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lets start to tell the truth and the whole truth

Lets tell the truth , the whole truth, so help us DOG. Hey commiters of crimes againest notation. Grap yer musical laptop sand press the alt - #b key and jam that funky blues beat while i use my penis to slide this trombone into your tuba. I am a little confuse with our country and i'm a little infused with my local music. its a great day to keep your firearm right next to your axe. There is an ez feeling in the studio when everybodys gat is sitting on the mixing board. Guitar picks and bullets. ahhhh now thats American. So lately i have been release music under the www.reverbnation.com/luvislivejams Alternative ? . Live recordings from new orlean and beyond. Its cool stuff. what else should i be doing. My boss has plenty of lame jobs to do. my president wants me to pay plenty of tax's. my enemies want me dead and gone. But the only 1 who wants me to live and produce and never stop creating is _______ . Thats right the only person who cares about me is ________. they are always inspiring me to be a improvisational indelible inventor of the fretboard. do u want to know who that person is. I wil tell you. but not today. i will tell maybe next week. but not now. who care about them - i'm here and i care about what your listening to. you need me and i need you so lets get ready to make some noise. are you ready rock ! me to MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM :-)

Another Great Day of Music !!$$$!!

its another great day for recording music in the big easy. the sky is so blue. the weather is to much fun. i cant stop playing outside down here in the bayou. the fire pit is making the entire neighborhood smell sexy. the palm tress are blow'n pretty wild like a tchoupitoulas. now again i smoke me a little clove and i remember walking the city street as a kid with the little shorty. rolling into the parks with our wine coolers and beers. smoking the rasta mans herbs of love with a touch of menthol lites 100's for a side kick. walking into all the music store on 48th st. playing 1000, 2000 30000 dollar guitars. getting pizza at rays and than rollin back to the park to get rocked. hop a cab to spanish harlum for more flavors. slide over to alice in wonderland and watch the weirdo freaks rollar blade past everybody with head phones on. songs of old. surly not gonna play them all slow on an acoustic with a lite melody line and cheap lyrics. I tend to write from a madcap happy point of view with a more upbeat 4/4 time of punch. loud and proud. my nj bc rich bitch from richies was th emain axe and stole a many of hearts with it super hot dizmario pickups . i took that git all the way to hollywood. i wish i never had smashed it all over the street that 1 night but a woman can make you do and say many things. its better i smashed my guitar than smashed her car or what ever. violence was a daily thing back in those jersey daze. fuk nj. i sure do miss going to the big apple on sunny cool nov days. today reminds me of that time. I cant believe how fast time flys.all those contacts and recording studio are mostly all gone. the places in the woods were we would jam out are parking lots. the parks are filled with hidden cameras. the entire world is a giant evedroping load of bullshit. The new world order is stealing our music. the record industy is killing the youth with the same bullshit they did 50 yrs ago. I want to thank everybody who listens to the LUVIS - BLOB SNARLY - MYRAGE1990 - LIVE JAMS at Studio 419 - so much free music . so many great memories. so much funn ! Lets jam and party B 4 the yrs end yo hit up swampmuckrecords@outlook.com ( luvis420@rock is fucked up ) keep your love light on like a pinata on fire ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

