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Warped Tour Orlando, FL Aug 7th, 05'

Warped Tour 05' August 7th, Orlando, FL Tinker Field 11 am I know with me being on American Idol back on Feb 12th, 05' And also going to the many punk shows with HardRock Live & House of Blues hosting bands from Sum 41, New Found Glory, Simple Plan & Good Charlotte, Hawthorne Heights, FallOut Boy and My Chemical Romance, ...... I've never ever been to Warped Tour, .... until, ...... NOW!* Warped Tour no dout lived up to every expectation I've always dreamed about. Instead of paying $15 to see My Chemical Romance peform for 2 hours, for only $30 bucks, I got to see TONS of bands perform all day long. Warped Tour out here in Orlando, FL had an awesome lineup from FallOut Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Offsping, Relient K, Dropkick Murphys, Thrice, MXPX, Something Coporate, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, Atreyu, Story of The Year, Motion City Soundtrack, Hawthorne Heights, & Matchbook Romance It was UNBELIEVABLE seeing all this in one entire day. It was no doubt the big music event everyone talks about. I just can't believe I got to be there & witness the bands all in person. There was something really volting about being there. For one, I was about to just feel the atomosphere, electricity, & energy all throughout the day. The people I met, my friends who I hung out with all made it fun. What was funny was that all day I got emails from people telling me "OMG Richey, my friends saw you at Warped Tour!" Now how CRaZy was that? LoL I did get tired & really exhausted from both the heat & unfortunately not being able to eat anything all day But I really liked the band Atreyu alot, I thought they are really awesome & their new CD the Curse is definately worth taking a listen to. I ended up losing my voice from yellin "RoCKin !" off the top of my lungs so many times. LOL I got hungry & ended up not eating all day I got lost finding my car (dont ask me how it happened, lol) And i lost sleep as well Wow wat a day at the Warped Tour, lol But yeah dude, it was really Rockin to have been there & an experience of something that cant be matched unless i go again. For Warped Tour 2005, I'm signing off saying to Vans, "THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH" It was a wonderful display of awesome bands, atmosphere, crazy people, & I'm glad I got to be there, it was so worth it Rock On !!!

A Taste of Chaos 07', Orlando, FL March 10th, 07'

With no questions asked, bar none A Taste of Chaos featuring MY FAVORITE BAND BY FAR, AIDEN was so totally worth it* The afternoon started with me picking up my friend Phil (who happened to drink a red bull at 2am the morning prior) HAD A HARDTIME WAKING UP Ha Ha We made it to the show regardless ha ha

We got there 2 hours early at 2:30 pm Lots of daylight & a very light crowd. Me & Phil ran across an all time awesome friend of mine, Matt Shadow ha ha we conversated & totally ROCKED OUT as if we were at a party ha ha From then on It was all about hyping up the crowd & gettin them PUMPED UP* Some fans really got into it while some well ummm yeah well we won't go into that ha ha LOL

When we got inside I got bombarded with lots of people who knew me & in such alot of people who remembered me from so many other events, including Warped Tour ha ha* My gosh I ended up dancing to 30 Seconds to Mars & got ALOT of people around me HYPED & ENERGIZED. Throughout my awesome, yet very entertaining dance moves, nothing quite compared to RoCKiN' out to 20 seconds to Jupiter, I meant 30 SECONDS TO MARS HA HA LOL

I danced & created new fans for my music That meant alot to me. I met fans from North Carolina & New Orleans, LA who flew miles away just to come to Orlando, FL OMG Yeah well in all everything was worth it what it was made to be. Totally RoCKiN' @ A Taste of Chaos ha ha LOL


February 12th, 2005 Orlando, FL and its the American Idol auditions season 4

Hundreds upon hundreds of people showed up & were serious about becoming the very next American Idol. For myself, I just wanted to be there & NO it didn't matter to me if people were going to tell me I couldn't sing, or I suck. Like I care, lol.

For me, the American Idol auditions meant it was time for me to show the local auditioners, and public basically what I can do to entertain them. I was ready to be off the wall, center of attention, unpredictable, hyper, crazy, & doing the unexpected.

