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Spring is Here!

There's a lot to be excited about right now. New shows, new songs, new ways to connect. Friday night at Sea Dog was AWESOME. I actually spent some time preparing and it paid off. Great crowd, great energy, great show. Thank you for being there. I'll be in the studio on the 28th recording with two fine musicians, Mr. Tim Wilson and Mr. Matt Guite. These guys are seasoned veterans on the Maine circuit, and I'm happy to have them play my songs. You can look for the new recordings some time in May. I'm also working with the Maine Songwriter's Association. I'll be contributing my knowledge of social networking sites to bring them up to speed, and in the process tap into their great network of talented people. You can check them out @ www.mesongwriters.com Check out my show listings and come out and see what's cooking!

From late summer to winter

The cold air is setting in, time for change again. I've restrung my guitar and set my mind ahead. My time is full of work, but a slow, sweet rhythm has also set in. Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, and Dave Matthews are catching my ear these days. "Drifting is easy when you're a jellyfish".