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Save ur thoughts for yer Epitaph , I'm gonna live forever !

I love being # 13 on reverbNSAtion seeing how in real world tmeline i'm more like # 13 behind satan herself. Todays really special day for LUVIS. BAHAHAHAH love this stoopid shit. reminds me of todays post to Beatoff mag that wont post cause mark zuckerburger wont let me post any good rants - fuk him ! I will post it all here anyway cause this is my site for music. so the Beat off mag seems to have it all write and a little bit wrung. Now back in May 2014 I droppped pf my fresh new cd's to them for a review. I didnt think they would. Nobody ever does, but seeing how i had a personal conversation with such and who i figured maybe. now 5 months later i am floating around the world wide web and i see this little url for Luvis 25 yrs on offbeats servers ???? o.k. click on it. and wham - NOTHING ! bad links, incorrect codes. shockwave scripts errors, ICE alerts, FBI warnings, FCC DEA CIA EBOLA STYLED computer virus's attacked my servers. my network engineer in silicone valley Pat Patel evening called me and said something to me but i couldnt understand a word he said Again, he a good fellew and plays for the Cally band Crystal Shits, I hope he come to Nola this winter. bahahaha i love saying that ! " enjoy the winter months here in New Orleans " .... so like always I am interested in all thing LUVIS. So i see my name on those infamous servers but no listing or review for my tracks. Not 1 track listing. Fuck me running. I mean i get dis'd daily by all these oppertunities on reverbnation. HELL i cant get my album reviewed by joey and joey in Alaska on AM station 1290. That how life is. I'm still getting Laid tonight, Got dollar bills in my guitar case and just about everybody cool bartender in this town throws me a PBR and Fireball for free whenevr i show up with my guitar. THE funnest review i ever had was from the Aqurian weekly back in the late 90's in New Jersey. I went there droppped off my freshy made cd's with a real MAGIC marker inked title and songs. wrapped in a yellow/red special cd case. handled it the guys over there for review. 5 copies i handed out to the office crew who were i think more excited about getting stoned with me than my cd's but whatever. Needless to say i'm still waiting for that CD review to get covered. I really think if i had shown up with some really good herb and not that new york city swag in a brown paper bag I may have heard a word. It just sucks when u go thru wit it and there doing nothing about it. Hrs and weeks of playing and recording, mixing and flipping, release and receive it and than you hear it and say ________ ________ ________ _____ ___ ___ -_______ _____- -_______ _______ ! I have no heart when it comes to what some folks thinks about me and mine. I see thru the bullshit. u see my bullshit . I have so many kind words but what your listening to isnt the KIND I smoke anymore. so save your thoughts of me for your epitaph cause this white boy with blues eyes is gonna live for ever and ever. But when I have a good story that needs sharing it just needs to be told by the 1 sideed solo artist called old Luvis. Old man luvis turns 45 next month and that when i think SCORPIO FEST is gonna happen. fuck yeah get stung sister. now in 2 days EBOLA FEST over by the ST Claude bridge. Google it. ask it, bing it, yahoo it, lycos it or just ask anybody walking the lower d beat, see all the flyers from coast to coast. yeah thats the shit ! Thanks for everybody keeping us in the top spots on this site. leave me a comment about my songs if you think about it. and go support local music cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM. L.U.V.I.S.