Even though there were TONS of talent, performers, & singers, ...One thing that had to be for sure & that was Me, causin a rukus, havoc, & totally non stop riot as I was running around yellin "ROCKIN!!!" off the top of my lungs. The funny thing is there were really talented singers, people who I would consider really good that didnt make it passed the 1st round. While for me, I got myself kicked out, I never got to audition, & SOMEHOW YES, they got me on TV broadcasted February 12th.

Alot of people there at first glanced at me, while I was walking around. Then soon afterward I was being asked to take pictures for people there. I had random people waving at me. It was crazy.

Fox newscast were there at the Civic Center auditorium, interviewing people as well as having people sing before commercial breaks.

Fox was blown away when they saw me wearing "American Idiot, can't sing, can't dance, Simon says I suck!" LOL They absolutely didn't want me on camera, lol

It was a fun experience. The thing that sucked about it was waiting 10 minutes in line to use the restroom.

I can't believe it happened to me, but it was all worth it. The biggest thing that happened was that I created my own publicity by grabbing everyone's attention, creating my own fanbase within the auditions themselves, & to have people yellin "ROCKIN RICHEY!" Really loud !!!! It got crazy & too much for the Fox officials to handle. But then again we're talkin about me, CrazY Enough to go around without caring what people thinkg & to just "throw" myself out there & totally bein the Rip Rockin guy I am!!!!

Eventually we had to get seated, and as I was doing that, I was running around everywhere, yelling "ROCKIN!" Off the top of my lungs, at that point Another Fox newscast team saw me, but this team wanted me on camera!!! So they interviewed me & I had NO IDEA that interview was gonna be on the Idol telecast!!! But yeah the telecast was shown February 12th, 2005 in front of millions & millions of viewers on Live TV OMG The American Idol auditions will be something I'm gonna always remember. Even though I never made it to the auditions, it was worth being thrown out.

To my opinion, it was totally worth it. I got on TV!!! And I had TONS of people remember me from those auditions, ROCKIN !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


For the past 5 years, being at Warped Tour brought a level of excitement all the way around. From the buildup, anticipation, and expectations to the big event all of us waits for all year long. It's punk rock's and alternative rock's biggest showcase of them all. 7 stages, and well over 26 bands in one day performing.

Here are some statistics about my 5 warped tours My first 3 Warped Tours were all held at Orlando, Florida's tinkerfield, otherwise known as the orange bowl (also the site for WWE's WrestleMania XXIV) Each of them were held on a sunday *August 7th, 2005 *June 25th, 2006 *July 22nd, 2007

The other 2 were held at the orange county fairgrounds on weekdays *July 10th, 2008 *July 24th, 2009

My very first Warped Tour ever was August 7th, 2005 and it was hardcore as hardcore could get It rained that day, I had nothing to eat, and after a full 11 hours being there, I got lost on the way back trying to find my car. That event had bands MXPX, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, Story of the Year, and Atreyu. That warped tour was awesome because during Atreyu's performance, there was a giagantic CIRCLE PIT!

The following year was also very awesome as I met a tonload of fans promoting my music and got recognized by the local orlando scene crowd. That year I remember these 2 girls battling in the mud. It was crazy! That event had bands 30 Seconds to Mars, AFI, Aiden, The Casualties (thats when I had a run in with the punk rock crowd! lol)

2007 Was Warped Tour's final year at tinkerfield (how much I missed it) It was still overall alot of fun They had some really awesome girls workin for Monster Energy That year had bands Boys Like Girls, Chiodos, From First to Last, and Gym Class Heros

2008 Was Warped Tour's first time back to the orange country fairgrounds Still overall a really good festival Bands were A Day to Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, Cobra Starship, Forever the Sickest Kids, and The Maine

2009 was AWESOME It had bands Brokencyde, Aiden, Underoath, All Time Low and 3Oh!3 The crowd was really fun and I had a really good time

Here's more info My first Warped Tour was in 2005 This being my last Warped Tour was Van's Warped Tour 15 Making this my 5th Warped Tour

Its hard to think this is my final warped tour but yes it is and the warped tours from years previous were all well worth the moments


