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David L. Vacek & Monkey Paw Finger / Blog

"Ecce Mono" New Release OUT NOW!

M.P.F. Has Just Released Their New Album Of Original Material Titled "Ecce Mono". Available Now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ecce-mono/id880783391 Also on Amazon, eMusic, Deezer, Spotify & Rdio...


Available NOW On iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, eMusic & Deezer, MONKEY PAW FINGER'S New CD! Download It TODAY! :-)

Welcome Monkey Paw Finger Fans!

Wow! Just Finished Up 3 New Collaborations with Michael J. "Bootsy" Hartman the Mojo Hand! "Sunshine & Rain Parts 1 & 2" is a Smokin' Blues Rocker, "Chicken Shack Shakin'" is a Funk Rock Tune, and "Rock Me" is a smooth Reggae song written by Richie Auriemma that Michael & I helped out on. Add that with "Bad Little Girl" that was recorded a few months ago and you have a tasty bit of various styles thrown into the VooDoo Boiling Pot for your enjoyment! Dig Em!