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Free album from NOMORE on Paper+Plastick

Here is the link to the free album: http://www.tinyurl.com/nomoreTC

March 2, 2010 PAPER + PLASTICK RELEASE FREE EP FROM NOMORE Paper + Plastick Records to Release NOMORE 7” this Spring NOMORE Today Paper + Plastick Records announces a FREE download of the new Thought Crimes I EP from Gainesville, Florida’s NOMORE (see track listing below). Recorded as a full length, Paper + Plastick is giving away a number of tracks for free and will also be releasing a subsequent 7” from the band this Spring containing the remaining songs (to be announced shortly). Download Thought Crimes I EP here: http://tinyurl.com/NOMOREtc NOMORE blends socio-political commentary and pop punk that takes cues from Bad Religion, Descendents, Ramones and Bikini Kill. The band recorded the 11 songs with Gainesville-staple Roger Lima (of Less Than Jake and Rehasher), at his studio The Moathouse. “He has a great brain and we loved working with him,” says vocalist/guitarist Jennifer Vito. “We liked it so much that he and I started a side project band (Greenhorn) and wrote a bunch of songs in the studio. He's almost like a sixth band member now and has actually filled in for us at a show [on bass].”

Thought Crimes I EP track listing: 1. Radiation Tower 2. Critical Mass 3. Manufacturing Consent 4. Totalitarian Aggroculture 5. Stop Fighting 6. Cloud Factory (acoustic) P+P founder Vinnie Fiorello is an advocate for promoting the Gainesville and Florida punk and independent community, as can be witnessed from the labels involvement in many of the Florida music festivals, such as The Fest and Harvest Of Hope. Fiorello says “I’ve known Jen for a while, since she owns the only all-ages venue in Gainesville. I think it’s important for labels to put out local bands to have roots in the community that you live and work.” He adds “NOMORE is female fronted pop punk that is catchier than most name bands out there, and the fact that they are from Gainesville just makes it all the better.” The five-piece have self-released three previous albums (Mental Slavery, American Coverup, and Just The Beginning), and have appeared on a number of No Idea and Failsafe Records compilations. In the group’s decade long existence, they have shared the stage with bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars, Forgettors, Against Me, The Lawrence Arms, and The Queers, and have performed at the Warped Tour and The Fest, with an upcoming set at the Harvest Of Hope festival this March. www.facebook.com/nomoretheband www.myspace.com/nomoretheband www.paperandplastick.com # # # For more info or media requests, please contact Another Reybee Production

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NOMORE is very excited to be working with Artist, Peter Wonsowski for album art on our upcoming release (on Paper&Plastick).

Check out a lil preview here: peterwonsowski.blogspot.com

Legend has it that when PW! was just a wee youngster, he used to send these awesome sketches to Vinnie/LessThanJake...years later he's still making rad art for bands, merchandise, and more! Also, he slayed evil dragons.

Sep 27, 2009 NYC Show tonight!

Myspace sucks and isn't letting us add another show so here's all the info for tonight's late show: Sunday September 27, 2009 - 10:00 PM Venue: NYC @ The Silent Barn w/ Onion Flavored Rings, BadBloodRevival, Stupid Party, forgetters, weird weather

Oct 14, 2008 upcoming stuff!

We have a new song coming out on The Fest 7 Vinyl Compilation Album on NO IDEA RECORDS. It should be released in time for The Fest!

We will be playing The Fest 7 Halloween Weekend (like, duh)

Our new album "Thought Crimes" is just about ready to roll.

We will be doing a big tour in the early spring (with The Independents). Until then we will be playing around our region, so we'll be visiting some of you soon! Hey Tampa, Gville, Tally, Jax, Orlando, St.Pete, St.Aug, Athens, Sarasota/PC, Daytona... get ready your spaghetti.

Aug 30, 2008 NOMORE is currently rocking... Hey, this is Jen. NOMORE's still rockin, we just haven't been hanging out on our myspace very much lately.

We have a new album in the mixing stage and almost done. A couple of the new songs are now up if you'd like to check them out. We played with Voodoo Glow Skulls when we got back home from tour. that was fun. Tour was great, as always. Thanks to everyone who supported and hung out. NOMORE is playing The Fest (gainesville, FL) for the 7th year in a row!! Wow, pretty soon we get a trophy or statue of some type. Come to a show. I'll see you there. love, Jen/NOMORE

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Nov 1, 2007 ...and thanks for all the fists

thanks to everyone who came out and screamed along last night! you all were amazing. i'd say, with passion and numbers like that you could be doing a lot more than just being the best rocking crowd. ;)

holy shit!

actually, thanks for the last 3 shows. Oct 25, 27, and 31st have rocked my world. you've been bringing the communal party, people. keep bringin it.

P.S. special thanks to Tony! for being the most dedicated roadie/guitar tech a band could ask for! nice hair!

Aug 9, 2006 we got showz in different area codes (August tour)

hey kids, rock and roll. we are going on tour (with SirPrizeFighter) this month, so check out the dates and come hang out! We've got some hot new t-shirts, stickers and an array of music... We're gonna be talking about the world economic superstructure and how it relates to the big picture, so read 1984, watch The Corporation/The Network/Why We Fight, and...come dressed as your favorite political puppet/figure head. Or just wear that shirt you've had on for the last 4 days. ;) love jen

May 19, 2006 Hi Mom!

We are hitting the road, for a mini-tour of Florida. We have the new 5-piece line-up, dualing Guitar Hero for PS2, a truck full of cool womyn caravaning with us, and clean socks. Check out the show dates for more info. Love jen

Mar 30, 2006 sell your bootleg NOMORE Cd's on Ebay

If you are one of the "lucky few" to have received one of the "special edition" NOMORE - Mental Slavery CD's (the one that has the extra 6 "secret" songs from our practice tape) then prepare to build your Ebay empire. Those 6 songs, in their infant stages, recorded at a band practice will come to be a rare find. In fact, I deny any knowledge of ever having burned those special edition Cd's. We are currently recording those songs, for realz, in the studio... and they are sounding a bit different in their finished stages. By "a bit different" I mean freakin awesome. Here's a snippet from our recording journal: Day 156: We awoke at dawn to make the long trek up the mountain road carrying the required 2 buckets of water a piece (just as we have done every day so far). When we arrive, Rog Diddy Puffmaster, ushers us in and over to the PS2 Guitar Hero "training station" where we practice for hours...we are not allowed to touch any of the real equipment until we have mastered the pro-level of Guitar Hero and can play all of the Iron Maiden songs on "hard"...with "rock points". We do this everyday, stopping only to eat our daily allowance of a lunch, vegetarian burritos from Burrito Brothers (who are the main supplier of food to all of the major recording studio empires). We haven't been allowed to actually play any of the instruments on the recording yet, but we hear it sounds great and those studio musicians are doing a great job. Today, Danny missed one of the solo sustains while playing "more than a feelin", which was a great dishonor. To teach us a lesson, Rog Diddy Puffmaster made us walk to Ocala to buy him a piece of cheesecake.