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learning that Adirondack hilltop country jam part 1

Learning me sme Adirondack hilltop country jams this week before my rockstar birthday on 4-20. its been 6 yrs since I've been home to the mountain we all call Luvis Mt. I was able to write some lyrics this week and a song called " now I knw where jerrys kids have gone " . its an ode to jerry Garcia's patruelli kids who are endlessly spinning to dark star. I miss the grateful dead and I miss those concerts . coming to nyc is always a blast in my past. it was only 10 yrs ago that I left this mountain with barly my life as I fought the ultimate fight for my little life against the beast who I beat but with any war both sides never truly win. I hope today to make some recordings. time seems to stand still at the cabin - but its really moving faster than I can handle. I have had so many jams up here. the " weedeater " song/videos on youtube.com/luvispro is still getting hits and is a top 10 video. I didn't come to the mountain to jam as much as I came here to see my mom and dad while watching my baby girl hang out with her grand parents. it was really nice to see my dad playing keyboard to all those songs - whoa he's getting good at playing those songs. its snowing and cold. we are only here for a few more laughs and jokes. its tough living on the Luvis Mt. but its tough living anywhere. I am grateful today to be # 10 . I also have placed another order for the new LUVIS cd with discmakers . should be available for my birthday party . its all good. i'm just the back up artist. i'm here to enjoy the moment. next week luvis and the blob snarly gang will be playing in new Orleans at the end of the world - music means freedom !

Top 10 listing ? 25 yrs of MYRAGE ! NJ or Bust

Top 10 listing ? 25 yrs of MYRAGE ! NJ or Bust ... I go bust - I am waking up with my coffee and wwoz on the radio. the lughs today are a plenty. as Swampmuck records is preparing for another release of the LUVIS cd. the 1st cd created in new Orleans . the songs are all recorded with minimal studio effects and over dubed production values. It was recorded just like J&MRecords would have done it. It was recorded like I was 24 yrs old in Memphis. as I look at the Offbeat mag I see every reverbnation artist in the top ten are performing and playing.at the French quarter fest or jazz fest ! I LUV IT !!! The musicians here are amazing and i'm an honhered to be among the lot of them. I have seen and heard every single band here. the work that is performed is powerful and of course important to all of us Rockers here in nola. Nola has everything for the common and uncommon musician. the musical styles that are here are limitless. I have never heard of joan jets version of I love rock and roll performed with a zedico rock band with dat Louisiana French Creole talk. So the point here is that I am THANKFUL to be a part of rock scene- Thank You ! now 25 yrs ago I stated a band with some friends of mine called MIRAGE which turned in MY RAGE ! 25 yrs ago I was hanging out in NJ/NYC playing the open mikes hailing gigs and hauling eqiuptment across the countryside. best times of my life. I miss the Memphis daze. So many smiles and good times. now last night I was at the river. I go there to vent and party. I reliezed that I came to nola with a few bucks no weed no beer and my buddy Gus' acoustic guitar. I carrying it up and down every street and than wrote the song " going to see the man " Thanks Gus, Thanks New Orleans ! NJ or bust is always a bust and that why I wrotethe song " busted for drugs " which is # 19 on coast to coast mixtape vol 493 via DJ Luvispro .... I don't see any tours to jersey yet but I have to get a taylor ham egg and cheese soon. have a great day kids cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM :-)

Your going thru with it - demo mix track & video 2014

Your going thru with it and u know it. 3 vocals and 3 guitar parts. 1 take each. no lyric sheets, no beats per minute. no tunings, 3 different guitars. 3 different fender amp modes. lots of dirty notes. ton's of miscues. several false starts. bad cross overs. improper use of the microphones. no puff screens. late Saturday nite session in new Orleans using cakewalk 5.0 & xp -flipped using win8 & www.media.io to mp3 no mix downs. 1 vocal track has chorus. the entire guitar parts were played without a pick. the whole track took about 15 minutes. The vocals lack dynamics in the key of B. theres a hiss on track number 7. the film and the song don't go together. the film over dubs into the sound. the song needs lots of work. its a demo. its being released as is because down here in the swamps of luvis we don't care about perfection. we only care about feeling. music has no soul because its so reworked over and over its like a porn star with a limp dick. some song lose all there passion after weeks of being stepped on like afganistan heroin. I have heard song ruined after being fucked with. the best ideas are the one that don't make sense and have fouls. The out takes don't ever get heard for yrs later. out takes and mistakes are the reason most music from days of old from the master are so popular to listen to. have you ever been to a jam room where people are just playing and not trying to sound perfect during the red light. Your going thru with it and i'm gonna bring you down ! - Just wait til the band get a hold of this track ! Happy jamming and remember that " MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM "

