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Ebola Fest | 100 likes | Nola 25 yrs ago | Nashville

So i wer's at the river last nite thinkin of you when it all came back to me like a dragonfly on a rose pedal.AS i listen to Monkey Man by the Stones I first arrived to this city in the early 90's while living in muddsippy. As i left cafe du monde i meet some street freaks who took me to there leader and of course that lead me to the inner dweling of this town. Lucy in the sky with diamonds while merrialy floating down river life is but a dream. So i sit sometimes in the same spot that i wrote the song " goin to see the man " . I sometimes cant believe i was able to remember word for word that little song. while i shined like a crazy diamond the city told me a story of past and present meanings. I watched the water tell me how my life would go. all the pain i was put thru was for the good of this. I often think on that day a new angel was born that i would someday cross path with. as we partyied with mary jane and her lovely ladies i recorded the moments - 90 minutes of funny and serious memory are out there . i only have about 20 minutes of some tapes. now the intereseting ting is how the whole time i remember seeing this girl crying. she was singing a love song. crying and screamin. her man left her. she was alone on the streets drunk and high singing to me. tears rolled down her face as she screamed her lyrics of why ! I stood there and was her muse. her breathe in my face is still as around me. Every once in a while i see somebody who instanly reminds me of her and i cant help but want to walk up to them and say hey i remember u. its a wild world we live in. I under stand how interesting it all is. I fall head over heels for it daily. I'm a sucker for long legs in mini shirts as well. both of which she had, so maybe thats what caught my interest. I came to new orleans to not find love or to get caught up in any of it and yet now i am more attracted to her charms more than ever. It not easy living with some many honeys around me. I struggle with my addictions like every other human. I need my water and air mixture a little leaner than up north. My northern roots are so cold i cant even imagine it ever happening but that just it- think it wont and watch as the good lord push's it unto u. I take it all on like a prize winning boxer. I been playing the rope a dope my whole life - now i'm about to punch back the tracks marks and take you to that ringing sound in your head. today is special day for me - today was the day I wrote the song " the Lonely Road " - of course its a love song about the crossroads and how i beat the devil at his own game - AGAIN ! 100 likes for our videos and facebook postings is a first for this reverbnation guy. Thanks for your local support ! Ebola Fest is spreading like wild fire. Everybody keeps coming up to me and asking me questions about the show and how to play it while i take their temperature and swab their mouths for the lab. I have found everyone to be really scared that they may or may not have a small amount of Ebola. It this kind of talk that get me excited seeing how SOMEBDOY has to step up and save us musicians . as our president lets the terrorists organize and cut off peoples heads for youtube not once does anyone at the white house is sending over drones with herbal medicines to fight this. Say what you want but WE THE PEOPLE where given less than a yr to create the atomic bomb and of course with the help of thousands of great AMERICAN minds we did. WE THE PEOPLE can do anything ! we always have and always will - AMERICA IS THE ONLY PLACE ON THE PLANET THAT CAN HANDLE LUVISPRO! Until than rubber it up boys cause its that time of the season . Nashville is calling our name and word has it that the band is rolling up there for a show or 3 - more to be announce soon. love and kiss's to the miss's and i'll see you at the river later to jam ! xoxoxox MUSIC MEANS FRREDOM !


