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The Legend Dellie Hoskie

Gold record recording artist DELLIE HOSKIE Jr. is a musical master. He has been impressing the World with his Intense soul / funk musical expression for decades. Dellie writes, arranges and plays from his heart and soul with great passion, the way real music is suppose to be.

Dellie I tried to kill myself a couple times back then. It were rough. It were real rough. After my father passed, yes, that's when I hit the bottom. I wouldn't pick up the guitar, I wouldn't sing. I was in really in bad shape then. I lost a lot of weight, and people thought I had some disease. Man, it was the stress, I'm telling' you, Dellie recorded the full length CD called "I'm Back, but Real Love is Gone" on AppolloEarBone Music Enterprises,

with John J. DeGaetano in 2004. The CD was released in stores and online in all major music outlets worldwide. With little money for promotions, the release had achieved modest success, but had stellar reviews from music publications around the world.

The CD also achieved airplay in over 10 countries worldwide.Dellie said I have one wish that is to make another gold record before his time are up,at his age he not giving up his new album the " Junk Yard Blues " is out now world wide,The blues is the heart of Dellie he sing the blues from his heart and soul.

Dellie has performed with some of the best entertainers in the gospel and jazz industry, including The Five Blind Boys, Shirley Ceasar and The Five Satins where he was on the road with them for a short time.

Now in his 60's, Dellie is again on his way to making a monumental come back, Dellie's new Blues CD was released on 2/7/2011 under the direction of John J. DeGaetano on AppolloEarbone Music.