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Old Coal Trail

OK, so I finally got a new recording done! … AND... I’m hoping to keep ‘em coming for a while. (I’m shooting for one a week for the next few months at least…)

This is a song I actually wrote almost 2 years ago called the Old Coal Trail. I’ve been playing in my live show all along, but I’ve never taken the time to properly record it until now. This one just popped up all of sudden after Jean and I had been meandering through the hills of North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia for a few days. Jean actually wrote a pretty cool story about our trip, which you can check it out HERE


This song is definitely a true story as you can tell from the lyrics

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I have given out a couple of thousand CD’s over the last 3 years...

I was thinking... I have given out a couple of thousand CD’s over the last 3 years, and I believe it was well worth the investment. Many people have donated back into my tip jar when taking a CD, sometimes just some loose change and sometimes $20 or more, with the average probably being around 3 to 5 bucks on those who are able to donate, (which offsets the folks who are unable to donate anything.) In the grand scheme of things, I have probably done a little better than breaking even on all of these CD’s (of course it helps my bottom line that I just burn them at home and slap on a home printed sticker for cover art.) Now, I have taken some sh%t about this from some of my fellow musicians who believe that music should never be given away for free, but the payoff to me is more than monetary. (although money would be nice too!) What my return on this investment has been is playing a show in my home town, or any town I have been to before, and people requesting my original songs, and often singing along with them. It’s a pretty awesome feeling for me to know that my music and CD’s (and T-Shirts!) can be found all over this great country of ours Getting the music out in this way also helps boost the attendance at my shows, as many people get so excited about what I’m doing that they grab several CD’s to take to their friends, who often come out to the next show. It also gives folks something to take home with them to remember their night out with the Flat Broke One Man Band LOL. Often people rip my CD to their phones and MP3 players, and stick it on a shelf somewhere and save it. So, I’ll be taking a few months off this winter and hopefully recording a giant backlog of material that I have been writing. I’m planning on releasing these songs online as I get them finished…one at a time. Just like in the old days when you could buy a 45 single with a B-side. When I get enough of them together, I’ll put together a new CD or two. And I plan on passing them out at the shows just like I always have. The donations I receive are always greatly appreciated, and every bit of it goes back into the music. So if you dig what I do, that’s how it continues to exist and THANK YOU

PART 1 One Man Band- Year One Recap!

Well, On January 29th 2011 I played my first one man band show. My previous band had gone on a permanent hiatus, but there was one last show booked that I DID not want to cancel. The show was a tribute show for my good friends Joe and Debby Chandler, the patrons saints of Akron Live music!, and they had hand picked the acts they wanted at their show. I did not want to let them down. Now, I’m not really the singer songwriter type, and I just didn’t feel confident going up there with only an acoustic guitar and doing my thing, so I found myself an old suitcase at a thrift store and built some homemade drums. I picked some songs I thought I could pull off, and nervously prepared for my first one man band show, honestly thinking it could possibly be my last one man band show. The show was at Annabel’s in Akron and I was to go on first, which was much to my relief because there were 3 other great bands that night, and Annabel’s is traditionally a venue where the crowd rolls in a little late. I figured I’d play to a few people, the bartender, the Chandlers, and my friends from the Misery Jackals and the Giggity’s. Well, the clock struck 10, and I got ready to go man go. But to my horrified surprise, the room FILLED UP fast! It was elbow to elbow in there before I hit a note! I really thought I might vomit. It ain’t easy singing and playing guitar while playing drums with your feet, (especially homemade ones that could fly apart any minute) so my nerves were off the chart man. But holy crap, everyone loved it. It was truly surprising to me; and a great thrill indeed. Ever since then, I have continued to have so much fun doing this, and am still amazed and grateful for the reactions and responses I get. I owe Joe and Debby Chandler a big thank you for giving me the reason to get the Flat Broke One Man band off the ground. I owe Sweet Willie C from the Misery Jackals a big thank you for planting the idea of a suitcase bass drum in my head. I owe Ric Nimrod a big thank you for putting together the Chandler Super Show, and keeping after me to do it, because I was nervous as hell!

PART 2 One Man Band- Year One Recap!

Ever since that first show, I have done some Great Shows at some Awesome Venues with some Fantastic Acts! I have done numerous shows in the BuzzBin Art and Music store. Every show has been fantastic! BuzzBin Mike is top notch and he and his staff do it right. I have also played two festivals for BuzzBin; Brewed Roots and the Froth Fest. Each one was amazing, (and I don’t use the word amazing lightly) I’m looking forward to next year for these festivals, (if they’ll have me again!) I’ve played at galleries, street festivals, did a fantastic hot rod show in Bullskin twp PA! and I’ve played some great shows at some great bars with some great bands. In 2011 I played shows in Canton, Massillon, Akron, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Erie, Youngstown, and Morgantown. In 2012 I’ve already got shows lined up in Columbus, Port Huron, and tentative dates in Fort Wayne, Detroit, Charleston, and who knows where else! I can’t believe how fortunate I’ve been to be able to do this. I can’t name every great band I’ve gotten the chance to play with this year, but here’s a few that I love, and you should too! (in no particular order)  The Misery Jackals  The Giggity’s  The Most Beautiful Losers  Chris Bentley (anything he does)  Dolly Rocker Ragdoll  Ohio Joe  Johnny and the Apple Stompers  The Living Deads  Memphis Mike and the Legendary Tremblers  Dave Moore and the Hillbilly Huxsters  The Lords of the Highway  Death by Rodeo  Matty B  The Galt Line  Matt Woods  Subourbon Son  WolfBoy Slim  Shouting Thomas I also owe a big thank you to Ashley from Rockabilly OH for all of her work promoting local music and helping me out with everything Again, thanks to Ric Nimrod for the time he spends putting together great multi act bills, and getting me on some of them Thanks to Chris Bentley and all of the Most Beautiful Losers for just being awesome and promoting the hell out of what I do. A lot of people that have heard about me, heard about me through Chris, Dalin, and the boys! Same goes for Randee and Symphony aka The Living Deads. I have a blast playing with them, and I seem to get new fans in every city they go There are so many more people I am grateful for and need to thank that have helped me along in my first year of the One Man Band. I can’t name ‘em all, but here’s a few! My friends Justin Klimp, Teri and Hattie, Soosie Tantrum, Pasquale and Erica, Dan Halen, Tox and Heidi (we gotta do some shows together this year), David Stoops, Billy Ludwig, Olivia from Erie, TJ from Erie, Ashley and Angie and Jypsy, Joe Davis and his crew, JFK from the Royal Oaks (love that place), Jason from Morgantown, Jeremy James, Tom and Vivian, Rockabilly Ray Kollar… There are just so many great people and friends. I know I haven’t listed everybody, but I’m grateful for every one of you And last but certainly not least… my lovely wife Jean Trent, who is absolutely the best, which you all know if you’ve been to a show! I think you all are just as happy to see her as you are to see me, which I think is awesome! I got big plans for 2012, a bunch of new songs in the hopper, a bunch of new shows and marketing opportunities, and I want to thank everyone again for making this all possible for me Your friend Steven R Trent