Take me back to paridise city where the grass was herb and the girls are really girls and not the other aka LOLA. Now its a terrible time of the season to get sick. with EBOLA flying amuck over seas its just a matter of time somebody in the band will contract this deadly virus and than ur tour is over. Ebola is a death sentence to us humans. if only more folks in the music industy cared to talk more about it but really who cares as long as you can see your favorite artist bitch slap there girlfriend while showing me all your bling bling that doent belong to u. SEEING HOW WE STOP everything over here in the state's its only a matter of time my infomation will get out there and lives will be saved. If i CAN SAVE JUST 1 MUSICIAN/ARTIST FROM catching this virus than i will get my wings in heaven. US CREATORS OF JOY AND LAUGHTER must band together while the NEW WORLD ORDER is trying to devide and conquoer us on stage. NO MORE ROCK FIGHTS are needed. WE NEED REAL HELP. most of us musicians are fukking crazy to work for nothing while playing our little songs of inspiration for our nation. STAND UP FOR FOR THE MUSICIANS WHO CANT SPEAK - HO COUNTRY WILL DESTROY THEM JUST TO CASH IN ON THE FREE DONATIONS . How many great artists have fallen thanks to the virus. great minds are being killed so that the sheeple can move into place and be terminated after elections. I HOPE SCOTLAND TELLS ENGLAND TO SUCK IT QUEENY ! my way ur way anything goes tonght ! so with that I WILL be that voice to get the information out there- i have written several songs and will release the album for free on my servers - all proceeds help me and my family , which means u and i will be able to drink all nite at the ABBEY or until the 5-0 tells us to " u gotta move it " ! I might be a little young but honey so are you and our time is slipping away while you play hide and go seek we could be wrapped up in that 4 post bed of yours u dont have to be so lonely. come cry on my shoulder and tell me whats wrong. I promise to wipe your tears away and let you know everythings always gonna be o.k. as long as were together I will be here even after i pull that knife outa my back. TODAY ON REVERBnation we are #17 ! thats a nice number. rememeber when we were 17 and i made you take me to NYC and we went to central park and hung out with alice in wonderland ? you took off your clothes and started dancing while i played guitar w/ homeless boy . wasn't that funny, I'm so glad i took some pic's of that day. I would post it butt your only gonna call me bitching , which is exactly what happened later that night when i dropped u off to go jam with the band. 25 yrs ago was so different i almost think it didnt happen ! well everybody have a great day. learn all u can about EBOLA. Teach those who cant learn the knowledge cause there still in college and i'll be wrapped around your finger cause music means freedom and that just ant rite grrrrl !

ATLANTIC RECORDS | Sept 16th show | City Park

Its a wonderful night to make romance but the niout as much as i used to but this night magic seems to whisper and hush your name as i puff some riffs into your little wolf ear on that harvest moon as we dance with you my love. I dont get out much like i used to back in L.A.. EVERY NIGHT WAS day tripper. Sunset strip under a warm blues sky night makes me want to grab your guitar and play you some Van in the back of my pick up. As with all musical journeys i see, today was a special day back in those Hollywood studios. as is written in the great daily luvis journal it states i was playing some AC DC with the band Loud and Proud ! as we played hells bells the dootrs open and in vcame our friends from Montana. jack and jill were to of a kind. they were poping into all the rooms to take pics of everybody. we wound up partying with them afterwards at our favorite pizza joint and than ran into some cats on cheerokee st for some herbs were we all pulle dout our guitar and taught each other special songs. we jammed into the night . jill long blonde hair was slofty laying on her guitar. the maddog was cold. the beers were endless. we lit a candle and played in the street in front of there house on yucca. we all laughed as some local actor came up all drunk and sang anything we played. he was so skinny and waving around his beer flipping off cars who passed by looking at us. the night seemed to never end. as damien larry and myself jamm'd old girl went and fixed us all dinner. a giant bowl of fresh salad with pita bread and water - tey were vegans. my first experienec of it. Califora was a trip. I woke up today and my girls started talking about going there. the idea of moving back to california were so mixed. i had a great life there but i just needed a little extra. maybe this might be th etime for it. I so want to go back to school and get my degree from Musicians Institute. I always wanted to be a teacher there. how cool to teach music . I used to teach guitar and had a few jammers. I think it might be time to rally write a lesson book and start teaching again. It what i learned to do at MI. They taught me and i must teach others. this gitar is just a tool to get the job done. I been getting it done for over 25 yrs. I still sometimes meet someone and they make me want to write again. its that time of yr were i write more lyrics than songs. Thank god blob snarly has some gigs lined up. the end of th e world gig was fukking amazing. best show ever! reminds me of playing guitar to the moon back in the woods of split rock with the old gang and my girlfriend. sitting the woods on fire. long hair country boy with ftw tattoo'd on my arm. working on those night moves. Man i have learn so much since than. I am glad thats it JUST ANT RIGHT GIRL for you and me anymore MY LITTLE FIREBALL. The studio is about to produce tracks from the end of the world show. i hope you like them I couldnt see shit out there it was so damn dark bahahahaha. we Rock AN Roll'd it all the way to Pelican Bay . Luvis just sent some songs off to some friends of mine over at ATLANTIC RECORDS. they are gonna see if it works for them. it been a while since i did that. i seem to be lucky this month so i'm pushin da songs. U need some tracks. You want melodies. I HAVE RIFFS, I HAVE SOLOS I HAVE SOME REALLY GOOD HITS OF MODES , I dont wanna break them up so i have to sell the whole bundle to ya. what 1 or 2 gonna do for ya any way, you'll be calling me soon enough for more. Ya know luvis is always gonna be your hook up baby doll ! I maybe a bad guy but when i'm with you i feel like a Saint , so baby you should feel good about that . So turn it up ! and lets everbody know you got some soul. who can it be knocking at my ??????? MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM :-) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

