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Danny Baty and Jeff Bates

Live! Saturday, May 10th, Danny Baty and Jeff Bates in Tuckerman Arkansas at the 30th annual Tuckerman Hometown Days Celebration! FREE admis

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Tune into River Country 96.7 to win the new "Cowboy Up" Cd by The Danny Baty Band! The Kentucky Headhunters & Danny Baty will be live in concert next Saturday (August 7th) at Batesville's Riverside Park....and River Country 96-7 has your chance to win tickets! Be listening at 7:35 tomorrow morning for your chance to win a family 4 pack of tickets....from River Country 96-7! Add us as one of your facebook friends http://facebook.com/thedannybatyband

Kentucky Headhunter/Danny Baty Tickets!

"Enter to win Kentucky Headhunter/Danny Baty Tickets! Sign up for our fan list to win two tickets for the August 7th concert in Batesville Arkansas! Winners will be drawn randomly from our fanlist at http://reverbnation.com/dannybaty . If your already a part of our fanlist you do not have to re-join.Be sure to check your email to confirm joining our list after you sign up.You will be notified by e-mail after winning. Drawing to be held July 4th 2010. Good Luck! Buy tickets here: http://www.mybatesville.org/2010-merchandise.php "

Free Music And Books

Arkansas Native Danny Baty music and books now available online! Please visit the links below. http://reverbnation.com/dannybaty - Free music if you join the fan club. http://stores.lulu.com/dannybatybooks - Danny has written two children books (G) and one adult humor book (PG rated) Check them out!

The Danny Baty Band

"Cowboy Up" with the Danny Baty Band and Catch Them on Tour The Danny Baty Band

The Danny Baty Band has been heating up stages all over Northeast Arkansas and beyond since 1989 and are currently beginning to get some well deserved recognition for their efforts. This band consists of: Danny Baty, David (Boog) Baty, Bruce Womble, and John Baxter. Their newest music is winning fans and getting the attention of almost everyone. Danny teamed up with and added John Baxter (from Depot Records and KMB Publishing) and so began a great writing team. This writing team has been said to be the best songwriting/producing team to come out of Arkansas in years and the shows this band performs are just outstanding!! It is this great partnership of Baxter, Baty and the band has come together to write, and produce this long awaited CD of "Cowboy Up".

"Cowboy Up" is all about being a down-home rebel and standing up for what you believe. Danny sings lead on this one and has a genuine country flavor to this song. "Fallin" slows it down a bit with a haunting melody and beautiful music to add to this love song which will tug at your heart strings as Danny tells about the girl who walked away. "Honky Tonk Highway" is a song all about life on the road with a great beat and a good story line, this song will do really well in the club circuit. "Tell Arizona" (I am leaving with everything I own on my shoulder) is a song with a unique sound to it and tells a great story. "Blow Me Away" features some excellent guitar playing and a slow dancing song that you could listen to over and over again. "Cherry Dr. Pepper" is such a cute song that talks about holding hands, and the sweetness of young love.

This band has worked so hard for years and is very happy to announce that they have been signed by a recording label and will be starting their concert touring very soon. They have many loyal fans and admirers who have been with them on this journey since day one and will continue to travel this road with them wherever it will take them. "Cowboy Up" with the Danny Baty Band and Catch Them on Tour The Danny Baty Band is from Tuckerman, Arkansas. Many of their songs are now available in FREE ringtones and they currently have a place on their myspace page that gives their fans a chance to vote on their latest logo designs. Also, now available on their mypace page is a long list of their songs which you can buy for only .99 cents a song!! Check it out and pick out your favorites.

These guys are down-home country boys and anyone who goes to their show will have a great time. Some of the influences listed for these guys are Lynrd Skinnard, ZZ Top, Kiss, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, and Jimmy Buffet. They are a great bunch of guys and a fun band to go see in concert. You can find out all The Danny Baty Band by going to their myspace page and while you are there, you can vote on the logo you like the best. Watch for these guys, because they are about to take to the road and they may be coming to your town soon. You will be a true-die-hard Danny Baty fan once you see these guys perform. So, "Cowboy Up" to the Danny Baty Band!