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New Era

Hi peeps, times are a changing we finished our latest EP Washed Stones last year and then stopped gigging due to Holly going to university and family ties but here is the result for you to check out also on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. I shall still be writing songs and maybe the odd gig so watch this space and hope you like our EP love to hear what you think. Take care, Keif x

New EP news plus Bass player news

Hi Guys,

We can't wait to share some exciting news with you - we are planning to record a new EP! We have loads of new songs, some of which you may have heard if you've been along to our recent gigs and now we've played them to live audiences – with fantastic feedback – we're ready to think about getting into the studio. We have some brilliant musicians and sound engineers lined up and hopefully we will have solved our bass problem by then (more on that later ....)

What's really exciting is that we have a great opportunity to fund the project through a website called PledgeMusic, which specialises in crowd-funding for music projects. Please don't switch off; I'm not going to ask you for money – just for five minutes of your time! Here's the thing: PledgeMusic will only get involved with bands that already have a certain number of subscribers to their websites. They want to be sure that recording projects being proposed have a reasonable chance of success, based on the band's following. As you already follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Facebook or ReverbNation, you've been kind enough to take an interest in our music and we'd be sooo grateful if you would visit our website, www.pimlicoroad.co.uk, and sign up to receive our newsletters. That's all! Every new subscriber will bring us closer to the number we need for PledgeMusic to let us go ahead with our crowd-funding campaign and you'll get a free download. So please, make a Pimlico happy & help us along the Pimlico Road by signing up on our website! On a different note, our double bass player revolving door continues to spin. Having parted company with Frank, we teamed up with the flamboyant and talented Dakota Jim who played two gigs with us before leaving (in some haste!) for Syria! We hope that the two things were not linked ... Much head scratching and then the door revolved again and we had a call, out of the blue, from the wonderful Betty Davila. Big smiles all round! It's early days but we have high hopes that Betty will not be heading to Syria any time soon. See ya on the Pimlico Road, Keif


Hi Ya'll been a while, our EP "The Harmony Tree" has been finished which sounds really cool, we've had a summer break and now have added some dates till Xmas and some new songs too. for all new updates go to www.pimlicoroad.co.uk

The Latest news from the Pimlico's

Hi folks, after a successful week ending in a great gig in London at the" Magic Garden" in Battersea  and three radio plays on " The Alan Hare Show" and "Folkspot Radio" and lastly on "Dave Gurman Show!  I thought what next!  Well after a couple of phone calls, we've added a return gig joint  top of the bill with another great band "The Collector" at The Honeywood la Acoustic Club. Which should be a great end of season gig at one of Gary's Clubs.

Next up!  We managed to get our first festival appearance at the "Horsham Garden Music Festival"  we have a forty minute slot at 5.40pm on the 29th of July. that we're really looking forward too, Gary will be playing again with us but unfortunately Stephen Cass can't make it for this one but fortunately we have managed to get the sevices of another great drummer Graham James Baldey,  that after seeing him  play at GJs with April Biggs an Gary at  Storrington, I am sure  will do a great job.   Soon we intend to video some new songs "Live from the Lounge" we're just waiting for Holly to get over a really bad cough/chest infection! she picked up just after our last gig in London, reckon it was the " ye olde London  smog ! " certainly the soooo wet weather we've been getting hasn't helped, what a summer!  be real good to see ya'll at one our gigs, so keep an eye on here for all our latest news. See ya'll on the Pimlico Road, Keif x


New'n'Views Well hello all, I was just sitting in the garden having a cup of coffee in the sunsine yes sunshine after the wettest drought in history thinking, gotta get out in that cab soon and earn some dosh, when I found out our website was up and running!!!!!!!! yee ha. Hope ya like the new tunes, pics and vids and a bit of insight to us. As time goes on we'll add more stuff, thinking about video blogs, podcasts of new up an coming tracks and givaways and if there is anything you can think of just let us know, and don't forget to sign up and get your free track of "Losing Carolina" At the moment the EP is only a download but in a week or so it should be available in cd format too and as you can see on the website with lovely graphics by my old friend John Younge. Gonna have to get him to look at this site soon and add a few touches here and there. If you like what you here and see, PLEASE could you spread the link around, I need all the help I can get right now, some extra soldiers would be handy. You can join as a fan as well as email sign up, in the guest section and from there I think we can send you on a mission to spread the word! and you can use the forum to chat to us and each other. Well excited about this right now but it's the Chelsea Flower Time in London, so i'd better get away and earn a bob or two, and thanks again for visiting our website. lataaaaar Keif