we are in full battle mode awaiting transmission

We r in full battle mode awaiting your transmission oh great leader of the planet Uranus and those musicans from that solar system. as I set my Tascam recorder for stun for I will collaborate with extra teresstrals to understand and transbribe and transcribe musical visions. I say its a basic rock album with a slow beat. those abductee who have nheard these sounds of the galazy say otherwise. as a programed human on planet earth the millions of radio wave and microwave connected you to a super internet highway designed by the government to subblibaling control your mind. as a musican who killed and reborn under the new sun sign I saw the light firsthand and witness unparrelled NRGs that happen from reduce mind wave - aliens don't speak kids - they tranmit they don't touch - they control things - its that simple - shorta like my coffee and my coffee cup that you see and think im thirsy I like to have it than you steal it - aliens don't stael because EVERYTHING has no value to it - nothing ! nothing ! its all mirrors for all to have/see - the human see everything and hold a mental picture of it trained I tell ya ) than belive and hold a value to it - my aliens fiend don't give a shit. they don't care about that crap. music is a freedom that was never given to human since its CREATES ideas / imagines that are completeyly differnet to each other - some musicians don't see it that way. some musicians don't hear what there r saying - it just comes out - it was a dream or a girl and the song just came out. the words, the melody just pured out like my love for my child or mother. I see these session as a thing of the past. someday these session wont work. the techogoy I have now is junk . if I recorded music like they do on other planets than o would have written albums apons full feature movies of sounds. most music on planet eart is viewed like we view cavemen. giant animals and mamals were everywhere while our cavemen brothers were grunting chords and chanting solos to tell the hunters to kill the tired beast. heavy breathing only works during sex and running for your life ! Us Indians hear the wind and listen to the birds. Us artist hear the lies from government leaders. US creators hear what going on. listen to old ongs they have the answers. FU NEW WORLD ORDER SCUM MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM SUPPPORT LOCAL MUSIC

hey grrls i need yer help ! FUK YEAW

Hey Grrls I need yer help with keeping the peace out there , ya'll ladies need to stop the friction between the notations & transcription of all the current sight reading that is being written. when i record my music i record it with certain ideas in mind. sometimes i find that my muses are stress'n out and i need to ask them to take a chill pill. Now its that time of the month for us scorpios out there and last night was my nite. As a human i was born yesturday some 45 yrs ago when YOU R Allowed to drink in bar at 18, carry a hand gun day or night & cops didnt shoot unarmed homeless americans on a daily fucking basis. Now i loved to tell ya that i was on stage in MSG but i was working and dealing with life . I say the cold effected my song writing but i did remember writing about a few crazy nutty birthday partyies in the past - my 40th was insane fun thanks to dj molly. my 30th was a little snow filled and blurry, my 20th was so much fun i dont recall much except the lion tattoo and bj , my 10 yr birthday was just a pizza party with the north star gang... oh ya next week is my dog NEHI the pittbulls 3 yrs old - yehaw bitches ! than its thanksgiving and than it that 1 dude birthday, my buddy Gus birthday, my ex from NJ, my Ex from Memmphis, dude from Vancouver, homebody in L.A. my buddy tony in Philly, that louisianna gal b-d , my old bos from Indy and his sista with teh really nice..... Car......Happy Birthday all you carzy fukkers from this old fukka cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM - SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC LUVIS PLAY THE HARD ROCK CAFE NOV 21 AND WITH BLOB SNARLY AT SIBERIA NOV 26 ! FUK YEAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