My little Fireball is at the Mississippi river

I been stuck in your Mouth for the last Hundred daze and when its all over your be crying always. Cause we ended as lovers on that Stairway to heaven but you and I are free birds , black birds singing in the dread of nite. 25 YRS AGO I was about to go to see Alice in Chains open up for Van Halen with the evil 3. drive'n my CJ7 jeep playing football in the parking lot with those jersey girls who later dumped all ther trash in my drivers seat bahahah Happy Trails to u, until we again ! ahhhhhh until we meet again. Shit ! if i get another again ! i might order a gin but getting it again ? summer time and the livings like the big easy. The studio is humming with pastabilites as i listen to the wild show from the END OF THE WORLD gig last Fri nite. There is nothing like 4x4 to the spot ! Now the rally fukking cool thing was the setup man. now its legend . the NYC Bitch into the MXR dist + the dod delay + cry baby wha wha with that 80'S Tube Marshall Amp ~ new Fender G-Dec using American Express Luvis Picks was the SHIT. I havent played that setup since i was on stage with MYRAGE at " Ace's High " opening up for Black Bone off stateline road in Mephissippi. Loved that bar - metal club on 1 side, strip club on the other. WIN WIN. THE END OF THE WORLD SHOW rocked. the bands were great. the sound was amazing. being on that edge of the river was extra cool. There a 1st time for everything. she was a great ride. a real 1 nite stand. yes she been with others and she's quite unknown to most but now that i know about her i am having a hardtime trying not to see it in the light- oh scary time, dont get rugburns on your sunburns! The blob Snarly show kicked out the classics like Sweet Leaf, Legalize it, ur not allowed,ghost jam,gunz of brixton, teeth on my neck while planes trains and space ships were all around us. so much power all moving at once - it was nice and loud. Cant wait to play at CITY PARK SEPT 16 2014 at 4:20 at the old golf course during the 50 yr anniversary of the BEATLES invasion. What Beatles song will we play ???? i guess you have to come out and check it out there mop topper ! o.k. enoughs enough i have to produce and create other wise known here as catch and release. Thanks for keeping me in the top 20 and thanks for getting BLOB SNARLY # 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! XOXOXOXOXOX :-)

JUST AIN'T RIGHT GIRL song/demo 9-2014

When you walk on by, will u call my name cause u turn me on. It always this time of yr when i remember this kinda stuff. The entire shorty is a little unclear but it all started when the sun and moon collided 1 nite. its what life is all about. its that instant hit. what cha gonna doing when it all goes down. ohhh that when its really bad. LUVIS is alive and kicking cause of a single girl. her name means love and its all i ever had round me. like a child likes his blanket she always protected me . i cant breathe as think of my life and time with her. so magical. so intense. we are forever 1. for keeps forever til the end. blood is what its all about. she made me alive and i have kicked her several times in life. IT JUST Ain'T RIGHT how she and i have lived lately. we are so far apart from each other. it all my fault. If i only had my shit together maybe i could have done more. I said the wrong things at the wrong times. the good times are so funny they will make you stomach hurt begging you to stop just stop just stop ! The picture of her in that Mean Green Mustang rollin down the jersey highways looking at me. she always keeps me in the spotlight. I can never be lonely cause i wanna be someone that Hey Joe believes. When i see my child hood memories there like crisp clean black and white tv. We were good kids with teens dream and adult themes. I learn to jam watching her smile and making feel a part of the show. hey hey my my my love for my mom will never die. It just ain't right what goes on day to day on the road. i have been on tour my whole life. the road with her was very short as i was always running with the devil. How in the world did she sleep at night knowing her son was in NYC with that 1 girl that " I don't like girls who dress like that Mark". Its just aint right is another luvis love song where i can just play my little reggae jams with some on the spot memories of it all. with all the wars i just wanna say it just aint right what you do me girl. It just aint right all that history of u and me. How can a boy from next store be ignored from all your beuty girl and see what its doing to me. i am so selfess when it come to you girl. Life a game ! It a game that you only win if you find someone to play the game with ! IT JUST ANT RIGHT when you finally understand it all. its like a slow train cruelness shadowy down the Mississippi . every day i go to the river and pray a little bit to all of you ! the chant goes like this " here's to all my friends " "heres to all my dead homey's " here's to the past" and HERE'S TO MY FUTURE ~ CHEERS " 25 yrs i have been saying that to when i'm happy and when we run away together and well never feel bad anymore cause we'll feel like this anymore. I wanna go home. I wanna go home and she my old house with you and hold you tight and think this is why all of it happened. The sun would shine on my face sometimes on that backyard swing as wolf the german shepard pranced around with his favorite toy. i wish i wasnt a musician sometimes a could paint the picture of what i see when that special someone sprinkles those rainbow colors on my ice cream cone. i dont believe any body feels the way i do about you right know. Its these quiet studio moments in time when i her only my heart beat. its so quiet in the dumaine studio todays. i only hear heart beats ears ringing so so soft keys and your voice echoing thru my head saying " Mark " Sept 5th Luvis/Blob Snarly at the "END OF THE WORLD " new orleans - google that shit girl and dont forget walk that line tip ur bartenders and get home saflty to the ones you love ! I love you and we'll see you soon ! o.k. ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! :-) XOOOOOXOX :-(