Mondays r wit LA31 Biere Pale & Ebola fest 2014

Mondays like this R Wit LA 31 Biere Pale and some super cute blue eye skys with long flowing breeze's from dat bayou just norph of here. It a day of hope as we enter the week before EBOLA FEST 2014 where myself the blob snarly crew and 3 other band march forth to stab our poison into the viens of this virus. MUSIC HEALS I swear to god it helped me thru my bouts of depression. Sometimes sounds waves are what u need to interrupt the negative flow of energy that happens with stress and pressure. I used to teach music to a guy who was a quack. I mean he wa a doctor of the mind. His patients had some real fuck up issues. He was introduced to me from his daughter who I was trying to put my mixolydian mode into her minor pentatonic. I taught him and he in turn taught it to his clients. he and I both discover what so many already had knew. Hendrix, Santana, Clapton, etc can heal ur wooo's with there music. the beatles can heal ur mind and body. I sometimes need SLAYER or Suicidal tendencies to cure my fuk'd my head but DONT U JUDEGE ME !........So lots of guitars needs to be tunes up. I have to hit Webbs in the Bywater for some picks and strings. man the wind outside is blowing my backyard to shreds. oh well. drink up ladies. so nest month is a huge month for me. As a true blue Scorpio I must create SCORPIO FEST. Its gonna be fun. Scorpios get laid and paid while drinking limeade for free. amen. ok we are still # 12 and I want to thanks you. we are so proud of our music and love ll you guys who support LUVIS / BLOB SNARLY down here in the big easy. THANKS EVERYBODY ! HAVE A GREAT DAY. SMOKE AND DRINK. PUFF PUFF GIVE MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! :-) X0X0X0X0X0X0X0

It comes in 3's Beer bongs and thongs.....

It comes in 3's beers bongs and thongs 1, 2, 3, Theirs no religion 4 me. when ur up all nite doing XTC and PCP. and there sticking needles in me INTRAVENOUSLY YOUR my oxygen in me ur a revo lut ion ary ur the one i want to b u r want i'll never Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee THERS Some thing about the way she looks at me...... thers something about the way she moves to me........... theres some thing about the way she SMILES at me......... some about here theres something about her yeah.......... theres something about thE way she Yells at me thers sumting a bout the way she screams at me theiers someting about tHE way she RUNS FROM ME YEAH THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT HER THERE'S SOME THING ABOUT HER................... Something About Her - EVIL LUVIS 2000-2010 SWAMPMUCK RECORDS 2014 NEW ORLEANS MADE IN AMERICA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHTED " MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM "

sometimes the Magic just doesnt work

#12 Today kids - Thanks for your local support in this independent original musician self proclaimed ruler of the Swamp Muck name and game. I am a very lucky guy. I found good doctors and dentist who helped me to go Thru wit it. Something about her is that kinda song. recorded back in the home place studio 1A before it was takin over by my other great creation in life. I have had a good string of luck singin about her. she always with me. I swear i really do think its her reincarnated. from time to time my mind races into many realms of the mind. the present get slammed with the past and than bam it all hits me and i can play note for note solos of your fave artists. I have a hard time playing like Kerry King but i can fake it real good so i'm o.k. with it. he would 'nt have a problem with it so Hail Satan ! Now i'm dealing witha really bad hangover. Fuk. I love you taco Tuesday ! with justa week or so EBOLA FEST 201 is gonna be intense. lots of people are involved. i've had death treats for the show but FUK you NEW WORLD ORDER SCUM - I see ur lies, U brought innocent life to its knees so you can be more powerful to the weak and penniless - fuk u assholes - eat your filth and rot online. Sometimes the magic doesn't work. Sometimes the byte is more than the bite. I have bit off more than i can ka chue ! todays gonna be great cause i have the magic stones from the magic circle and i can see for miles and mile and miles. when the rain comes it wipes away my tears of you my sweet little fireball. as u want to leave i will not let go. you may roam forever and ever on this spinning mass of atoms but i will never let u go. i will always be surrounding you in the air you take and the wind that push's your long hair. I take pride in knowing that and of course you should. I have cross the dark side and now it cases me with black roses and skulls filled with the green dragon itself. I walk into the face of the stage with my hand scanning YOUR vibes and when i sense the change in moon i can take us back to that mountain top where we once howl'd til sun rise. the only thing that's changed is my stone cold hatred for those who have betrayed my trust. As we enter this new studio session i am open ears to your screams of desire. I can without a doubt say only that you wanted it to be this way and o i grant all those wish's except 1........that's 1 wish is NEVER going to stop. Sorry about that . you should have known me better than to think i would FORGET my line in this sea of red. A DIRTY Dozen today. the old number 12. 12 the number before you change forever. a number unlike any other. given such things i am of cursed happy. I will be playing the flying v for EBOLA FEST 2014 at Murder Alley NOLA. 4 bands now. tons of people going. mega loud sound system. lights. stage hands. info news on Ebola. Watch out mad men crossing into no mans land. nobody has ever come back from there alive. who can we trust to tell us the truth.......... MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

