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Producer Brian Craddock Review

- "Frank is an amazing young artist with a very clear and focused direction... Frank knows who he is! A killer singer and guitar player, the "Break These Chains" recording session came together very quickly and easily here at The Cat Room (Virginia recording studio). Frank Palangi is an artist to watch out for in 2015!" – Brian Craddock

Producer Elvis Baskette Review

My fave is "it's all right" has a great chorus. "I am Ready" really shows off your voice. "I am waiting" has a killer chorus too. "Love" is a great track but feels incomplete. "Remembrance" is beautiful. And it's nice having a different feel with "driving these lines". All these tracks could have stronger bridge sections. I am excited for your new ideas:) You are truly talented my brother:)

Elvis Baskette- Producer (Alterbridge, Creed, Tremonti) https://twitter.com/ELVISLIBERACE

Producer Rob Coates Review

"Having the opportunity to watch Frank Palangi grow musically has been amazing. This is a young man with a pure passion, determination, and desire to make it in the music industry. I rarely see an artist devote so much time making sure his music meets the needs of his fans, while interacting with them at the same time. His drive and determination are two hallmarks of a true artist and should be an inspiration to anyone who desires to be an artist. Additionally, Frank has become quite a talented recording engineer. This only adds to his numerous arsenal of creativity and definitely crowns him as a double threat in the industry. Keep watch to see and hear BIG things happening with Frank Palangi. He is consistent and will not let you down. Regardless if your in the industry or a loyal fan." - Rob Coates (Producer / Audio Mixer)

Stepping in the Mainstream


Primary Genre: Rock Secondary Genre: Acoustic

His goal is to get his music to reach out to as many people as possible and to do this career the rest of his life.

www.myspace.com/frankpalangirocks facebook, twitter, reverbnation

A solo artist from Upstate, NY ranging from acoustic rock to heavier flavors, takes the big step into mainstream music.

In June of 2010, Frank received the chance to work with veteran producer Rogers Masson in Nashville, TN. Works which include The Mavericks, Day of Fire, and mixing for artists like Marlyn Manson. The rock band Day of Fire, (former lead singer of Full Devil Jacket, Josh Brown) and toured with bands such as Daughtry and Non Point, has stepped in and gave Frank "the baddest rhythm section in the land" says producer Masson. With putting out mainstream CD's under different major labels, they are no stranger to the way the music business works.

Up until this point, Frank has produced, recorded and performed 2 independent solo albums and one promo EP at his home studio working non-stop to get the word out. This experience going to Nashville, TN was a real treat for Frank from the 1st time flying, to recording and working with real professionals. " I had some great vocal advice from Josh Brown and support from the band." Frank said. " The recording went great and Rogers was awesome to work with. I only could image in my head what the outcome come be like for my tracks, and it raised the bar for me. As a producer, Rogers is focused, open-minded, and knowledgeable"

Rogers and Frank both are gearing to have the tracks listened to A&R reps, tour managers, publishing, and radio. 2 more songs are going to be recorded in the near future to finish the EP record. I'm Waiting, It's All Right, and Remembrance have all ready been completed. The styles of the tracks are rock based genre but "As putting myself in the rock genre, I believe you can hit all different sides and not always just be a straight forward rock artist" says Frank. "I have a lot of main influences in my style, and incorporate some of that with a mesh of things. With this EP release as my self titled, I feal like it's my first professional piece of work with a lot heart and taken seriously because this is a career is what I want to do for the rest of my life."

Throughout Frank’s whole music career he has worked non-stop for something to come up. He plays heavily in the local area, promotes on local radio stations from interviews to songs being played, promotes on-line and is always reaching out there for more exposure. ” I can’t thank Day of Fire (Josh Brown, Chris Pangallo, Joe Pangallo, Zach Simms) and Rogers Masson enough for the chance they have givin me and the faith they have believing in my talent.”

INFLUENCES: Metallica, Creed, Daughtry, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Day of Fire, Hinder, Def Leppard, 3 Doors Down, Johnny Cash, Megadeth, Goo Goo Dolls, Rev Theory, Bon Jovi, Moltey Crue, Judas Priest, and (Movie themes)

Sounds Like: Frank Palangi, Creed, Metallica, Godsmack, Daughtry, Three Days Grace,

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Queensbury, NY – Frank Palangi, a one-man band whose work has ranged from acoustic to hard rock.

“I’m Waiting” 2nd solo CD released 2008. Better than the first (Falling too). More mainstream, less acoustic work, more Hard Rock style. “My goal is to reach a mainstream audience, and hit the radio stations.” “Maybe even a music video.” “I’m still doing all the instruments and having a couple of guest musicians.” This 2nd CD shows the improvement of the artist and skills of music/song writing.

Working as a solo artist who performs all his own instrumentation has been a blessing for him, Palangi said. He suffers from severe allergies and asthma and his ability to write and perform all his own music – and to record it in his own home studio – has greatly lessened the effects of what could otherwise have been considerable hardships for a musician.

