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Crowd Reviews - a good investment

We had some crowd reviews of our songs done about a month and a half ago. After all is said and done, it is well worth it. A group of people who don't know you and have no allegiance to you listen to your songs randomly on whatever music review site they are using. They give you their honest opinion because 1. They have no reaon not to, and 2. They are getting paid to do so (not much...a few cents each song usually...but they have to write a review and hit certain key words to actually get credit for the review and get paid). For the reviews that we received the feedback was extremely useful...most of it anyway. We receieved a number of glowing reviews. In fact, each of our 11 songs received positive reveiws...that is the percentage of good comments was higher than bad. We found this fact encouraging. We appreciate the great comments and the feeling of swelling pride that goes along with them, of course, but we focus on the negative to see where to improve. Of the bad comments only a couple on each song were really useful and we have committed to fixing those aspects of the songs if they are fixable. The remainder of the negative reviews were, quite frankly, laughable. For example, one review actually begins with these words, "What?!?! On my signup profile checklist I selected that I do not like country and you give me this for the first song I listen to? Seriously?? ewww...ewww....ewww!" That made us laugh out loud for real. Obviously in order to get as rounded of a review as possible they put your music in front of people who indicate a predisposition to hating your musical genre...most don't indicate that in their review writeups however. lol Several did write things like, "this is good but not my kind of music," or, "I would never choose to listen to this because it's not my type of music," and, "Okay...but its not what I normally listen to so I don't know." Not very helpful but at least insightful to how the review company handle its task of getting your music reviewed. Lack of impartiality and musical bias is bound to creep in somewhere...we are human afterall. Should you invest in a crowd review? We suggest it for sure. It can be quite humbling but at the same time quite enlightening. Go for it...what do you have to lose except maybe a little bit of pride and some money? Best of luck. All the best! ~Jeff & Heather

The waiting...is the hardest part

On Aug 19 and 20 we recorded all of the material for our first CD. We recorded 13 songs in 3 hours...which we guess is some kind of a feat because the engineer and studio owner were blown away and kept saying, "Wow," and, "Unbelivable." That's a good thing, right? Didn't seem that amazing to us because we just sat down and played and sang the songs like we always do. We recorded in an open studio with guitar and vocals at the same time which was a lot of fun and reminded us of the pictures and videos we have seen of old recording methods (a la Robert Johnson) only with more and different types of microphones and pointing in all kinds of directions. Having used only 3 of the 16 hours we planned left the rest of the time for getting a bit creative and adding additional layers. We wanted to be really careful to not create something in the studio that we could not recreate live. We added some bass to some songs...light percussion...and a few guitar riffs but nothing major. Listening to the tracks while adding the other layers was so great. It gave us an appreciation for the true benefit of a recording studio...the sound quality. The majority of tracks on our RN page were recorded in one take using an iPhone. Needless to say...the sound of the tracks done in the studio is leaps and bounds better. Not too surprising for most I am sure but surprising to us. Anyway...now we wait...wait for the mixdown, the final listen and the mastering. It's been 7 hours and 10 days since we recorded and everything should be wrapped up this weekend. Waiting is the hardest part but the end product will be so worth it! We can wait...but we CAN'T wait, ya know?

Recording On the Horizon

The week of Aug 19 we will be going into the studio for our first time to record as a duo. Very excited for the experience. The songs posted on here were all done in one take sitting in front of one of our iPhones! Recording is such an intimate process...someone once said that recording is very autobiographical, more so than just acting out a part. We like that notion because at the end of the session we hope to have bled enough emotion, energy, and heart through the microphones, wires, capacitors, transitors, and other what-nots to make people feel what we feel and see what we see when performing together. It is going to be a great experience and we hope the end result will be something raw, powerful, and meaningful...if not at least we can say we did it and that is magical too.

October Road
October Road  (almost 5 years ago)

Thanks for the questions and enthusiasm. Likely this will be all digital but we are not sure exactly what the engineer will have in mind once we get in there. We originally thought of just doing vocal and acoustic but the idea of adding some light percussion and other guitar work is growing on us. We just don't want to create something that we can't accurately recreate live...although it would be a lot of fun creating it. We hadn't thought of adding a B3...for which song(s) do you hear that element. The Hammond always makes us think of Deep Purple. We would love to do a full band thing sometime but budget constraints have a play in that realm. We tried recording at home but neither of us is an engineer. We are just so excited for the process and result. Thanks again for your questions. Any suggestions...we are definitely open to them...we love the production on all of your songs.All the best! ~Jeff & Heather