The Abbey show | End of the World show info 9-2014 news

I woke this morning and the sun was gone closed my eyes and she slip'd away. Got so much to do before the big show this weekend at the Abbey. I have played a couple of cool bars but this bar is the best so far ! top dog treatment is the reason we play our hearts out each time. I think the last time there i made my left hand bleed. cutting those strings baby like your very first time. So the jams will undoubty be awesome since we are coming off a hell ride of past summer jams at the forbidden warehouse. now closed until further notice- bastard ! as hairs on back POP up so does 1 simple rule of the musical day, now listen closely to what i say on this sunny day. it just matter what ur going thru cause I'm gonna bring you back down to planet earth when your asked to play your part in the history of the world. I live in history that most Americans have forgotten. I can say this circus of key signatures from the beatles to agent orange is how to keep the system that we all live in FREE. Thank god us musicians are not trying to kill ourselves over the music like we used to. Most of the musicians today have the clues map'd out already. It all about breaking out your lil old street and dropping it out in another country u have never been to. We all get together when we have some spare time and than we are all made to get to together when some tragic happens - sucks . 25 yrs ago i was in Memphis. sweet harmony & southern love. it was nirvana . i could smell her teen spirit ! This town of new orleans has a way of making you see your past present and future while in deep on the fly transcription & accidental methodology . the current compositions are teaching me that as i see a rebirth of part and present styles that haven't changed, but the 1 simple trick has - a that getting your money in your hand from the front door ! $5 bucks stamp'd in mirage red . I must be dreaming on my last day off before having to back on tour for the shows ! the promotional river sessions can be endless. hrs of playing makes my hands cramp up as the cool air engulfs the sun and crescent moon. i hear texts in the back ground but i'm still playing the solo baby. this stretch on word notes makes my st ann street blues feel like black roses . Maybe this tour is time to unless the 50's Stewart custom axe of luv. Tons of feed back wit that chuck berry look ru that into the marshall amp with the mxr distortion pedal dod delay pedal and cry baby wha wha - use the pedal board for vocal delays and just trip out like jerry garcia did at giants stadium 1999 NJ daze. selling cd's and tapes all night long lookinf for that miracle ticket . Man i could be on the first flight home my little rox ann in the back of the home place shed , u dont have to put on that red light ! u just show up all slick and smooth and show me that thriller smile. the fireplace is wanting for siren to go off any minute. So the show starts at 9:00 pm sunday nite at the Abbey so dont be late and i will wait to have our usual toast to our family with that bottle of fireball as we play all the hits from the 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80' 90' & today bahahahahahahahahahhha life is but a dream dream on bro thanks for all your support ! take a break and roll 1 ! Music means freedom