As a writer, he says he focuses on creating songs people will want to hear over and over again. And nostalgia, he believes, is also an important facet of songwriting. “Music should be entertainment. The more you listen, the more you want,” Palangi said. “It’s all about revisiting songs and remembering when you heard them in a certain time of your life – almost like a photo album.”

Palangi likes to perform as frequently as possible. He plays heavily in the area around Upstate, NY, the city he calls home. “I like to play at the local coffee houses and some restaurants,” he says, noting that he prefers to avoid bars where people are often too drunk to really appreciate the music they’re hearing.

His constant playing (and constant writing and recording, too) are signs of his passion for music – something he believes is required for someone to be truly accomplished as a musical artist. “If you want to play music, it must be a passion and a drive. Practice is the key to getting better.”

Palangi is currently working with A&R Select, the world’s leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA. Songs are selling through major online retails. Itunes/Rhapsody/Napster. More information is available by visiting www.myspace.com/frankpalangirocks and www.promofm.com/bands/1892/index.php

Article from the Post Star newspaper

Night of music, coffee By CE SKIDMORE skidmore@poststar.com Published: Friday, September 05, 2008

If Creed, Godsmack and Suicidal Tendencies could be smelted into one man, it is Frank Palangi.

The young singer-songwriter from Queensbury has recently released the album "I'm Waiting."

It's a heavy, guitar-driven crash course in "nu metal" on which Palangi has recorded all the tracks himself.

Of course, he also plays well with others, as evidenced by collaborations with local musicians Joe Carroll and Danielle Bardin.

Tonight, Palangi will go acoustic at the Ridge Street Coffee Co. in downtown Glens Falls.

The show should be a stark contrast to the album, which is decisively "plugged" with the exception of tracks like "This Girl" and "Last Wish."

"I'm Waiting" opens up with its title track, a song that reflects influences ages older than the artist himself.

In a press release, Palangi said that he suffers from severe allergies and asthma.

It is clear from his sound that the artist spent the time grounded by his maladies listening to the gods of glam.

"I'm Waiting" is the second effort for the young performer.

His first disc, "Falling Too," dropped in 2006.

In addition to composing all the instrumentation, Palangi also authors the lyrics, records each track and produces the entire package at a home studio.

He is passionate about the craft. Via press release he said, "(Music) is all about revisiting songs and remembering when you heard them in a certain time in your life -- almost like a photo album."

For more information on Palangi, including upcoming gigs and where to purchase his CDs, visit www.myspace.com/frankpalangirocks.

Radio Spot for I'm Waiting

10.49FM the edge made me the first ever Frank Palangi promo radio spot. Listen to it on reverbnation or myspace.


Featuring the voice of Ralph Renna

Reviews for "I'm Waiting"

-Frank Mineo-fan from Queensbury, NY "I already expected the music to be good but instead, it was amazing! The music is extremely captivating; it encompasses many rock influences and yet it does not sound generic, it has its own independent quality. It is obvious that Frank has not only put time, but also passion into his music. You can tell that Frank's music is professionally designed because each song touches you on some sort of emotional level. Good luck Frank, ROCK ON!"

-Mike Hathway- fan from Glens Falls, NY "This song is definately a great start towards experimenting with different sounds. I'm Waiting is a bit more darker and heavier than the songs from the last album. It's a big step towards accomplishing the tough feat of maintaining heaviness and keeping a mainstream sound. If this is just a glimpse of whats to come I'm already salivating at what the rest of the disc sounds like."

-Greg Casale. fan from Glens Falls, NY "I'm Waiting" has a very mainstream metal sound to it. I like the different guitar riffs and the effects used in the song. The song's mood changes frequently which makes it more interesting leaves you wanting to hear more. Frank's vocals are in perfect sync with the song's tempo. Good job Frank, can't wait to hear the rest of the album."

-Erin Englehart- fan from Saratoga, NY " The song I'm Waiting has taken a difftrent direction from the first album " Falling too" It has a more edgy hard rock sound to it yet still stays with the style of music Frank produces. I'm stoked to hear the rest of the album! Good Luck Frank! xoxo."

-Jay Ruzicka- Director from Clifton Park, NY "Reminiscent of the sounds of Godsmack, Palangi's "I'm waiting" packs a haunting and energetic punch in just under 4 minutes."

-Gator-fan from Fort Edward NY "I love "I'm Waiting." I guess that I wasn't expecting what I heard. You can definitely tell you had some big time 90's heavy metal influences. All the other times I've heard you play its been acoustic. I like the acoustic for what you do for us as far as dinner music, but my personal preference is more of this. Rock on Frank! I hope that we see your name in lights soon."

-Josh Whitman- fan from Queensbury NY "The new song is great. It sounds like the acoustic songs godsmack did a while back. If all the songs on the cd sound like this it should be a great cd."

