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Cuban Dvenci leader of 6 N Belmont Production

Cuban Dvenci one of the top independent artists that everyone is talking about!! He has made his way through the streets of Coatesville and Phildelphia, Pa with his 90's flow of rapping.

He has been up down the east coast selling his number one album and has great feedback from it. Da DVenci Code (Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster, Google Play) album is one of the best independent albums that we heard in a long time. He has fun with his partying music, Street music and political music. He is the host of Live Music99 Radio which supports independent artists to get there names out and about. Recently he had Malice from the Clispes and Kenny Wray on there interviewing them.

Next big step for Cuban is to get his team 6BP (6 N Belmont Production) out and notice everywhere around the world. His team is bringing the real music back not just hip hop. Music in gerneral like R&B, Soul, Reggae and etc. He has performed big name venues such as the Trocadero in Philadelphia, Pa. In September he was on Action News getting recognize for his music. He has his team 6BP in 2 magazines Musical Genius www.iammusicalgenius.com and Indiegator www.indiegatormagazine.com. You vote for him and his song "You Know" ft. R-Dot at this link http://www.iamamusicalgenius.com/cuban-dvenci.htm He will be in the next issue of Indiegator Magazine coming this October. He has invested in Pure Energy which is to help people loose weight with the products that they sell.Coming 2013 he will be dropping "Welcome to 6 N Belmont" which will be his team album.

Coatesville artists on the rise!! Cuban Dvenci and R-Dot

Once again DTR and 6BP captains are back on stage together again at the Rusty Nail. Cuban Dvenci and R- Dot both from Coatesville, Pa is putting there city on the map. Childhood friends on two different labels and still putting out good music and working together as one. Cuban and R-Dot have been working together since 2003 and now finally are rising up together on the music scene in 2012. They will be working on an album called The Fast Five started by Beats da Best. Which includes artists like Dolla Rise and Fat Rich Tha Grizzley from Philadelphia. R- Dot yesterday has dropped his new album called Addiction. Cuban Dvenci has dropped his album Da DVenci Code which has over 200 downloads from different sites all together on the internet. Singles like "You Know"ft. R-Dot and "Interview" has been buzzing on the online radios on blogtalkradio.com and couple of college radios. You can find both of their albums on www.Hotnewhiphop.com. They are talking about coming together and doing a DTR/6BP Concert in 2013. This is still up in the air due to their Ceo positions of their there labels and working on projects with their artists. Also you can find Cuban Dvenci's single "You Know" ft. R-Dot on Itunes today. Follow them on twitter @CubanDVenci83 and @RDot610

The Dvenci Code

This is the Cuban Dvenci second album from his own label 6 n Belmont Production. This is going to the most electrify independent album this year. He will have many featured artists like Fess Gotchu, Dolla Rise, R Dot and many more on this project. This is an album that you dont want to miss at all. If you want to grab any current mixtapes from Cuban Dvenci go to http://www.resurrectionrecordsent.com and there all downloadable. Album drops February 14, 2012