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The Emerald of Siam is the place to be this week!

May Lou & Stevie and then Fishbowl Tonight Chelsea Spence & then Open Mic Thursday Jami Cooper and then Yogoman Burning Band Friday Me during dinner and Ben Macy @ 9 Saturday! So..... go on down there and get you're Thai on! I'm NOT talking about formal wear! Great Live Music, Wonderful Staff and Fantastic Food and Drinks! Better start planning NOW!!

Thursday Night Schedule!

So Open Mic tonight at The Emerald of Siam right after The Red Mountain Band opens and holds their fundraiser for Allison's trip to the World Disc Golf Championships in North Carolina! Come on out it's going to be a fun event and will start around 8 then we will open up the floor for our usual Open Mic hosted by yours truly. Last week was a blast so don't miss it! Never know who's going to be there! The Emerald is THE place to be these days!!!

Come by The Emerald of Siam TODAY!!

Hey guys Murphy and I will be playing a set from 2:30 - 4:00 today at The Emerald of Siam for their Grand Re-Opening Party! Come on down for some great deals on Thai food, Beverages and listen to some tunes too!

Wednesday Night Re-Cap

Thanks to all those who came out to the Emerald of Siam last night and a special thanks to Jami Cooper and Murphy for providing us with some much appreciated musical awesomeness during the breaks! You guys rock! I'm just sorry there weren't more people there to hear you this time! Jami have a blast in Nashville! Also a big thank you to Cathy Coppock Laws! I'm sorry I didn't make it over to talk with you last night! I meant to but got busy with dinner and the Reggae and before I knew it you were gone. It's always good to see you! ON another note can anyone believe we woke up to SNOW this morning??? Ugg! I will be at Bookwalter tonight 6-9. Maybe I'll see some of you there? Pam

Thanks so much!

To all those who came out to The Emerald of Siam last night! It was a fun night all around with lots of friends some we hadn't seen in a while! You guys ROCK! without you us po' musicians would be playing to nobody. Kinda like I do at home haha!

Thanks also to Bridgette Austin, Manny Ponce and Nick Lowrey for playing awesome tunes during the breaks! You guys were great!

Finally and most importantly, Thank You Emerald Of Siam for having such a cool venue and supporting the music community with so much panache! Love the place, the people and of course THE FOOD! Can't wait for next week!

Pam :)

This weeks' schedule

3/7 Emerald of Siam 5-8PM w/ surprise guest come out and see who? You won't be sorry! 3/9 Java Jam @ Cool Beans 5PM-?? 3/10 Cheese Louise 8-10PM Buzy week! So I am stoked! See ya there? 8D

Java Jam Update

OK just a reminder Open Mic @ Cool Beans will start @ 9PM tonight instead of the usual time because of the Art Walk! Going to be a fun filled night as usual. I hear there will be some great acts there tonight!

On another note, as much as we LOVE Cool Beans, we have been thinking we may need a larger venue to hold these events as they are becoming pretty consistently attended and we do often run out of seats. There is also the issue of time and space for musicians, instruments, amplifiers etc. So what do you guys think??? Any suggestions??

Good Times!

Thanks to all who came out to Bookwalter last night! It was a great time and I can't wait to play there again in March! Don't forget guys it's Java Jam @ Cool Beans tonight! I hear we will have some special guests even some from out of state! :D See ya there!

Good Times

The last couple of Java Jams @ Cool Beans have been great! The 6th we had 12 different musicians and lots of variety and last Friday we had record numbers for attendance as well as musicians! There were 18 of them! And we we had Belly Dancing and comedy too! What a night! We were there well after 1 AM and just to tell you the caliber of talent we had Vaughn, Geoff, Charlotte, Jeff, Jason, Chad and Jason, Paul, Dave, Art, Murphy, Mark & Jenny, 3 Guys Singing with Girl on Violin ( Haha not too sure of their names but two of these talented kids were Jenny's) and myself! Karena danced, J did some stand up and we gave away some Gabriel Iglesias tickets and some other great prizes too!

So much fun in one night wore Bill and I completely out! Fell asleep EARLY on Saturday and missed some other great events but you can't always do everything!

If you haven't made it out to Cool Beans for the Friday Nite java Jam yet do it soon! You won't regret it!

Oh, and just to remind everyone, I am playing at Emerald Of Siam on the 18th! Wednesday night! So stoked! Please come out and support if you can make it!!! They have GREAT food, excellent service and atmosphere and you can listen to me play all your favorites! :D

Phatty Caddy Show TONIGHT!! 7 PM - ????

OK Peeps come out and support your local music scene and some so-good-they-should-be-illegal refreshments and beat the heat and the crowds on the patio at the Phatty Caddy Coffee Lounge! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=152640748152993#!/event.php?eid=152640748152993