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Celebrating the completion of Album High And Dry

Dearest fans, I am honored to present to you my latest work; a live recording of a four-piece (Bass, Drums, guitar and keys with original lead vocals) performing music produced, directed and composed by yours truly. Since our first album release in 2012, we have played hundreds of shows while playing musical chairs, or instruments rather.... Our former drummer, Kevin Cole, took control of the bass, while our original bass player, Paul Lamb, found some time in between his tour with Shuggie Otis to jump behind the dials as our recording engineer! Our good friend and former drummer, Matty Tucker, scaled back his musical responsibilities to care for his new son Finley, but managed to be our visual art specialist for the album. While playing a gig in Cotati we met the house photographer Garrett Davis, who became our keyboardist. He recruited his Sonoma State Jazz Band classmate, phenom-drummer Taylor Cuffie, who completed the sound. In the year leading up to our two days of recording in February 2015, Kevin, Cuffie, Garrett and I played, practiced or performed together almost every day. The music was staring to really groove and it was clear that we needed to record! Around that time I found myself having a beer with my former baseball coach, family friend, local DJ and record producer Doug Jayne, and as eager as I was to tell him how my music was going he was equally excited to help me get it on wax! So we called a meeting, made a plan, set a date and rocked out! In just 4 days at Paul's House we doubled some guitar, keys, recorded backup vocals and mixed the tracks. Garrett moved out of town and we were fortunate to bring to the entourage another Sonoma State Jazz attendee, on the keys, Nate Dittle. Nate helped us tie down lose ends on a few tracks and still rocks with us today!

Spring 2015, New Albums....JTB & KMB

Hey everybody, I am proud to announce the completion of the recording of 2 albums (Jen Tucker Band and Kyle Martin Band) at Jackelope Studio, the first of four phases that are involved in producing music. The next 3 steps are mixing, mastering and printing. Both albums are produced by Paul Lamb, Doug Jayne and Kyle Martin Band. It all takes energy and I am grateful to have a great team as we walk through the proverbial turns-dials! KMB's album has a standard rock formation (drums, bass, guitar and keys) and was tracked as a live session with few edits and overdubs intended to represent what we sound like in a public setting. We were playing a streak of really great gigs a few months ago, feeling hot and playing really well together so we would have been losing out to not try and capture it. While we were at it we played a lot of gigs with Jen Tucker and thought, we should cook while the skillet is still hot and greasy. We had been hoping for years to make a deal with Doug and Paul to mold some wax wheels together, called a meeting, chewed the fat and by the end of it we were all down! Jens album is a bit more "polished" with the different applied coats but it still carries the refined-classic-rock-album sound. "Trying to not do too much with it", was the mantra in the room, "less is more.". I am stoked for these albums and I can't wait to share! We have set a date for the Official release of KMB's album @ Hopmonk Sebastopol alongside Marshall House Project Friday, June 5th for our "Dual Album Release Party"! As I write a steady rain is connecting with my current but not-to-be-for-long roof in drought-stricken Northern California which is calming the nerves but not my excitement for the months to come. Many things are uncertain in this life. I am fortunate to have had enough time, money, resources, friends, a lover, a home and food over the years. I have been busy doing what I love in the studio, the garage, on stage and all that is involved in facilitating this lifestyle. I have my fans, friends and family to thank for my success. I hope to see you there and/or at any of our other fantastic gigs we have planned which you can find on many of our online presences. Check in with our website www.kylemartinband.com Cheers to the future, and may we all find a place to be! Special thanks to my Mother, Brother, Kristen Pearce, Kevin Cole, Paul Lamb, Doug Jayne, Jen Tucker, Garrett Davis, Matty Tucker and Taylor Cuffie.

Working in the good bugs

Hey there all of my beautiful friends and fans! I am so pleased to announce many new developments with my social media. My songs are now completely available for streaming and download!! If you choose to support myself and the Fender charity MUSIC FOR GOOD to help fund music in schools you may do so on the REVERBNATION site. I am also on ITUNES, SPOTIFY and AMAZON!!! For all of the lyrically stimulated fans, I now have all of the lyrics for my album up on my neat little player so now you can read my song while you stream it!!! Finally, if you have had trouble finding my website by doing a domain search on google or bing, "KYLEMARTINBAND.com and my reverbnation site should be the first two sites that appear!! Our band is taking a small vacation for the next month, in the meantime please stay tuned, rock out and please share my music!! Thank you so much for the support!! -Love, Kyle

No end in sight

Wow. What a year. I am a full time self-employed entrepreneurial singer/songwriter Band leader musician. I got my album out and my web page up completely self funded. I am also helping to build a small permiculture off-the-grid ranch that I am currently living in. I have been playing so many gigs but next year I am going to do more, much more. I have just about all of the material for my next album. Totally loving it :)

Romance- Kyle Martin

I have the first song off of my album up. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave a message!! -Kyle