I think i might be Jerry Garcia xoxoxoxoxoxo

I think I might be the next Jerry Garcia ? who say ? well let me tell ya. There ant no rest for the wicked ! so I load up the bike with the old pyle amp and my dads guitar with dean markley pickup. I get to st claude and the carrier isn't able to roll with the weight so the tire is scraping the fender with every push. I peddle to elysian fields and cross thru Washington sg park. I peddle down the wrong way on Frenchmen street to Decatur cross over Esplande and down into the belly of lower Decatur . I check out Tiki's as I pass, I see Wicked, I see the Abbey, I go down to the corner and make a left and cut off hotard bus. onto to the French market sidewalk where I say checkmate to the chess champion. cross the street on fron of wwoz radio station and use the handicap access ramp and into the parking lot I is. over the trolley rails and there she is the river wild. I get setup on my favorite bench and start playing some country jams. the amp doesn't work. great. the tuner works so the guitar is in detune d ! I play for about 45 minutes when I notice a guy walking up wearing a hospital outfit. he sit across from me listening. than he walks up and he says " can I sit here " " you have any smoke " - no " you don't think i'm a doctor do ya I can read minds a little bit " - really " I heard voices telling me to go to the army base Jackson barracks, they arrested me but instead of jail I was placed in a mental facility " - ok ? my name is mark my friends call me luvis " I am Gabriel & I need to go to Austin tx I heard a lot of street people are there " - that's cool I'm gonna play a bit. so I start to play a blue jam I call bill yards blues. when I end it with pick scraps and big rapid fire ending I get up and start to pack it up Gabriel says to me with all seriousness and looking me dead in the eyes " are you Jerry Garcia " - No man i'm not ! " o.k. but are you a god like entity ? " no man i'm not ! " o.k. it was nice to meet you " and off along the path he went ??????? I didn't want to tell him the truth !!!!!!! ???????? xoxoxoxoxox


http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/artists/artistdetail.aspx?artistid=810826 is where you can smell the old gansta rap track " BUSTED FOR DRUGS " . The office got the call and where told of our track being accepted. nice . this song was recorded back in the homeplace studios I.N. 2008 / 2009 maybe. Recorded using Acid pro/xp/cakewalk/media.io - the flying v, a zoom processor and my trusty peavey solid state amp. picks by Dunlop, strings by ernie ball #11 the song is another love diiddy for new jersey. a state where cops beat your head in for minor drug charges and traffic tickets. The fact I told my little story of driving and getting pull over and beat up all for $10 . that's our countrys law. I love the police ! protecting those 1% who never get arrested EVER FOR ANYTHING -JUST US CITIZENS WHO WORK AND PAY OUR FUCKING TAX'S. I MADE SOME BAD CHOICES but I didn't need to be beat up and almost killed because you and your badge cant stop a single drug from being in a school, church, jail cell, anywhere - yet you and you superiors think beating a human to death means something - fucking asshole ! well today is my day to rise up and say 12 years a slave - no more ! Luvis has been a clean free boy since than. we don't fuk around anymore. but just like ricky ross you cant lock me up and think y voice isn't getting louder on the streets ! music means freedom ! support local music thanks to COAST TO COAST MIXTAPES DJ LUVISPRO will be on vol 493 # 19 :-) XOXOXOXOX

