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Pastor H.E. Dixon release Sophomore CD “Sweet Water Series Volume1

When it comes to shouting, the loudest may be from down south. Along the coast of South Carolina in cities like Charleston, a former slave port, there’s a Low Country sound. Many of the blacks from this area call themselves Gullah because they are descendants from West Africa and have maintained their African traditions. They even have a distinct parlance that makes them speak English with a foreign-sounding accent. This Geechee creole can be heard on the rousing O Lord, I’m Asking You One More Time by Cordeville, South Carolina’s H. E. Dixon and Truth Tabernacle.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to order Pastor H.E. Dixon and the Truth Tabernacle Gospel Choir sophomore CD project entitled, “Sweet Water Series Volume 1”. These spirit-filled melodious join Pastor Dixon as he minister soulful and traditional songs such as: “Sweet Water”, “Answer To Your Name”, and “Well Done”, along with many others. Order Your Copy Today.