The Stranger challenges the Seattle Groove Scene: "Send us your Funk!"

Moonwalk HARDER!

In Seattle, the rain never stops does it? For Megan Seling, an editorial contributer for The Stranger, it’s been pouring this week. Check it out: http://lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2012/03/28/what-the-funk-seattles-funk-community-hates-me-and-thinks-im-racist-too There are funk bands in Seattle, but they’ve learned to label themselves as “soul” or “pop” because unfortunately we musicians rely on some very unfunky people for exposure. Seattle boasts home grown music talents like Quincy Jones and Jimi Hendrix, but rarely mentions that these cats had to leave their own city to get noticed. The Stranger and The Seattle Weekly are two of our leading editorial personalities in this town. Coincidentally, they remind me of the kids in high school who went to prom just to make fun of everyone who danced. Back then, I was the over enthusiastic freak giving them plenty to talk about, so this hits a soft spot for me. There was much critisism and uproar due to Megan’s “joke”, and the usefulness of her article was all but lost in this rare opportunity for the community to voice their neglect. Some very good points were made by Laura Moreau , anthonyebriscoe , and DP Staxx . Davin Michael Stedman of The Staxx Brothers made a side comment I couldn’t agree with more; “It makes me think it's time for a contemporary funk / soul / groove type show on KEXP, hosted by an actual musician who has a connection & investment in the scene. Funk might not rule Capital Hill, but it owns Fremont.” In response to this outcry, Grant Brissey of The Stranger invited (perhaps with a bit of veiled humor) the funky soulsters of Seattle to send in their music and prove Megan wrong.. or “listen to it as penance”. http://lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2012/03/28/the-funk-megan-seling-challenge-put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is

Did you hear that Davin Michael Stedman, Staxx Brothers, Allen Stone, Coldnote, FunkyTwo D Brothers, Haiku Chi, Altered States of Funk, Thaddillac, Philana, Darrius Willrich, Down North, Marmalade, Bubba Jones,Kissing Potion, Soul Jelly, Roxbury Pound, Tiffany Wilson, Jimmy James ...

So did I, send in one of our songs? Yes, I sent in ‘Ringing Bells’. Is it funk? Not really. Is it funky? Absofunkin’lutely. Funk makes you want to move. Funk puts the sex in music. Funk's got a sense of humor.. so YA, it’s had quite an influence on me and my band. At those high school dances, I never could shrug off characters like Megan Seling. Even though all rationality told me they’d never be converted, the desire to connect with them was strong. My inner 15 year old is still saying “Aww just wait ‘til they see me moonwalk!” ..Perhaps a waste of time, but that’s what makes us the performers and them the critics.

My crazy Divas and Divos of Seattle..

I'm so jazzed for the Vocal improv show at Lucid Lounge this Feb 2nd. It kinda tickles me to see all my fellow crooners just let it all hang out. Band dynamics vary between groups, but as a frontman I've found that playing an instrument feels like a permission slip. To better explain my metaphor- a jazz pianist once told me that singers are the prima donnas of the music world. We are always considered 'outside' of the band." I was slightly offended, but couldn't disagree with him. So here's to a room FULL of prima donnas! Let's see what happens.

Album coming soon!

Finishing up the last of recording and mixing at London Bridge Studios here in Seattle, WA! Been an amazing process and we'll be excited when we finally get to share the finished product w/the world at large. Thank you to all of our fans for their support at live shows & here on the world web, you guys are all awesome & much appreciated!


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