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10 Speed!!

10 Speed Drops in 1 Day!!! Thanks to All who have supported me in the past present and future!!

Its Been a while...

Been a while since i posted, but to give you an update, i have two projects coming out in the near future, one titled, "10 Speed", the other called, "Cutting Room Floor". I will also have a Remix Project for the "10 Speed" project produced by Dominant Genetikz! Stay Tuned for news on Shows and leaks and free downloads from Reverbnation, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. And if you havent followed me on all those outlets, please do so! Thanks! - Brookfield Duece

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Im Still at it...

So going into Month 3, im making a lot of progress, got a lot of good things done, stay tuned, it should be really good, releasing a new song within the week!!!

Been gone for a while

Its crazy being gone for 6 years, a lot has changed, rap styles, the beats, the fans, the labels... everything!!! I had two children, and learned a lot, but with the experience behind the scenes watching the wrong way to do this, im confident that ill be able to move swiftly and make an impact on today's Bay Area music. Stay Tuned, and please Trust me, i wont cat off! Sheeesh!!