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2013 plans

We have definitely had some ups and downs for the past year and a half. Last April, we released our first full length album, "Broken Glass" on iTunes. In December of last year, Snow in Sunlight was broken up and done for. After discussion, we decided to start the band back up, but this time, KayLee would no longer be our singer. Due to personal preferences, it was a mutual agreement that SiS should continue without her. There are no hard feelings between her and us. It's January 29, 2013. We're playing at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on March 2ns for Wicked Winterfest. Things are looking up again. We seriously thank everyone who has supported us and those who still do. We have some more plans, but we'll announce them later (possibly another album :D). Thanks. -Chan, BJ, Stephen, and Matt

Update on us

Hello everyone. We have been a band now for about a year and a half, and i couldnt be any happier with my life right now. Things are looking up for us. We have our cd out, we are playing more shows, and we are in production for a music video. we are looking forward to playing!! thanks to everyone who has supported us. -chan