Lets party and jam for Mardi Gras 2014

lets party and jam this 2014 mardi gra season ya hearing me. if your getting down here and need a amp to jam thur - u might wanna call me ! you coming to the French quarter to find a guitar - - u might wanna call me ! You wanna get gig playing on bourbon str - - u might wanna call me ! You wanna get drunk and jam on Decatur st but you need a wireless mic - - u might wanna call me ! you have a song about a girl and you want to record it using the lastest and greatest Tascam professional equiptment - - u might wanna call me ! you need a lift to the dragons den on Frenchmen street with your drum set -- u might wanna call me ! us musicans need to stay safe during mardi gra I say ! don't be a punk ass little bitch and have your gear stolen but if it does happen guess what -- u might wanna call me ! call or text me babydoll at 1-800 facebook.com/luvispro or 1-800 luvis420@rock.com leave a message and one of my assistants will contact you . MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

Thank you | street musicians | Mardi Gras | #7

Thank you for keeping us # 7 this past week while millions of other greats street musicians are freezen there ass's off . I think i'm a very lucky kid to e able to perform any where on the streets of new Orleans where second lines and marching bands fill the soundscape of the day - rain or shine the music doent stop down here. somebody steps up each minute to play. that a tradition i'm glad to be a part of. I take my demos and merch and setup for the locals and the tourist. I've made some friends from all over the world because of the musical attitude here, ya hearing me. I glad this town has accepted my resume and put me to work insta gram like. it te start of Mardi Gra season yo. check out our new film from last weekends parade at www.vimeo.com/luvispro -so much fun. Now I just walked outside to drop off the trash and my neighbor " Silver Man " aka the big Rubin from Jackson Sq wa working on his Bentley and gave me his boombox. he goes thur amps/boombox/stereo systems every week - he blows up the corners with his show ! there nothing getting new boombox to blst the lastest LUVIS jams. as well check out my new guitar lesson at www.youtube.com/markswampmuck its Monday so I except a little more from the week. I have a ton of films to manage this week. Need to get jamming with Blob Snarly. The new ITunes release for Swampmuck records. Holy shit , as well the new dr dre beats head phones sound fukking great. I cant believe how well my guitar setup sound with there new head phones on - crazy cool yo ! its one ofthose daze so i'm siping some Brooklyn dry Irish stout for breakfast - i'm waiting til nite falls to hit that sailor jerry ya know it ant my fault ! alright support local music - MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM -

R u proud of what you've done ?

R u proud of what you've done. As a fan of music and the power it has When are we gonna rise up ! The music today is vast. there is more music available now than ever on planet earth. Everybody everywhere is recording and releasen music, sound recordings, memories. The entire 45 yrs of my life hs beena world of music. Classical music filled my ears as a new born. my moms heart beat kept me in tuned with living. I liked country, r&b, 50's 60's jams, folk and whatever else, if it was music I heard and used to. Music helped me to kiss a girl and saved my friends life. I sometimes cant think what the hell I would have done with my life if I wasn't into playing guitar. Maybe I would have been a puppet working for the new world order. I almost gave my mind to the armed forces and men must at 18 sign up for selective service. Its all bullshit. Music gave me a chance to get outa new jersey. I remember going to Canada as a kid 1 summer with my family. I brought my guitar. were at this camp ground and so I bring out my gear to jam. All of a sudden this little ki came over. he wanted me to play Beat it by Michael Jackson - I really couldn't play it, but he was so happy when I jammed. I showed him some chords. I gave him a moment to be a musician. He gave me the moment to become a teacher. What ever happened after that - I don't know, maybe that kid grow up to be a guitarist ? I think about my girlfriend from 9th grade. her dad asked me to teach him guitar. I was taking lesson from 1 guy and passing that info over to him - he paid me and I paid my guitar teacher. we all learned. If I stopped playing today I still would be telling someone to learn to play a musical instrument. musicians are a higher breed of human I feel, we are super humans who don't bow down to the machine. now some musicians have turned away from helping other. They spread junk and bullshit daily. music is a weapon and its my weapon of choice. I will smile all the way to heaven someday when i'm dead and gone from this life form but my music wont ! it will be used to teach others. good bad or ugly its how I think and I think i'm the best at what I do ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM - SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC !

