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obstacles in getting ahead

If you are in the music world in any capacity you would understand that it can be the most rewarding and at the same time frustrating. Just when things start going okay something else happens. I started another band and we were playing out on a regular basis. We played at some great venues. The clubs loved us. That being said, a member had a better offer for another project so he had to leave. It's very hard finding a replacement of his caliber. Their are many musicians but finding the right one can take time. For now, I am recording most of what you here on an analog home recording machine. Where it is so hard to get the right chemistry together it has forced me to play other instruments so I can put out a full sound. I like it because I learn so much more. The down side is I need to be with more creative talented people. I will keep plugging away as music has been with me for a long time and there is no greater joy than creating a song and then sharing it with people who enjoy it. Thank goodness for Reverbnation....

Up Coming Shows

I just recently did a promotional video at CATV studio in Wakefield Ma. for Studio Sessions Live. They hope to have a Date for me soon to perform live down in Plymouth Ma. They will also be sending that audition tape out to other cable stations soon. Will keep all posted.