-DJ Mark with Total Entertainment from Glens Falls New York "F.P. You've come along way since you played the school dance with us years ago.....the new song is very good! Got some 90's grunge flair to it.....I like it alot. Their gonna change your last name when your famous! Keep working...your get there buddy!"

-Mike Grunert- Musician from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin "The new single, "I'm Waiting" from Frank Palangi is a power-packed yet melodic modern rock song. If the rest of the cd sounds like this, I think a lot of people will like it. Frank Palangi is an artist who is on his way up."

- Joe Carroll-musician from Hudson Falls NY "I'm waiting is a goosebump raising song that pulls you in and keeps you wanting to here more"

-The Loyalty-band from Saratoga NY "your more metal than cast iron steel. nice tunes dude"

-The JV Myka Project-band from BALTIMORE, Maryland "I'll Be Waiting" has some serious crunch and balls. I love the vocals. Reminds me a little of H.I.M. Catchy melody and the lyrics are easily understood. I can hear this on the radio (alternative rock). It has a dark edge, but that assertive aura coexists well with the love torn message. I am impressed. If you plan to pass through Baltimore as some point, hit me up because I work with SEN Baltimore Magazine and Comcast doing music showcases for our On Demand segments. Good luck in all you do."

"I'm Waiting" album 2008

One-man act Frank Palangi announces new project. Queensbury,NY – Solo artist Frank Palangi, whose music ranges from acoustic rock to heavier flavors, has announced the new single from new CD.

“I’m Waiting,” from the album of the same name, stands as the tone-setter for the CD (thus its selection as the lead single). It’s a sterling example of Palangi’s style, both as a songwriter and performer. Propelled both by rich melodies and driving riffs and percussive grooves, “I’m Waiting” is a brilliant blend of heartfelt, emotional songwriting and Palangi’s own brand of hard rock energy. Mid-tempo but with balanced, heavy crunch, “I’m Waiting” moves with an urgent pulse that draws in the listener with tangible hooks.

The verses have the pull of Homer’s beloved, dread sirens, luring the hearer into a big-sound chorus that explodes with color, all of which is in line with Palangi’s songwriting philosophy. “I like a good drum beat and catchy guitar riffs,” Palangi says. “And the chorus and theme MUST stand out.” And the song’s production is gleaming and pristine, bringing just the right amount of density versus space to the tune.

Thematics are vital elements in Palangi’s songwriting. Every one of his songs is built from a core theme that shapes the construction of the song and gives Palangi a focal point as he creates each new tune. “It sets a goal and makes you think hard on that one idea,” he says, emphasizing his belief that an artist should put his all into everything he or she writes.

Not only does Palangi write all his own music – he also brings it all to life. He sings and plays every instrument on the entire “I’m Waiting” album. The ability to be self-contained as an artist is an important part of Palangi’s musical world. He endures severe allergies, as well as asthma, and being in a position to do everything himself staves off obstacles that would otherwise arise if he was in a collaborative project.

Palangi previously released the 2006 album “Falling Too.” He is currently working with A&R Select, the premier A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. More information is available by visiting www.myspace.com/frankpalangirocks and www.arselect.com.

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www.wgfr.org (WGFR 92.7FM) http://www.albanyedge.com (The EDGE 104.9FM) www.weqx.com (EQX 102.7FM) www.exit977.org ( EXIT 97.7FM) www.channel1031.com (CHANNEL 103.1fm) http://wlso.fm/ (WLSO) www.rifradio.net/ www.radiolakegeorge.com www.radiougly.com www.radiogetswild.com/ http://plattsburghpipeline.com/radio www.freetimeradio.com/ www.3westtv.com/ www.k94rocks.com/

"Falling too" album 2006


CD released on Sept. 2006.


Artist Name: Frank Palangi Music (Scale of 1-10) Music - 7 Songwriting - 7 Lyrics - 6 Production - 6 Vocals - 6 Marketability - 7 Total Music Score = 65% Image/Marketability (Scale of 1-10) Artist / Band Name - 6 Artist Photography - 6 CD Artwork - NA Bio - Will Re-View Image Marketability - 7 Total Marketability Score = 65% Current Overall Package Score = 78% Artist Signing Probability % at this point = 35% Licensing / Publishing Probability = 80% Reviewed by A&R dept

Music Comments: The main issue I have with the material on the disc "Falling Too" is that there is no variation sonically in the vocal treatments. A different reverb from time to time would give the collection some variety, and a drier vocal sound is also more modern. Some mastering would also give the collection some sonic cohesiveness as there are some sonic holes in the mix, mostly lower mids.

RADIO STATIONS spins/plays www.wgfr.org (92.7FM) www.eqx.com (102.7FM) www.exit977.org (97.7FM)

-The JV Mkya Project- Baltimore, Maryland "I dig "I'm Falling" too. Nice mix of acoustic and darkness lament. Great for driving in the rain."