#13 | # 420 | #666 | # 1536

Good Morning class , Please open your sheet music & lets start to decode the following script. I see we are # 13 today and that makes me very very happy. 13 was the Tat i got when i turn 40. ye its true, this rock and roll refuggee is 40. I now find it hard to carry a conversation with 20 yrs when discussing music. bla bla bla. everybody so digital and clean. Thank god the folks from all over the world who dont appreciate there nose e as neighbors north koreans attitudes seem to move to NEW ORLEANS . I love when the operator says " there must be someone there besides your wife " ... poor Pink all he wanted was Vera. and guess what. Vera was a redhead. what else must i say its like the # 420. first meet her in cally back in the late 80's. ohhh man i love thoe moments. unlike this new jersey gloomy filled morning those daze were always sunny and clear. I would bike all over Venice beach showing off my muscle shoals. so i ran into some old friends of mine last nite. they were talking about the old times. its seems its that time of the yr were everybody is a little bit on the fuck you side. all cool if that not your bag. so did i tell you how many event i didnt place top dawg in here we go ......... ‘"The Heart of CRAS" Compilation CD’ ‘Airplay & Interviews on KVRF 89.5 FM’ ‘Colorado Music Buzz Featured Artists: September - October 2014’ ‘Songs of Love Songwriting Benefit (August-September) ’ ‘Fight Track of the Week on TheTitleFight.com (August-September Selections) ’ Coverage with RockRevolt Magazine (August-September Selections) ’ Jacksonville Original Music Festival 2014’..... That alot of hype to miss. But i see all thsi as a huge benifit. I turn negitives into positive all day especially with the ladies :-) nobodys more positive than me when it cums to getting you back to your place and being a smooth operator on your little negitive evil ways just remember honey Billy jean is not my lover. bang bang shoot e'm up cause the number of the beast is 666 and his cousin is 667 and his soul sucking sister is 669. Did i ever tell that when i play the lottery i always play 666 & 420 ! hahaha now u know my secret to the game and that to not play it ! fuk the game. I dont play games. I play for real. games are for little girls who pussys tease and never please. Fuk dat bullshit. so i didnt seem to hit any of the event and that is o.k. - I sent out my music and it had to of course disrupt the moment or flow of things - I'M the little FUCKER you see comin in that busted up pickup truck when all off a sudden the front wheels starts aiming in ur direction, so u pretend not to see me and take a slow stpe backwards to avoid me BUT a jersey boy who aims to please so jump the sidewalk while PUMPING the gas pedal so the entire truck leaps faster toward your ROLLS ROYCE. and just as a all hell is about to bust up in your face I SMILE AT ya all crooked like cause i dont have any problems - eirther or cause yer bring in on the heart ache. I been poking my little fingers into yer eyes since high school kid. Man up GET ur shit a going and WALK - Respect isnt given its deserve and serve from a marshall amp and my flying v. Now # 1536 is so funny. IT WAS 25 yrs ago when i was at daisy tek. we recorded all over that place. but 1 night we had to work hard for an audit - fuk - so my buddy take 4 - 357 magnums uppers to stay awake - well holy shit if he didnt piss himself that night - funny how fast he was on bass. bahahahahaha i love this shit. Thanks everybody for all the great jams - see ya later at teh LOCALS ONLY CD/GUITAR/ SWAP SWAMP JAM at the river front..... as well dont forget the the band BLOB SNARLY plays OCT 16th at MURDER ALLEY /END OF THE WORLD FUCKING BADASS SHOWS WITH SOME BADASS JAMMERS ! FUCK YEAH The wheeel in the sky keeps on tuneing for tomorrow - bahahahahah bird boy MUSIC MEAN FREEDOM L.U.V.I.S.