The tryouts to see if you make it on the show or not was monday morning, 8am February 25th at America's Mart in downtown Atlanta. That was the true day of destiny. On that very day very much resembled 'American Idol' with building itself having several different 'conference' & 'waiting room' areas similar to AI to see if you'll move on to the stage performance filming. Inside we were required to turn off all cell phones & absolutely no cameras whatsoever. Inside I found tons & tons of musicians & singers who all wanna make it. Then a camera crew went walking around & ran into me. The interviewer then told me to "Wake up" the crowd. So to the people I said "Is everyone ready for America's got Talent?" I got a mediacore reaction. Then I go "Does everyone feel like a MILLION DOLLARS?!!" Then they crowd turned into an uproar! lol Though it started around shortly after 8am, people didn't start lining up until around 9:15am. My section lined up at 9:45am and from then on the rest was history. I went & rapped my own lyrics designed for the show it wasn't until 10:25am until I finally went in through the doors & into a room that had an America's got Talent logo back setting & brights lights that I rapped my song. Afterward I was told to go outta the room for a moment as they would give me the final word if I made it to the television tapings or not. 30 seconds later I was brought in & the tryout judges said they SELECTED ME to move on to the tv tapings! From there I was brought into another room, this one had the media department who had to clear my lyrics & content for the show. Then was the program director who went over my act and told me when exactly I would be performing. Then was the travel & reservations department who paid for the remainder of my stay at the Holiday Inn Express, $25 a day for my meals, and my flight back to Orlando, Florida on February 29th! After the setup was done I was then instructed to meet up with the film crew yet again! They hooked up wireless equipment on me & filmed me interacting with the participants there! It was crazy! Later on I was filmed for an interview for 10 minutes.

During my stay in Atlanta I ate at as many restuarants as I could. Met as many people as I could. And talked to as many contestants for the show as I could. Knowing that I got my foot through the door this was one amazing experience. I met Sarah Lenore, a singer outta Nashville, TN and Ken Butler who's a musician that was once on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

They had 4 filmings for TV show. It was held at the cobb county covention center in Atlanta, GA 11am & 4pm on Feb 27th & 28th. I was selected for the Feb 28th taping at 11am. I ended up being the 2nd act! When I went on, the crowd booed and in all cases they were told to boo the acts from the people working for AGT who handed out free tickets.

Then June 17th, 2008 ROLLS AROUND & episode AFTER Episode I found myself not on the show at all. No acknowledgment of me whatsoever. So I'm thinking to myself "Are they ever gonna show me? Or was I simply a sideshow act just like everyone else in this talent circus?"

Basically I was disappointed with the program overall. Me not watching this show until this season found myself VERY DISAPPOINTED, not only did they show nothing original, but I mean WE SAW PEOPLE inpersonate ELVIS? Are you serious?! Or how about Britney Spears? That stuff is PLAYED OUT guys Face it Its 2008 I brought something ALOT more ORIGINAL to their show & they did nothing but brought me along as a puppet on a string for their tapings but never broadcasted me Well to me it doesn't matter I'm fine where I'm at No matter What, Richey will always be TOTALLY RIP ROCKIN!!!


As some of you may know, or maybe not know. But I was seen on the American Idol show back in season 4. The season that Carrie Underwood won. American Idol came to Orlando, FLorida over 3 years ago & since left a feeling inside me that continues to this day.

Wow, I'm still in shock over what happened last weekend. It's friday night, January 25th, 2008 and shortly after 9:15pm, .... my good friend Chase (member of an awesome band, Karrigan) informed me about America's Got Talent Auditions taking place over the weekend. I was very thankful about my friend telling me. The only thing was, was that I had to work at my job early in the morning til early afternoon. Auditions took place at The Royal Plaza right down the way from Downtown Disney. I called the RP to find out audition times. The secretary told me they were auditioning from 6am til 12am that saturday. Knowing I got outta work at 4pm, I knew I had a good chance of still interacting with the auditioners. Well by the time I got there & found a parking spot, it was 5:30pm. Tons of people were walking outta the Hotel & getting ready to go home. When I got inside, I soon found out that they stopped taking auditions at 6pm! So I hurried inside. The amount of people inside were not nearly the amount of people I witnessed for American Idol 3 years ago. I would say roughly there were people equal to 3 classrooms of students. So around 60 people left.