voting is over - I win again ! TOP 20

Voting is over and the winner is me again, thankx everybody for getting out there and listening to old luvis songs like " the 4th amendment or hit the bong or st ann street blues " while in the polling booths. WE all sa a huge spike in our swampmuck records charts. we didnt hit billboard or the offbeat but we are on our way and someday we will be sitting in the main office in NYC smoking big spiffs with jimmy cliffs and drink jack with capt morgan behind the console. It not every happened that i saw a picture and thought way what a great story. but of corse you probadly dont have any pics of Gus. My buddy Gus is jamming to the sun and stars as we speak. so i see an old pic and thought of a great jam we had this time of year back in the late 80's. we were just kid. we all like the sunday gray sky nj day so we both jumped in my ford pick up truck and rode down to newark for some guitar string at that little music store on main st. so we get there and gus goes inside and start to play on a piano. i get my strings, he jumps over to some banjo to jam, the store mgr is a little upset, why , cause gus was shredding probably better than him. i ask to see a guitar that was a solid body guitar called a Robertson. Cool we plug it in and jam. is plays real nice. dude wants $200.00 for it and i'm like not today sir. gus asks the guy to play thise $1500.00 white gibsen le paul, the guy is like well " i dont let people play these guitars " gus is like " man i have money - i really want to play it " and put his wallet on the counter and pulls of the $40 bucks he had. dude hands him the guitar and gus starts playing. i walk around and gus is shredding the axe. the music store dude wasnt happy. louder and louder he gave the amp. suddenly some mom and her kid walk in for guitar lesson. the kid is standing there looking at gus and gus doesnt seem to see this kid. he's wailing out a mix of Randy Rhods riff witha mix of brain may. the kid is in a trance. the mom is yelling the the dude and than dude walks over and unplugs the amp on gus. i start to clap and laugh at it all. gus opens hes eyes and looks at the kid whos holding there guitar and say " you play ? your gonna get some lessons today ? " the kid says nothing. the moms grabs the kid and push's him in the back room for his lesson. Gus turns to dude and says " you give lesson i didnt know that " " hey man the action is a little out on this thing - you do lay-a-way " ? the dude say NO and so i yell over " why the fuck did you unplug him " , so the dude like " i couldnt hear the lady talking " , Gus says " I think this guitar is a piece of shit " the dude grabs teh guitar and says " why dont you leave my store " I'm like " what the fuck dude - we jsut brought shit from this store dont be a dick " he says " you can leave my store to " so we walk to the door and i grab a bunch of flyers and mags by the front door and say " i'll be back next week for the guitar but in the mean time " and i throw all the stuff up in the air and it floats all over the store. we walk out and he runs after us - dude walks out to the street where i'm parked and say " u piece of shit you go and pick up that stuff NOW " we both laugh at dude and i say to him " your the piece of shit for disrespecting gus on the guitar " at this point gus realizes he left his wallet on the counter and starts running back into the store, " holy shit " dude run after gus.. a bigger fuss happens as the guy wouldnt let gus out the door. than this other family come around the corner with some kid and guitar for there music lesson. The nice lady turns to me and says whats going on here - I say tell her " that white gibsen over there is hot- stolen property from my buddy gus and that guy wont give it back " she like " oh my god " dude she the lady and opens the door - he walks in gus walks out- lots of Fuck you's were said. than we over to the spot and laughed laughed laughed........ CRAZY

go vote today for old Luvis the pro on guitar !

Go vote or save money and dont. I saved my self a ton of money which i will use to buy strings, pick, maybe that really cool leather jacket. I am a preacher of the vote. Please go vote for my song on reverbnation. Please vote for my songs on cdbaby.com. please go vote on itunes with your (pick any state ) Gov Purchase Card. Please take yer time and use yer Gov Cell Phone and click vote/download of my killer awesome new tracks from the LUVIS 25 YRS CD on itunes and spotify. I say your not american if you dont vote for the band BLOB SNARLY on Youtube.com/blobsnarly. voting is important. voting with your dollars to my Campanella will help pay for my dentist bills or new front bumper. i didnt get to rock out the Hard rock last year cause i didnt get enough votes. i voted for a president of America once and now look what happen to the country - its all my fault. so just vote for my band Government Handjob or my new all transvestite girl glam band called Corpoorate blowjob. we need your support. with a voting system i wouldnt be able to tell you that i am top 10 or top 20 or top 1000. i voted for a guy in new jersey who was just 8 yrs later arrested for corruption of tax payers funds. i dont like voting for false gods. i voted for breast cancer awareness. i voted to keep illegal out of our country but i failed at that one - sorry, its all good i dont have a problem with people, i have problems with mix beliefs and fake rules. now my little fireball your not allowed to vote but every few yrs, while the problems and issue keep raise n to the top of my life and i have to dal with it I HAVE TO GO THRU WITH IT - EITHER ORE ! I am o.k. with yer voting system. i vote daily its called choice. i have a choice and a freedom to not be a part of a mess up world. i get no support from my brother and sisters in arms. cops hate me. the FCC want me to shut the fuck up. the entire game is designed to keep me from rise n up. I rise up when i see a pretty girl. I vote for more Redheads in office with really big tits. sorry i'm a male holistic pigs . i like big tits. i vote for more big tits. " i always say the bartender with the biggest tits get the biggest tip ". use 2 sticks to make it in the nature or wait to vote on it. voting for me is more important than that dude you see on t.v. who make facts on how we have been lied to and robbed by the latest suit and tie fuk. bahahaha i have to upload some shocking video and disturbing jams about the twisted street life of a man with a small penis called Luvis. go rock yer vote, go cast yer jazz, go and do it GO VOTE FOR LUVIS with yer Visa and Mastercard ready - paypal - luvis420@yahoo.com MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM THANKS !

