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Happy payday peoples! Looking forward to the weekend ahead with my woman :D

No finished tracks lately, stay tuned boppers STAY TUNED

My None

Don't seem to be any music lately, everything's gone that little bit darker. Love you None, whatever happens from here I ain't ever forgettin my best mate.

Come on Summer



Dinner :)

Uh Huh

Just hit 100kg on deads... almost 3 years since back injury! Another 30kg more and I'll be back to where I was, and though it's been a massive setback, I've learned a lot about myself and godjam just so effin happy to be tearing it up again! Couldn't really cry in front of the bloke sharing the rack with me, I aint ashamed to say it was close though! Much love to my family and close ones for makin me smile in my bleak bits, you don't know how much it means, and Jelly Bean ol' son - stay the fuck outta my arena...


I never make resolutions, but I feel this year I want to. So...

1. Less disappearing. 2. Forgo my afternoon smoke. 3. Finish what I start. 4. Appreciate myself for what I do for others. 5. Be less wary of people's motives.

I also want to start properly saving money and also customise a few new pairs of jeans.

Good luck to all for the new year!

End of a Year

Been a pretty good one too! No plans for the next one, feel like I need a holiday though Only real resolution is to concentrate more on getting a few art projects finished - too many loose ends right now...

Hip Hop Project - Coming Soon

South Stifford beat wizard I disappear like a villiain Seek me in EQ bringing bassline back in Nah braggin, I down any soundboy aggin X amount of swing through walls a-taggin...

Friday Feelin!

Treat me like a King you'll always be my Queen. Treat me like a joke darlin I'll drop you like it's funny...

Tellin the Yoot

Gave my talk to the Princes Trust kids today, biggest group I've dealt with yet and feeling quite good about it. Turns out I inspired at least 2 of em, so what more could I ask for? David Attenborough setup was sick and to my amazement seems to have been designed for my sounds... def something to think about on the train ride! Don't think I'll be composing for the Museum any time soon, but who knows - a quiet half hour and a cheeky favour and might get a few heads in there for a taste of ard rollidge!