How to act when meeting Famous Musicians Part 1

How to act when meeting Famous Musicians isn't always easy. Sometimes you meet somebody whos famous and u just lose you mind. Try to be cool and not act a fool. just treat them o.k. like a normal person. say something nice and move along. I don't like to name drop but I think sometimes ya have too.It happens a lot. Every valentines day I think of these moments. valentines day 1999 week was crazy for me. I was living by the sword. I was in new jersey, Essex county area. looking for some gigs. had my press kits and was playing/singing the blues a lot and I found myself playing at MLK park in Newark one nite. I was there playing some songs of freedom when I was invited to come over Stafford street to perform. I wasn't there 2 minutes and I saw the usally musicians and than I saw her. she was so not herself, laughing. smiling. At first I didn't know but than when I seen the limo and the entourage I knew. I wlk over and said " and I will always love you " . she smiled and said thank you. I said whoa are you and she lightly touched my lip and said " don't mother fukker " WHOA I was her - I do always love you . I was taken back by her and I said I have this song called " natashia from Russia " and I started singing it to her. She was able to hit thos high note along side my lame ass vocals, she was able to play melodies I wasn't able to here. she pull off a double octive high note that echo all along that building hallway and every musician there was stunned. than just as fast this super sized dick push me out the way and said " fuck off white boy " and I was almost shot . how I Made it outa there was a mystery that nite. I will never forget meet you miss hueston . That was my valentines day moment around famous musicians. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

weird stuff happens in this musical fun ride part 3

this musical fun ride makes me always laugh when I think of daze like this one. It was all over for a few of us at musicians institute. The crew of musicians I was living with were all heading back to Hawaii. They wanted me to come along. we were a 3 piece band, I could sing. I was known as Malcolm as in Malcom Young from Ac-Dc . I had to figure out what to do. I wanted to stay in Hollywood. but all paths were closing fast. With cerimonies on Friday most were flying outa town on Monday morning. Pete from vegas was heading out as well - we became a tag team on the road to veags. The last week in LA was a blink. partys and goodbyes were the norm. The pad I as staying off Yucca wasn't no longer avail to us.So I made plans to move into dee and pete apt off Cherokee & Hollywood . another closet and couch was my home. Larry Damon and myself along with pete and dee would have been one hell of a band . but with all the bullshit going on the few days we had came up empty - we didn't record. we didn't even play. we just smoked and drank and tried hooking up with this girl and that stripper. walked the blvd for laughs . ate pizza and maddog shots while listening to music at the whiskey. the night life of LA is awesome. Sunset strip on a hot summer night. Loved it. I would peddle my bike everyday and on weekends go to santa monica to catch a tan on the beach or boardwalk. I can still see those streets and back alleys of Beverly hills. I miss that . Working in the print shop " the copy cat " . anyway my last lesson with my teacher was a little depressing. she was very smart. she and I didn't pair up well together but we became friends and I remember her telling me to keep sight reading daily. I had a problem with readin music real fast. she told me to stay in LA and go full time - she would add her approval to get things moving - yet I was moving - packed and ready. I didn't have any options other than sleeping in my car which was always breaking down. I remember taking shots of maddog with the crew for the last time. telling the pawn shop thanks for everything. shook the hand of the man who created MI and that was it. the entire time in LA was hairy ! I got into a fight with 5 dickheads as soon as I got there. spent way to much money on bullshit. it rained like once and I didn't even see it happen. the weather was so sunny and warm. the fact I was seating outside the school smoking and drinking a beer when I met larry who was dieing to smoke and drink but wasn't old enough to buy licker and was to scared to walk down " That Street Alone ", I wouldn't have made it there. I went from a 1 room crack house on Wilshire to a premium apt in the Hills . we jam'd a lot but didn't record anything. that fucking sucks. I have very few pics. now again I think of this stuff that's why I writing it down. I miss those daze. spent a week in vegas with pete . we jammed but we didn't record anything. crused to Chicago . froze my ass off. went to jersey and the rest is what it is.I still have some unsettle business with MI. I still plan on returning to LA and going back to school there. I don't care . I knew time there was gonna end . but when it does it's always a little bit weird. what happens out on that road of life is weird ! The music is a story. I'm a lucky lil guy I think ! Music Means Freedom