Hi y'all, been so busy lately our EP is ready as a digital download on our all new website http://www.pimlicoroad.co.uk which we've also busy gettin ready, so come check both out. Later this week we will be getting it pressed into a cd format and very soon on itunes Amazon etc very cool. then next month have three gigs lined up culminating with our first gig in London for an hour and a half set. Along with promoting all this and cab driving in London, ain't had time to sit down. Hope to see y'all on our website. Lataaaar Keif x


Hi ya'll, just had a good couple of gigs, first up was the Grey lady music lounge in Tunbridge Wells played a 30 min set and went down really well, also on the same night was "Three for a girl" who we loved, great harmonys check 'em out. Then two days later we were at the Winchester folk club, supporting "Pilgrims Way" a really good folk band breaking on the folk scene right now. played a different set this time and videoed it and some of the tracks have been up on facebook or fandalism and when I get a chance I'll put them up on here, again we had a good gig to a nice warm crowd, and got invited back at somepoint in the future and also to play at a festival down there in September, Watch this space! Today we have just added a couple more gigs in June which should help us warm up for our London gig which I am glad to announce that Gary is going to be playing his wonderful double bass with us for this one and again Watch this space to see if we add any more musicians for this one? this coming friday we go back into the studio to finish off our EP "The Harmony Tree" exciting times. Lataaaaar Keif x


Hi folks well the EP's taking a little longer than first thought ! But I think it'll be worth the wait "Losing Carolina" is finished and by the the reaction we're getting I think it must be good if I say so myself, Julianna is all but done, we went in the studio the other day and got most of "It's too late" done" so now on the 27th of this month wer'e gonna finish this thing off. If anyone want's to donate some cash we'll do the album! We're thinking with artwork,packaging, and all the legal stuff the end of May it should be ready fingers crossed.before that on the 15th we're at the Grey lady lounge in Tunbridge Wells for a 30 min set and then two days later we go to the Winchester Folk club supporting "Pilgrims Way" In June we have our first gig in London with 2 x 45min sets at the "Secret Garden. more details to follow nearer the event. really looking forward to that one.... until next time, see ya'll on the Pimlico Road. Lataaar Keifx

News 'N' Views

Hello All! Been a busy couple of weeks - firstly we went on the Alan Hare show on Medway Hospital Radio. We were there for two hours playing songs, lots of chat and spinning some of our favourite tunes. We played about 8 of our tracks - most of which are now up on Facebook and when I suss it out I will get them onto here. Thanks to Alan for that - we had a great time. For any of you that are interested the whole show, in audio, is on soundcloud and the link is on our Facebook page. Next up we went back to Eversfield Studios to start mixing the tracks for the EP. Losing Carolina is finished and sounding really cool and Julianna is nearly finished (turning out to be a bit of an epic!). That's two down and two left to go. We go back on 31st March to record and mix the last bits ... (well maybe one more session needed. It seems to be taking ages but I think it will be worth it). Moving on, we played headline at Coolham last Friday with Gary Holder on double bass and Stephen Cass on drums. It was great to play in full band mode and again most of the gig was recorded on my new gadget (iPhone) and there are clips up on Facebook and Youtube (its Pimlico Road1 on Youtube!). We had a ball and hope to be back at one of Gary's venues soon but before that we have the Winchester Folk Club and the Grey Lady Lounge in April (see our page for details) and then we will be taking a short break for Holly to do her GCSEs (Good luck Sweetheart!). That's about it for now. See y'all soon on the Pimlico Road. Lataaar, Keif x

News' N ' Views

Hi folks been a while, where do we start, well last Saturday we were on the Alan Hare show (Medway Hospital radio) for a couple of hours and had a great time played lots of songs a couple of new ones too! One of them "It's too late" is Holly's debut on lead vo cals. We had a good chat with Alan and the whole show should be up on " sound cloud" in a week or two also video clips will be appearing on Facebook as well. Next up this Wednesday we're back in the studio to mix three of the tracks, we decided against " Lily Green" for now and we shall go back on the 31st and record & mix " It's too late" instead as a trio. Moving on to Friday the 16th of March. We're headlining at Coolham " Gary's acoustic club" with Gary Holder on double bass and Dr Stephen Cass on drums, if you. can get down for this one it should be good. Two firsts here 1st gig with drums and 1st time that I've rehearsed by email .... the modern world hey! Well that's about all for now, see y'all on the Pimlico road. Lataaar Keif x