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Do Not Attempt Contact

My Song Do Not Attempt Contact gets lots of great feedback.Inspired by a wildly crazy dream. If I told you, you wouldn't believe me! 👽👽👽

Hey DJ, Where's The Bass

As I was walking along the vegas strip, a teenage girl says to me, "Hey DJ, Where's The Bass!!" as her mother pulled her away!! lmfao. I was speechless and just laughed. I got the perfect balance of metal guitar & electronica in this one!! I just love it! Sounds best at a volume of 12!!!! One louder than Nigel! lmao https://soundcloud.com/eric-adamo/eric-adamo-hey-dj-wheres-the-bass

Deep Crush Check it out!!


Seek & Destory

My album Seek & Destroy is not demonic as some have suggested. It’s a warning that Aliens and/or the Oligarchy plan to destroy the human race & the planet. I’m normally an overly positive person, but when it comes to this subject, I don’t see much hope…..

Blood Moon

Buy Blood Moon before the world ends on Sept 28!!! You can't the money with you.... https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/seek-destroy/id1033477467


Thanks to all my new fans!!


Thank you for all the wonderfull comments about Seek & Destory and the mix of Metal & EDM!!! I've been a rock guitarist and a EDM DJ way before even before it was cool to do both!!! I just decided to combine the best of both worlds. It worked for Rick James!!! lol I never understood the 70's disco sucks movement. There's was so much great music in the 70-80's, why commit to liking just just one genre!!!

Thanks for making me #1

Thanks to all my new fans!!!!

New Album Soon

Have 25 new tracks to be released soon!