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Not so private party

If you find yourself out and about on Sunday the 12th, and you feel like witnessing a rock show whilst stuffing your face with free grub, and drinking on the cheap-well then, get yourself to Skinny's Ballroom by 7pm on the sabbath. Elephant M. will play a rapid set of classics so make sure you're done chewing by 8. Your ears will need all the neurons your sensory organs usually use.


Lambert's BBQ - 6.18.2011

Come downtown to the 2nd street district and join us upstairs at this unique venue. Our amigo Randy Reynolds (Leatherbag) has asked us to open up the show. It should be a great night of original music, from tender love songs to synthy space-rock. Only five dolla!

8 pm Saturday June 18. Treat yourself.




Adam N.

The Beauty of a 21

she stumbles around.....time has caught up with her.

she is a fool to think she would ever get him.


Dr. Paraphrase

Friday the 13th, Jason lived, again, pt. XII: The Begining

please come to this show..it will be a gloryfing evening of witness.


People are strange.

To the Mothers!

-- The Black Fox

Elephant M. joins Reverbnation!!

Hey there, we are Elephant M. In anticipation of our summer album release we will be using reverbnation to keep you up to date on upcoming shows. More pictures & video to come.. Send us your feedback! Peace, Elephant M.