taco tuesday with a slide of zombie slayer

Its taco zombie tuesday with a slide of slayer harmony and a dash rip sock of Stone IPA 6.9 % alc vol. Good morning kids. its a great day as we enter the end of my wicked week of maddness . As the double of disaster has said before I'm a zombie slayer ! ZOMBIE SLAYER is my only halloween holidaze song written/recorded in Memphis at the Control Room with Jimmy on the console. Now heres how i did it. ready. 1 qt of talent + 1 lbs of opportunity = 1 great on the spot song. As the rise and fall of Myrage was infinite i had just come back from a weekend in new orleans and decided to record some personal track in the studio. so i talked it over with jimmy to just let me free style with his stuff. we grabbed a generic beat off the 808 and keeping techo style pumping so it was my first fake digital studio drummer. we pulled out the korg keyboard hooked up my gitar and started to just jamm. he left to do the dishes while i got my head rite for the song. i got focus real quick once the headphone were placed on my ears. i lost all dimensions and time and though about slaying zombies. killing those life less humans monsters. i wondered about those old horror flicks i liked to see as a kid like the creature from the black lagoon, friday the 13th and of course Sat the 14th ! love watching that movie at the old theater in New Jersey. fuk that place was great. we would get 20 cents drinks at shop rite and candy from McCoreys .. fuk any way i'm in this studio and i signal to jimmy to hit the red . we do. the song starts to run into my head. i blast out the guitar track. basic rock jam. no bass tracks. i play my gitar tracks and than start to hit that keyboard. i played everysound that thing had. jimmy and i laughed at how fast i changed those tones to the beat and kept in all in tune. We mix the entire thing in 5 minutes. we smoke a little bit . listened and started to add some more tracks when all of a sudden his wife came into the studio yelling at him. 15 minutes later we had to shut down the show. she didnt like the smell og smoke in the house. she didnt know i was scheduled to play that day ( they had plans ) she was upset that i parked in her fancy spot in the 1/2 round parking lot out front. She was Jimmy wife. And the Bonnie situation wasnt looking to good. I mean if she new there was a dead body in the garage - what if ! she wasnt done with zombie slayers. she had no clue. she worked all morning at the hospitol and had already come home to see me, you know Mark, from that band MYRAGE..... she wasnt down with the pow wow........soo......off i took my tapes and guitar eq. gave jimmy some cash and shock his hand and said " Have a good day bro dont forget the band is playin at the Attic on Halloween " . than we both turn and walked away. man oh man i wish we had kept on jamin and recorden, i was just getting started. fuk n studio milf bullshit, yeah mike check 1,2 3,4,.... so that all i can say about that - ZOMBIE SLAYER , a love song about the zombie girl who got way from my baseball swing o her head. i love you my little zombie grrl. off i went back to muddsippy where very little was ever done with said song til NOW ! ZOMBIE SLAYER OR DIE BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

the LUVIS Scale - heres what you have to do...

