this is all i can handle. Really i dont anymore music or bands. thats it - after this tour i'm finsihed and i'm gunna go back to school for a couple of yrs and get my degree in auto mechanics and find a decent job at Gm or Ford. I will never get picked for test driver but i want to i really really do not want that ...... So tonight big shoe atthe behind the skate park with 5 bands - generator elimanater player hater punk school. hell yeah kill kill kill. bring your BBQ chops riffs and spirits for this show is another 1st for the ar 15 band. more great show and more great bands cause it never ends down here in the swamps of the la wezzi anna ! thannk yo Saint Ann ! so tonight we have 2 mics ? fuck we have 5 but i'm not care ring any more, to much stuff to do on stage. I need strings and batteries. Fuck . I stil need to buy some beers - Fuck. gas food and water. MEDIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 MAN DOWN ! ITS not always glorious when your laying on the ground in the center of the battlefield. We are the ones who do it. I am happy to serve the community with independent original music made right here in New Orleans of America ! Musis Means Freedom and we are all so thankful for all the support here and over sea's. We miss and love all our Brothers and Sisters in Arms. We all Have a job to do to serve and protect the music. the music tells the story of here and now than and " dont get fooled again ". I ant perfect only the lord and savior is so i give myself a break and pat myself on the back from tine to tine mang, e-z does it . slow and low. calm cool hand luke and collective. slow low rider . Thumbs up if ya hearing me. honk if your down with the pow wow baby. slap me five soul sista with the sweet hip sister. I wanna kiss ya cause yer so Pretty and i'm so Dirty. AHHHH Rite my Name is LUVIS now let me plug my cord into your amp 1,2,3,4 hit it !

AR 15 plays tonight CREEPY FEST 2015

OH YEA babydoll AR-15 plays tonite @ CREEPY FEST 2015 at the Spitfire bar in the french quater. Fucking 1 of the most bad ass shows myself and the band has ever done - thanks to all you crazy fukkers, this show is a early 6:45 show with SPIT - GLUT AND SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT S.V.U. . The show is gun-na b loud and proud and i cant wait to take my lunch break and go over there and kick some major freaklin ass hahaha. The black bitch is all warmed up and ready fpr action. we salute ll our men in woman in the armed forces and to all the fellow warriors who lost there lives on the battlefieds for the oils fields . we are all just sitting in the tour bus smoking in drinking down on deacour street if anybody want to party. the block is jammed packed with locals who want to hear the best music for the 2 nite of CREEPY FEST. The evil luvis band used to play in freaklin indiana for the b movie shows and this cant be more fitting now some 5 yrs later. So come on out and listen to some great music at spit fire and than later on in the nite at Siberia's on Saint Claude7-17-2015 9:00 pm thanks for everything you crazy muther fckers 1,2,3,4...

get it while you can !

Get it while you can and Don t you turn yer back on LUVIS cause i'm just trying to make your head feel easy and breezy like a warm new orleans summer day like childhood memories where everyday day was as bright as the big blue sky. But i been drifting along in th eback of mind - its the clouds that pass in my rear view window. It take time for vacations and tours thru the countysides of AMERICA where i have called home MY WHOLE LIFE. Like my old buddy dean and sal myself jack old bull lee g town and sour girl we own all these tress and concrete that hold back this amp from blasting stars from the sky. less than 1 week for the AR-15, BURN BARBIE, BAPTIZER, AN ATOMIC WHIRL SHOW AT SPITFIRE JUNE 30 10:00 PM ON LOWER DECA-TOUR IN THE HEART OF THE MUSICAL BEAST REFER'D TO the rats base camp south -French Quarta what guitar should i destroy on this night before ! who is gonna be able to with stand the sounds from these 4 bands is there anybody out there that can save us ? june 30th SPITFIRE 4 BANDS ban together to send the message that MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

U HAVE BE WARNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L.U.V.I.S. (Type in blood )