its a CoCo Vine Rasberry Chocolate kinda day

its a CoCo Vine Raspberry Chocolate kinda morning with a bit of cherry pepsi . Clouds move the sun in and out of my eyes as my guitar gently sweeps. with bogers flying out my nose I reached to upload the newest demo track # 51 to the swampmuck demo site for further review. It a ska thrash jam with a real nice lyrics that runs thru out the mix. kinda like the jamaican Fruit insense that mingles around the studio here during the mid city break in the st john bayou. This is my Friday Night pre game show concerto time in space. so with this new song i wrote come the new album of songs, demos really , that have that 1 simple catch. like a favorite fishing hole all u need is 1. 1 is the number here. I track, 1 mike, 1 beat, 1 rhythem, 1 scream, 1 smile, 1 memory, 1 cock ring to rule them all bahaha. So like that hemp over there under the metal halide getting stronger day by day so does my songs of old. I will take a 57 chevy over a 2014 Corvette any day of the week. Just like the Double Duce of Disaster ,tracked back in 2006 in home place Ind while my baby was born to today here on Myspace - https://myspace.com/luvis0/music/songs bahahaha .... its all about taking yer time and having fun doing so. Lately the world is making us seem outa touch. I get lost with every passing text. I hear and see things more now that the new Luvis 25 Yrs cd is out there. I laugh at how i recorded these song with zero production. that a first man. It like driving a convertible with no clothes on. I always wanted to just release it the way i should be and not some over polished bloody twisted turd where Oh lets add more vocal harmonies to that 1 song were you fuked up the guitar solo in track 3/54 cause the strings were not number 10's but u use 12's and the mix is hot and the sound guy is booting up heroin with your girlfirends mom who used to be a singer down in New Orleans. geesh i'm over it. new tracks are endless fuckups! wow thats it , new band " the FUCK UPs " with the new song " what the fuck is going down" on fuck it all records where u can see some of the songs but not all cause your the FUCK UP who bough this shity album. bahahaha that its I have a new band. that fucking simple. lust like the song ST ANN STREET BLUES is all about keeping the music in yer heart. its about remembering a time and place. the moments you turn to me and said " I cant ____ with u tonight Mark cause ur ____ ___ and my _________ might get ___ ! ahhhhhh so looking forward to mmeting up with the BLOB SNARLY gang and playing the sept 5th show outside under the stars at " THE END OF THE WORLD " I have the honer of bringing out the old Marshall amp. I have had this amp since i was in High School 1987. Man some good times came blasting into this amp for me and its all because i had a small gig to play with some friends on Memorial day weekend. holy shit - we played Metallica slayer, dri, suicidal tendencies, anthrax shit those were the daze bro. reminds me of UR GOING THRU WIT IT. I did go thru wityh it and now sick and tired of it and your not happy for me but i know 1 thing and i'm GONNA BRING YOU DOWN ! music mean freedom !

please feel free to laugh & party at my funeral !

Please laugh at my funeral someday. I figure i have another 100 or so yrs left on this circle of dirt before i am rescued by my mother planet. It goes without saying i am nuts. how can i not be. the world is nuts. so i uploaded a song to youtube.com/luvispro , a video .... " HIT THE BONG" not the cypress hil song but the luvis hit the bong. recorded back in Broad Ripple Indiana waiting for wendy to come home. i had the 8 track tascam setup and i picked up the guitar and just started to jam. I used a boss 808 drum machine for the beat. it was a demo track. Now some 12 yrs later i just upload a version of it from the Louisiana Music Factory show last week or so. the song has been played alot. I love the song cause its my ode to my country and western lifestyle. born in jersey makes ya a either or. I am the or. so HIT THE BONG is out there on this site and that site. Its a starting point song for me. After yrs of depression for me. I battle my mental illness daily. There was a time when i just didnt record anything. I stopped playing all together. I left new jersey with zero guitars back in 2002. I was just so over it. I just though fuck you guitar. I smashed my signed autographed Aerosmith guitar on the streets on new jersey after a bad mood swing. I am so blessed now cause i survived the downfall of my life. I derailed and turned the train around and now i'm roaring down the tracks tootin my own horn . HIT THE BONG was the first song i recorded after reliezing i can redo my life over. I fell and got up and have been on my feet ever since. When i moved to Indiana, I just didnt have any clue about how the music would the reason i would be leaving. the music i made my whole life was 1 sided. now i write songs that are a double edge sword. thats fuckin life. I could say nothing. I could just be like most and say very little about my stuff and act like my time in the game was a joke or maybe i should act like somebody else did me wrong ? bagagaga Ya see i blame my self for all this. I blame it all on me. OK there are some who deserve a mention. as we all bow our heads for those who lost there musical lives today i will say just sing and dance at my funeral. This cold can of beer is calling my name. that guitar over there wants my love. the amps are all cold. The american express card you left at my house is now my guitar pick hahahaha Here's a song for all of you its a basic d-g-a- jam o.k. 4/4/ time 120 bpm o.k. is everybody ready - ahhhhhhh I just hit the bong, my days been crazy and minds still gone, as i move along another fuk'd up day in this crazy place..............

