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Album Coming Soon

Hey fans! Would like to say thanks supporting me, and new music will be up soon. My debut album, "The Arcade", will be coming soon. This is the biggest thing for me because it has a bunch of awesome features which include Dutch Vega, Lmoney, Aak, Madd Illz, Caustic, Jayreck, N!tro, Casper The Prodigy, Rondo, Sonic, Logic, godAwful, Phranchyze, Mr. Fury, and Merkules. I plan to have it out for free download on a couple of different websites sometime this summer. Make sure to check it out. Shoutouts to everyone helping me out on this project, all of the producers, and my main producer, Raisi K. Mobele. God has truly blessed me for everything that I have.

Thanks and keep on listening!