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Recording of The Artist Starving

As of yesterday the first song on our debut cd was released. "Glass Bricks Can Sink Ships" has been approved by Marvin Renkas and is blasting in the ears of local teens. Thank you marvin we love you! -Art

Studio Time coming soon! INDIE MUSIC FEST INFO

Wow so its been a hectic couple months. We'd just like to everyone who came to our shows in Wisconsin Dells! we had a blast. Everyone has been just awsome and supportive. Now, we recently were accepted to play at the Indie Music Festival at the Mall of America on july 22-24. Buuuut sadly we can not make it :( it is a dissipointment but we just do not have the money to get there. Sorry guys.On a happy note after our show @ recreation lanes on july 14th we will be taking a break from playing live and will start recording our first ever full length CD! Including the real versions of the demos we have up that everyone has grown to love like My Feet On The Ground and Married On The Playground. We have around 10 tracks that we have to record and some learn actually lol We are planning on releasing our cd sometime in October or December of 2011, that's if everything goes right. Sooo whos up for a little game? if you can spot umm lets see how about 10 spelling mistakes in this blog... yeah 10 mistakes, then we will credit you as our smartest fan! hahaha no we'll think of something though good luck! Love, -Art

Shows in the Making!

3 upcoming shows in the upper Michigan area. Planning a few more to with selective hearing and the path less traveled. Come check them out.

June 4th we are having a FREE acoustic show at B.E. Unique as well. Check our show schedule for directions.

Thanks to everyone !

We just want to thank everyone for all the support! and for everyone thats been checking out our songs/videos/and shows.