I used to be a shredder of the fretboard back when i had really long hair and wore a size 30 waste. I had had this system i invented called the " Berto Technique " . I wasn't in the realm of mastery as is on this gorgeous hello baby doll lets go for a walk on the river and tell me all your little problems kinda day here in Nola. I was just yound long haired Mark. So i had created a new guitar riff daily. I would write them done. and than use them while i gave lessons. my lessons are only good if you can leave with a really cool riff that you cant figure out at first. I have seen a lot of scales in my times. everybody have a set of excersise's to play before a show etc etc . I use cromatics daily. i use arpegios . i use all that stuff. but i have gone 1 step further. its Now the LUVIS scale. its works in any key and it hard to get at first but you can do it. now bck in the day i used to sell it during my guitar lessons. I made a poster of it so u can see it visually. you will see how cool it is after a few times seeing it. the fretboard is a trail or a path to other levels of the mind. soon enough certain notes will have to be stop. the key of A i think will be eliminated by the NEW WORLD ORDER in a deceptive way to keep control of human poitivity. I will talk about that later. BUt the LUVIS SCALE is truly a wild series of notes that you have never seen. I show people and theres just like - what ? than a week or month later i hear them say - fuckking awesome bro - do it when ever i can now ! I created this scale outa pure magic on stage 1 night in NEw JersEy. HOLD ON ! WAIT stay in control. ya know. I hear little voices in my head. silly boy i'm not paranoid but I really shouldnt do this. I shouldnt tell you for free how i create my solo's. I think i would n be fair to those who taught it to me and i paid a bunch for it, than i made other pay me for it and if they read this 20 yrs later and see i am giving it away for free. NAW FUK IT - YOU GET NONE. I give a ton of music stuff for free. I have a independent record label to operate. i have a family to feed. I have recording studio that needs more money to stay " state of the art ". fuk i want to - but really this LUVIS SCALE is top notch. look i will give you a break - half price.. no wait.... o.k. $ 10.00 us amercian dollar via paypal - luvis420@yahoo.com I will send you the paperwork, my bible of music. I have to do it this way. the LUVIS SCALE will instantly thing about it is you will make at the very least 3 guitar solos , from there you gonna be hooked. ..... really i should tell ya but i need the fucking money. i want a new American made Corvette, i want a new American made Harley, I also want an American made Carvin Luvispro Guitar ( still on draft/back order ) I want a new American made Henry Fire Arm with BLOB SNARLY etched into the stock. AWWWWW hell i have my ebay wish list but it wont happen and you wont be happy unless you just hook me up with 10 bucks and i hook you up with a lifetime of scales.....LUVIS SCALES.........GUITAR SECRETS TO THE STARS..... PUNCHING METAL DRUMMERS IN THE FACE...... SMOKING DA HERB EVERYDAY WITH A MONKEY ON MY BACK...... WEARING THE WHITE WIFE BEATER........WEIGHING 222 LBS FROM NEW JERSEY.......MR MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM HIMSELF...... EL' LUUUUUUUUUUUU VIS X0X0X00X0X0X0X0

16 stones on the bayou strip ...

