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New Production Software

Hello Reverb Nation! Thanks for having us... we are working on a couple songs and look forward to previewing one of them here. Stay tuned. Regards, Sky Meadows

New Material

Those who went to BTTG December 20th got to hear one of our new songs. We hope to have those done for you soon.

Mainly for our Reverbnation fans who do not have access to purchasing our CD, we have uploaded another song on Bandcamp. You can access it through our Facebook account. Enjoy!

December 20th, 2012

We'd like to thank everyone who came to Back to the Grind; we hope you had a good time. Also, thank BTTG for having us again. We were amazed with the attendance and especially, the request for an encore... special thanks to Ivan of Zapp Thursdays for the extra time.

Art Walk Show coming soon...

Turned down a show at MTL for November 2nd for now... More practice and more writing. Stay tuned for the Art Walk show, should be promising!

More Songs!

We have more songs posted up through Bandcamp on our Facebook website; they are downloadable or just listen over the internet! Please visit, and like: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sky-Meadows/369801689711980

Practice Session

Got all our live equipment ready and tested. Pretty nice jam session, all we were missing was the drummer. Hope he shows next time. 3/19/12