News songs are everywhere i look on this super fine sexy hot gorgous looking hello dolly day. yehaw i'm gonna get some leg tonight for sure cause every girls crazy about a sharp dressed toothless man. on this day Some 25 yrs ago i wer sitting in my double duce of disaster memphis bugaloo in atergrove when a meoldy came across my ears. it twas a little classical with a little rock, it was to be played a few times and than became a smash hit for us. That song was called VICTIM. Victim and Victim of reality are what was going down in the mind of luvis. NOW i dont play victim any moe except during extreme bouts of depression. I thought of this song a tribute to my fave guitar player MR RANDY RHOADS . I had a randy rhoads guitar from missississippi ppippissi a charvel jackson shark tooth flying v thingy- super fat til some crack head batard fuk named greg stole it and my pedal board . I sure miss those hot memphis recordings to cassette . no fuking computer bullshit. cassette tapes and cd - its it go to the club sell the shit go on tour sell the shit come back home broke working at teh guitar store teaching pentatonic scale to 13 yrs kids with brand new gibsens les pauls. that could be all i ever was worth but i am a Luvis and i do things a we bit wilder. so i packed this blog today with all kinds of shit. why not u wont to know everything that happened. like last night. I go to the BMC to play me some blues with those guys. I walk in and see and old friend and we start shooting the shit. drinking smoking poping off drinks with the bartenders and gettin hugs from all the lovely ladies. the place was jamm n. old boy played some pride and joy and the room started jumping. a rite. it it what it is and what it is isnt for everybody. i appreciate all this foot stomping swamp infected jams. oh yea by the way GO COLTS ! HAHAHAHAH now i'm gonna sign up to play when i notice my gear bag was missing. damn more shit stolen from me. but thank god the door guy was hip and hop over got my stuff . yea baby i people watching my back when i aint - ya hearing me. i have all the strings for all the solo's and let me tell ya , I'll steal yer guitar licks like i stole yer girls sousaphone . oct 1st is LOCALS ONLY CD/GUITAR SWAP SWAMP JAM and OCT 16 is EBOLA FEST https://www.facebook.com/events/701610943252082/ NOW is the time of the season for your love light to be turned on girl it just aint right what you do to me at nite. It a quite nice studio day maybe i do something amazing but i'll probadly just watch some joe bonamasa videos - that dude is a jammer for sure. Have a ton of stuff to swap or sell tomorrow so dont be a motley fool and come out and support live local music. lot of great gigs going on tonight - why are you inside being an old fart. get out and support your community. fuk u might just get laid for once in yer life. i mean soon enough yer phone will tell u what to do and u r just gonna do it. u computer/laptop is already yer part time lover. stop it already. go out there and spill yer beer. whatever jsut dont be a dick about it to the ladies or your gonna see a 5 foot tattoo'd guy come up on yer richy rich ass and smash up ur ray ban glass's with my steel toe'd boot. dude dont be such a jack ass - st ann street blues. first lines i say tell u that my whole album is explicit . so cum off it ! now i'm ready to press record this net song is called " AND THAN SHE WALKED INTO MY LIFE " L.U.V.I.S. MMF

so tired, so tired of waiting for u Just aint Right Girl!