He's a good fella from the old block

" a good fella from the old block " is da truth when i speak of some who have my back on and off the stage. I can only brag for so long than i must hand over the mike to somebody else who will undoubltly droubt your skull into the heavy metal ground. It was 25 yrs ago on a day like this that i was about to go to y fave bar " Hoovers". I wer in MT Tabor over loooking the old indian rock walls and said " I am packing my northern bags for some southern charms laced in bbq sauce with a touch of tremolo down in Memphis ". To which i oh the pleasure is bass player tony b from when this story comes flashbacking around again. so we both sat there drinking our cold drinks about to hit the train tracks when we decided to go down there record in the finest studios and make 1 hell of a record. Fuk yeah we did ! hell i have at least 50 rock gems for all to hear out there on the reverbnation.com/myrage1990 page. Memphis was a hoot and hot as hell the first yr as we help to create the most powerful computer company " Daisy Tek ". Those daze were filled with working hard and playing harder, and they worked the fuk outa us. The best was when we recorded tools of the trade and lords of mischief at " The Control Room " with Jimmy Enwright engineering... the fucken sound is so heavy man ! were we on fire ! we had this amazing practice room off Perkins rd over by RAKSTRAWS grocery store ! man those daze were great. sex drugs rock and roll came out that building. I miss that place minute by minute. I could write an entire blog to the AAPLIANCE JAM ROOM ! Fuk... so Old tony did me a solid yrs later. almost 25 yrs later. he calls me and makes me laugh about our time down there in SOUTH PARK !...... Thanks bro for all that - i need it ! the current tempo is always a lil hot and i need to slow it down. I live in the big easy and yet i am running full speed most of the time. I gotta slow down. let life show me something i can laugh at with this old gitar in my hand. Now Sept 5th Blob Snarly and crew play at the " END OF THE WORLD " an old door event with the river and endless train tracks..... come out and party with us. Now old fatboy reminded me of the time we played out doors in this field in muddsippy 1 gorgus day and how much fun we all had. it was a real cheesburger in paradise kinda day ! bahahahah great stuff i tell. thats really why i love playing music i think, Just to rehash the stories and tell some new ones. The kids seem to like hearing them. Its all about the kids. No child left behind ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9

# 9 ? I must be off my rocker. I have to calm down. I get very excited over disruption and distortion. My echo is a giant empty vessel. I look to the heavens for answers but only see f16's in formation. I turn to see a new cloud but see only a pack of drones. I am terrified that the nazi party will do it again and make music againest the law . IT COMMING so bet when i say it. History is repeating itself like a blues beat in 4/4 time. The fact that i only see MUSIC as a form of freedom is what you should be worried about. Just as the slaves sang songs of freedom, the new illegal crossing the American boarder is now singing sweat songs of freedom. without a song to guild you where might you go in life ? For over 25 yrs i bean riting songs but latly all my songs are filled with hate or just plain negitive. THANK GOD i have Jah to show me the songs i need to play and all those other get toss'd into the big trash can in the sky. I could probadly start a deth metal band tonite with all the song i have about sex drugs and rock and roll over or i'm gonna shoot you - lay down...lay down ! fire FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE 10X PULL OUT ANOTHER PISTOL AND KEEP SHOOTING ME !!!!!!! The fact is i'm just not intimidated by all this sheety music . I just seem to be watching and tellin ya what i see. I do plan on being that 1 guy walking down the street holdin my guntar and the AMERICAN flag in the other while bullets fly over my head from all sides cause i'm a TARGET and I LOVE IT ! BULLEYES LUVIS is gonna b my new nickname from now on - I'm just over all the injustice going on in my homeland. first ya take my rights, than you take my guns, than you take my vote, than you take my truck, than u take my love of it all and now U THINK U CAN TAKE MY FAMILY ! MY FAMILY IS MY MUSIC. MY FAMILY HAS ALWAYS BEEN MUSICIANS ! US IN THE LUVIS FAMILY DONT PRETEND! WE DONT RETREAT ! WE DONT SURRENDER ! WE JUST SHRED AND SOLO OVER ur stupid new world order beats while IMPROVISING on the spot like a jedi ninja. I am having 1 hell of a great day - the highs and lows are keeping my blood pressure up and my tunings far below the great whale bellows. Today I wish to Thanks everyone on Reverbnation who r with me and support my music. life is short and so am i. i wish you all the best today on stage and behind the mixing board. life is good ! fuk all this nonsense and go record something and release it to the world. do something or you will do something for somebody else ! by the way the weather is like 90 something, the sky is blues and i love my Girls ! MUSIC MEANS FRREDOM