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IN THE TOP 100's

Thanks to all my fans for helping me get into the top 100 DJ's in New York. That is a huge accomplishment. I trying to get more fans and people to listen to my music so please help spread the word and get other people to BL3v.


Charity Event

Ugh. It's been stressful and annoying. I can't seem to find a venue for a charity event that I want do for this summer. So frustrating.


Yeah know I'm really excited when this revebnation page could be taking me. It's been like 1 1/2 since i've joined and so far its doing pretty good. I'm trying to get my fan base built up before I start applying for shows from the site. Thanks for being my fan.



Hey whats up there. Thanks for reading my first blog post. Yeah no I'm really excited about joining Reverb Nation. What a great website and I hope it does me well. Thanks for reading.