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Album out now!

The Prolific - 1000 Pt.1 Album out now. Everywhere soon. Buy now at CDBaby http://cdbaby.com/cd/theprolific5 Hear on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theprolificmusic… or Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/theprolific/sets/1000-part-1

Album production

Production is going very well. We can't wait to show the songs in their present state. More news about the album is coming soon.

Playing Club Moscow at Boardner's in Hollywood, CA

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/360727690700229/

See ya there!

Playing at California Institute Of Abnormal Arts on March 24th

You are invited! https://www.facebook.com/events/335190826599945/

On indie100.com tonight!

Tune into indie100.com tonight to hear our songs and the band interviewed.

Also see us live at California Institute of Abnormal Arts on March 24th!

Album news is on the way!

January 2013

We are working on a lot right now.

#1 We have a big show coming up at Club Moscow in Hollywood, CA on 01/16/13. We hope to see you there!

#2 Album production is going very well and the release date & more about the recordings should be announced soon.

#3 There's much more exciting news and videos on the way but we'll let you know about everything soon.

Thank you for your support and patience! We hope you like what is on the way ...

- The Prolific

August - More songs, more shows and more videos

We've been busy. There are more songs to be included on the upcoming album. There are more live shows on the way, including one at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles. And there are more videos for individual songs and strange conceptual art ones created for the fun of it. Stay tuned!

First 100 songs posted! Many more on their way!

Thank you for listening. There are a lot more songs to be posted each day until reaching the goal. Please check out the videos here or on the following pages: http://www.facebook.com/theprolificmusic http://www.youtube.com/theprolificmusic http://www.theprolific.com/news

More news soon!

Album release date

Official album release date: TBA

More news about the new album coming soon.

New online acoustic performance this weekend!

New online acoustic performance this weekend!

New original tracks and videos will be updated weekly!

Thanks to all of you who have already joined!