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time loup

The places we were supposed to go together. Are getting farther and farther away. Are we going backwards? Stop the orbiting truth. Say what you came here to say. I am not your wishbone any more I think there is no place to hide Your not on an earth like planet anymore I am smarter. I am better. I am happier. It is easier to remember things. My grandfathers face. The sound of your voice. I have. Uploaded. I am. Enlightened. I have escaped. From the time loop.

autobiographical haikus......

...chopping myself into pieces


take all the cuts and slices and have aerial people sing it

foggy brushky

rumble drums tearing at the blown out juke box speakers..... she's trying to whisper as loud as she can but the palace booms life in 10 dimensions.... i use my body instead of speaking -- she follows me out into the middle of the floor between the people at the tables and the people at the bar and we claim a few square feet of ceramic floor tile standing tip toe on top of mondrian....

getting my piano fixed..

WOO!! Hooo!!



here comes the moon

every day the process swallows my dreams, but at night, my life is alive