I'm so tired, tired of waiting, so tired of waiting for this marshall amp to heat up so i can continue last nites jam with these past and xmas present fx boards. I feel like i 19 yrs kid again with so much power at me little fingers. This amp has been all over the U.S.A brothr. The deal with MARSHALL amps is just like DEWALT power tools - " No matter what job site u show up to u'll c only the pro's using it& making money all day long ". I have made millions with this little amp. I spent it all on mad cap vacations in the Caribbean but thats another story. out in the moon light i can see them kissing like 2 star rangers in the blight. It only natural to be original and not extra crispy on the fringe'z. The Marshall is sizzin with sounds as my main line neighbors stay locked up in there little dreamy bayou bugaloos. The studio today is setup but i'm not feeling it. I have it all setup but the entire sky looks like NEW JERSEY and its ruin'n my mind, make me wants to take that drive down rt78 and hit my crew up Newark again. Fuk. I am almost safe and clear from all this noise that the world is playing on me. Thanks to everybody who gave me well wishs for the EBOLA FEST 2014. We had a sudden unexpected NWO type incident which cause us to stop the production of the event bUT DONT THINK I'M GIVING UP ! MORE BAND HAE SIGN UP FOR THE NEXT EBOLA FEsT WHICH WILL BE POSTED ASAP .Sorry i'm yelling at you but i have only 1 more silver dollar and i'm bound to keep on riding. Now dont listen to the NWO media hosts who tell u that EBOLA cant cross our clean oceans 11 and enter the U.S.A and beat us citizen to death cause we have OBAMACARE & safer work conditions put in place to ensure these virus dont happen ! BULLSHIT - THE reason music means freedom is because i believe the MUSIC has the word US in it ! US Musicians have always lead the fight in telling the true story while the big shots in office hide there lies at fundrasiers - fuker's can all suck it ! LUVIS LIVES TO RIDE ! Off i go to fly like Mr BlueBird in my little blue sky day. I as right this i hope my Mom is well today and send her all my love from down here in the big Easy - WE LOVE YOU MOM ! Have a good day Momma...... o.k. i gotta do something and get the ball rollin - LIVIS LIVE JAMS ( www.reverbnation.com/luvislivejams ) Made the top forty for Alternative music so chek o=it out and dont pas out or u might get left out cause this shit is COUNT and i'm going to the place thats best i'm going west I've got some got some frieds out there who like to party and when its all said and done we'll have nothing but fun ! PEACE OUT - M.M.F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............

new song " SHE CALLS ME " 2014 - Luvis

New Song called " SHE CALLS ME " .............................. Give a 4/4 beat , 136 bpm, slap that e string bass and get ready because .... SHE CALLS u when she needs her car fix'd SHE CALLS u when she needs her bills paid SHE CALLS u when the rent is due SHE CALLS u when her cell phones broke SHE CALLS u when the tv is busted SHE CALLS u when she needs new clothes SHE CALLS U when she gets a ticket BUT SHE ALWAYS CALLS ME WHEN SHE WANTS TO GET HIGH ( GUITAR SOLO ) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM LUVIS 2014

my Little MUSE ........