It only takes 16 steps to my courtyard in the bayou. I live near the passage way used by indians and pirates. I live my life like theres no tomorrow. no fear more beer.still # 6 10-20-2014 was yesturday nice to work with you musicians and congrats you Rock An Rollers of time and space. WE all get a moment today to rechoice in the moments. haha. so was thinking of jammin and who inspired me to play . now every fool feind freind of mine knows i'm a Randy Rhoads pupil. I still laugh at that. spent hours of time trying to understand what and how those solos went. took lessons from different people. to learn the Randy riffs Mr Crowley - my friend Gus was a huge Randy fan when i moved to Hollywood i had taken a job at a print shop in Burbank Ca. This is where the Rhoads family has there voodoo. I spent sear-val daze crusin the streets. I found out he was buried in San Bernardino. When i went to record in Memphis for the first time I tried to play guitar in his style for the Myrage song " Victim ". I never got to see him live but i do remember in 7th grade hearing about his untimely plane crash. Bummer for life. thats were i'm at today. Bummers that make you feel good anyways. like Dime bag Darrel another great player who was taken from us but that music is fukkin still strong. I feel the same way about Cliff Burton and Jeff Hannaman . sucks to see great musicans live the planet. hendrix i think might be the greastest lost to the music world. janis, jim, etc etc thc .. now another influence to the LUVIS game is Jeff Beck. Now that dude .. whoa. Saw him and Stevie Ray Vahan at MSG . Crazy Cool. Now STV is gone. I remeMber working in a print shop in NJ and i heard that news. huge bummer. I walked out to my truck and lite it a bowl and thought FUCK ! MY best influence to date has been my old buddy pal C-LO the pitbull. that brotha would listen to all my songs and never leave my side. he was so good to jam with. he hated loud drums ?? huh ! po old bastard he was. Many a dog like my jams. crazy stuff. Another great influence was the Mirage band from New Jersey. Fang - Magic - Chili - Tommy - Myself plying those acoustic rock jams in the tri state area. those crazy jams lead us to Memephis which now why i'm here in new orleans. crazy. 1 little dream from new jersey influence me. gotta get some jams in today. havent seen the band since the tour of 75. Blob Snarly show at EBOLA Fest was insane. gotta get rolling like 33. my mind is still fried green potatoes. let the good times roll let make you a clown. Thanks for making me # 6 for another day in my life. Lets all party and get fuk'd up when i hit # 5 o.k. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM L.U.V.I.S.

nOthin rEally mAtters tO mE eXcept...

NOthing rEally mAtters tO mE tOday. As i slip away into the sunrise of the day i hear that old song play and i begin dreaming of my Mary Jane walking away. So the the 6 rank for old luvis is a First. I have never been in the top 5.maybe tomorrow . I am always excited about such things. there is alot to be excited for. the winter is bringing myself floating above the alpine a bliss of snowblind images with sprinkles and flashes sunlight on my brain. so on this day some yrs ago i wer riding thur ann across the yonder cross'n mason dixie lines U.S.A. to see my old recording studio Aapliance, visit those who still stayed behind. its was a ghost scene as i remember with so many flashbacks hitting my mind right now. As classic rock and heavy metal clash a collision of Toyota supra moments hit my fretboard. Tony & i drove a hot shit brown car down to muddsippy from nj. went to 3424 laurel wood, watergrove ran into ourr old mail man "use 2 rubbers boys these southern girls ",daisy tek, south park, hooked up with mike g, Anthony, tommy d- WHOA !!! THAN we found some Kelly . unlike molly, $$, kelly was real blonde xtc. we found her at silky Sullivans . played pool, drank way to much whiskey. smoke $ome super midtown Memphis kind buds at her house and drank some more whiskey .than i puked . cleaned myself up and fell aslee-snore-eeeelp between her and tony :-( bahahaha :-) . woke up and never seen her again but room mate was bitch so dont you look at my girlfirend, i never seem to get a lot and of course you can go your Own way miss fleetwood bahah. We should be Dancing YEAH ! raced out to the casinos with tommy and maria were i won $500.00. said so long and drove to old Pasadena California . How Count the song became a reality ! ( CHECK IT - http://www.broadjam.com/LUVIS420 ) .... Man i get a shiver in the dark but meantime we smoked and drank on the Venice beaches with tara fran and jen while the moon danced our laughter at a quarter. the laptop has all the funny stories on it. dude could get stoned cause he was on probation. fuk N lame. we watched Star Wars with the girls. slept til high noon. Jam'd some guitar on the street corner. Slow drive down the Sunset strip , quick turn left it's Musicians Institute. Dude. keep me searching for a heart of gold. tuned up the leaky transmission with Slick 50. got muscle beach pumped for the cannonball run 1999. Pasadena to Parsippany. bahaha. 1 last kiss. 1 last smile. off she went in the jeep. 1 last hug, 1 last punch off he went to wash clothes or something gay and dirt like. what a mar roon i luv this shit , turn up the radio its Blondies heart sharped ass, bro were outa this bitch , 1 last hit, 1 last long and bendy stretch and it time to write another song , superstition is ON the way - L.U.V.I.S. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM