Almost that time!!

Finally!! It's here! The album is here and we get to hold our cd's in our hands! That means it's almost that time... cd release party time!! We are working hard on planning and preparations for the big event. It will be held in Beverly Hills on October 26th as a full blown costume party for Halloween! Check our facebook page for details as they come. It's going to be a blast!! So be sure to hit us up on facebook if you want to be a part of the fun!!

Awesome info packed into a short ebook...

Hey everyone! We are still doing our thing in the studio and playing as many live shows as we can squeeze in. Tonight we will start playing around with a new song!! Woo hoo!! Okay, that brings you up to speed with what's going on with the band. Next order of biz... I just read a pretty awesome ebook that I downloaded a while back. I hadn't taken the time to wrap myself in it, and I rediscovered it this morning. I started and finished it in a few hours (at work! haha...). It's about 50 pages of great info for musicians. I highly recommend checking it out if you are an artist or in a band and get a little lost when it comes to the business side of things. This book quotes musicians who have already made it in the industry and breaks down what these musicians are trying to tell those of us just starting out. It gives you a kind of road map to follow to get where we all want to get. @dottedmusic provides a free download of this ebook "10 Truths About Making It in Music From Musicians Who Already Made It". http://dottedmusic.com/10-truths-about-making-it-in-music/ Check it out! Let us know what you think!

Still recording!!

As you know, recording takes a lot of time and hard work. We are still in the recording process, but we are getting close to the post-production phase. That's pretty exciting! Everything is coming out great, and we can't wait to share the album with everyone!!! We were planning on releasing the album before or around Christmas, but we decided to add new songs. We considered saving the new songs for the next album so we could get this one out quicker, but we chose to include them on this one. Meanwhile, we have been playing shows to keep our fans and ourselves entertained! Sunday we will play at Viper Room. Woo hoo!!!

August is approaching!!!

August is going to be a busy month for us. We have been working hard on tightening up our songs and learning new ones so we can start recording our album right away. We have our Whisky show coming up (Aug 12th), and then we will be hitting the studio. We NEEEEEED to record our songs!! So we are going to break from performing for a while so we can get that underway. Woo hoo!!!! We are all amped about getting started on our album. Being in the studio will be fun (and sometimes frustrating... but mostly fun!). We still have lots of work to do on new material that we haven't even touched yet. We have at least 5 songs already written and ready to work on, so it will be a lot of work getting them all arranged to our satisfaction in such a short amount of time. When it's done we will be back to performing and hopefully trying out some new spots in different towns (as well as the same rockin' spots we've already hit)! Ahhh... the journey just gets better and better!! I Love my band. ~J