hello my little MUSE how r u doing today ? I see ur fine as frog hair split 3 ways on this sunny blue sky day. I miss the tricks that the mind plays on us musicians. I much as we try to play in the present mostly we sing of the past. As i listen to the words that comes out your little mouth my mind is sending me imagines of us when we were kids. I swear i can still see my long hair blowing in the breeze as you stand in your Jesus Christ pose flipping me off. like the dukes of hazzard I yeeehaw's my ass outa 1 bad situation after another with u and ur musical gear. As i close my eyes i see you this way and it will never change. I see that white Bentley guitar leaning up against your parents tree. Our names are still craved in that tree on the sunshine trail. As i pull the black knife outa my white back I wish u would just disapear but that not how it works. now wait for it cause it about to pour outa us like a tidal wave on those sandy white beaches. AS the waves pound the surf i look around for safty and of course i will never be protected. so i defend our little home with all i ever had and it looks like i'm winning the war. hell or high water i wont let echos of your amps wont change my delay pedal. It happens so quick in life. 1 minute your standing there laughing at the good book and now your being as evil as ever just to prove your point. I reach for the only weapon i ever had aginest you and she of course will never misfire cause i had her created for just this reason i think. I dig the black girls much more than white girls so thats why my 48TH ST custom BC Rich Bitch has lasted longer than anything to date. Everytime i play this gitar into that Marshall amp i have to smile just like i did some 25 yrs ago . I do remember having that rose buds and laughing at our future of which we both suddenly stop laughing and it got so serious i had to leave in the middle of the night to that Lake were bad folks go when they die on the fourth of july. I cant seem to find the song i recorded in memphis about this mess i made. So i guess i have to redo it in the studio today. I have so many songs to sing about this crap. Its killing me to see you this away they say. But time is a killer on this bloodline so i have to sink my teeth into another soul if i want to keep it all going strong. You showed me all i ever needed to know about writing music as i took every guitar i had and smashed them on those dirty rotten city streets. From NJ to Nola all i can say you will need to see me someday if you want peace cause i ended the war when i raise that white teddy. As the clouds blow together your situation I sit back on this rivers edge and gather the drift wood to spell out your name were i will set ablaze using the fire from my hot red eyes. STOPPED in your tracks i will only be , standing at the yellow line waiting for that train to show up as you let the conductor open that door that will let me hold your hand once again like we did our very first time. Some daze are better than this one but for sure today is gonna be a day to relax and savor the sucess that we all have had. all this life is a ghost of you and when we meet up again we will bothwel be in that magic circle because You should have never crossed that line into my world knowing full well i would place you right next to me on stage nite after nite solo after solo tubes screaming bed rocking screamin and scracthin wrestlen though the emotions of what we both didnt understand. thanks for memories my dear. I fly with full belly and solid heart cause what i have now is all i ever wanted so lets not remember what happened last but what happened first cause i'm not going pass that kinda bullshit on to our spirits they are already laughing at how stupid we acted. I will send a little prayer to u from ST Anns shrine since she understands what i was than and now ...........................MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! XOXOXOXOX

Dumaine St Studios | EBOLA FEST | Music Means Freedom site

Put yer right hand up to receive this online high five from your gitar loving stoner buddy. As i prepare the studio for another assault I look around and say " DAMN I AM LIVING THE HIGH LIFE " . This new studio has all the right knobs. the entire setup is correct and level with no knots. I still use some of the most out of date equipment but i'm a out of order musician so it all works in my flavor. the Dumaine st studio has a certain jazzy vibe to it. its has that funk that make you start humming and buzzing like distorted feedback. The JUST AINT RIGHT GIRL song was recorded live here using the tascam in room number 3. The acoustics are great in this old shotgun double. my NOSE E NEIGHBOR must just love this white boy jamming metal country blues pop reggae every morning - bahahaha it all good cause music means freedom an that the new facebook website for luvis and the 420 allstars. music means freedom album here on reverbnation is still only $4.20 . thats amazing a deal. even for your wealthy greedy American azz so dont walk past me and act all selfish and absurd over my soul when you already know i'm gonna get that smile on your little freckled face babydoll. LUVIS MEANS FREEDOM is really the motto. EBOLA FEST 2014 is still trying to get the camera crews and audio engineers ready for the show. Lighting will be provided by Mother Nature Productions. Dont miss this great show to help bring awareness and treatment to those battle'n this deadly virus that was and still is patented by the U.S. Government - dont listen to a word i say - just go to infowars.com and read something other than porn and tmz. EBOLA ZOMBIEs are currently looking to live but that not what the NEW WORLD ORDER wants. How come all these deadly virus start in poor third world countries ? maybe this was done via a biological warefare from those towel heads in the middle east or maybe its came from a monkey ? ya thats right blame the monkeys ! maybe we should just go kill all the monkeys on the planet like we are doing to certain humans ? some folks on this planet love killing people ! civilization have been wiped out under the threat of religuos uncertainly ! the black plague of the 21 century is here and it aint going anywhere so lets send all those navy ship to russia and lets bomb china while the dept of homeland sec is ready to disarm and arrest every single AMERICAN under the new world order/United Nations treaties created while you and your family were opening presents on christmas dec 25 1984. its all a lie and u cant handle the truth ! xoxoxoxoxoxo :-)