The atmosphere was still absolutely amazing. I saw some band dressed exactly like ZZTop, dressed in PURPLE! OMG Did I just say purple? lol I saw south african dancers with the bamboos & drums with their hands, barefeet with teeth necklaces OMG It was a riot! I saw jugglers, magicians, comedians. Also I saw a karate class of a group of kids who had to still be in elementary school. I saw moms bringing in their kids, the mother will audition in one room while her daughter auditioned in another room! I saw these girls dressed like its their school's homecoming & they turned out to be ballerina dancers! Wow

It wasn't until I got to the end of the hallway of the waiting area where I came across a group of girls & guys who really brought back the 'American Idol' atomosphere I experienced over 3 years ago. There was a girl who had short dark hair dressed hip hop who turned out to be a dancer. And 2 really pretty girls who were there to sing, hoping to be discovered. After about an hour being in the plaza, I was finally called in to audition.

There I entered a room with absolutely no other contestants. It was myself and a pannel of judges working for America's Got Talent. No celebrities were there, no David Hasslehoff, no Sara Ozzbourne. The room was very similar to where a Calvin Klein model would do a photo shoot. Camera right in front of you, and 2 bright lamp posts on each side. For any typical audioner, you would feel this is your big chance,.... to get discovered. Nervousness, anxiouty, motivation, curiosity, intimidation. When I walked inside the room, I introduced myself to the judges, excited with absolutely no sign of nervousness whatsoever.

With hundreds & thousands of other people auditioning, I'm sure the scouts & judges see the same thing over & over. For me to be unique, different, & original, I did just that. I wrote a song about their show & sang/rapped it to them. The lyrics had everything from the judges right down to me being escorted from American Idol. Soon after the judges from Great Britain interviewed me. At that very moment, it truly felt like American Idol all over again, it felt like a reunion, a homecoming. It was unique & fun overall.

Rock The Universe, Universal Studios Orlando, FL Sept 10, 2007

Rock The Universe, Universal Studios Orlando, FL Current mood:satisfied Okay, yeah I've been to so many major shows & events. We're talkin about A Taste of Chaos, Sounds of the Underground, and even Warped Tour. We're talkin about from hardcore bands, punk bands, metal, screamo, and rock bands. But for as long as I've been going to Warped Tour since Aug 7th, 2005, I knew about Rock The Universe, but never went.

Rock The Universe is a 2 day, all christian rock band festival with a line up of bands on a friday night & another lineup saturday night. It's an annual christian rock festival hosted by Universal Studios once a year.

Considering that I have been to shows at the HardRock Live, for Simple Plan & Good Charlotte, FallOut Boy, & My Chemical Romance, I thought it be fair to tryout Rock the Universe for a change.

So for the 1st time ever I went and it was something quite different than alot of shows I've been to before.

Friday Night, September 7th, 07 The lineup featured Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Jars of Clay, Hawk Nelson, Family Force 5, & Echoing Angels.

Saturday Night, September 8th, 07 The lineup that night had Skillet, The Afters, Pocket Full of Rocks, TobyMac, Jeremy Camp, & Relient K

I have to admit. Me who has never been to a Rock the Universe, ever..... built up alot of anticipation, curiousity, and enthusiasm to a concert I've never been to before.

Curiousity was the big factor for me. As I never been to a concert at the actual Universal Studios theme park. Questions ran through my head like crazy. Like 'How will the scenary look like? How many people will be there? Will I see any skater, scene, emo, punk, or gothic kids at this concert? How will the bands sound live?

Well the concert was alot different than what I thought. With a stage right next to Shrek 4D & The Nickelodeon Studios

It definitely set a different pace of scenary & surroundings. There were many youth groups from over 38 different churches. So for christians, this concert was huge. I'm really glad I went because for the past 2 years I heard about RTU, but never had the chance to go.

The crowd energy for Relient K was unreal. Seeing alot of fans in the crowd jumping up & down, dancing, screaming, clapping,... I haven't seen so much crowd energy like that in a while. And thats one thing I always anticipate when I go to shows, THE LIVE CROWD ENERGY.

The experience was very well worth it & I'm really glad I went. It was a very unique & new experience for me and I'm very thankful to the fans I met there. They were awesome