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"Chill Out Vol. 29 Compilation" & "First 4 Polaroid Faces Albums"

With the release of the Chill Out: An Acoustic Compilation by Quickstar Productions LLC. Polaroid Faces four albums (Somewhere Safe EP, Polaroid Faces, Dead & Gone EP, and Promise To Kill) are also all available on Apple iTunes (Domestic and Foreign), Napster, Amazon, Zune, eMusic, Rhapsody, Verizon, Sprint, OD2, The Real Player, Real Networks, Groove Mobile, Groupie Tunes, Liquid Audio, Sony Connect, Medianet, Passalong, Mtracks, Rogers Wireless, Mix & Burn, Forreal / Forreal Ringtone, Wal-Mart.com, Ruckus, Audio Lunhbox, Virgin, SecuryCast, Beon, Last.fm, Best Buy.com, Mbop, Pure Tracks, Navio, Destra Music, SnoCap, Starbucks, T-Online (T-Mobile Germancy), and any other digital music retailer where mp3's are sold.

"Stop The Bleeding" is available now on iTunes and any other digital music retailer where mp3's are sold.

Quickstar Productions LLC Presents - Chill Out: An Acoustic Compilation Vol. 29

1. "East Village Princess" - Sasha Mercedes

2. "Goodfight, Goodnight" - The Rosedale Volumes

3. "Front Door Blues" - The Salty Plains

4. "Love Blind" - Jack Sassenfeld

5. "Rattlesnake" - Arron Allen And The Small City Saints

6. "Everything About You" - Joey Barrett

7. "Blue Green Eyes" Ft. Lyra Brown - Tanner Gordon

8. "On Time" - Jermey Rench

9. "On Open Highways" - Soundboard

10. "No No More" - Nick Daniels

11. "Rubix Cube" - Void If Detached

12. "Stop The Bleeding" - Polaroid Faces

13. "Dreams" - Temperance

14. "Five Senses" - Nick Anderson

15. "Ode To The Lackshore" - Quarter Pound Disaster

16. "Memories Fade" - Scott Nadeau

17. "Carry On" - Jazz Espiritu

18. "Morning Star" - Zaplin Vermie

19. "To See You Smile" - Jordancapitano!

20. "Pull The Trigger" - Marcus Bucci

"Come Clean Vol. 6" , "Faking Laughter EP" & "Climbing Stairs

Polaroid Faces' second appearance on a compilation has come. Signing on with Quickstar Productions LLC for the new compilation "Come Clean Vol. 6". A compilation album to promote a cleaner, greener and less polluted Earth. The song "Insomniac (Away)" from their EP "Faking Laughter" will be featured on the compilation. Also out now, "Climbing Stairs". The new full-length album. Available on iTunes and any other digital music retailer where mp3's are sold.

Quickstar Productions LLC Presents - Come Clean Vol. 6

1. Under Your Skin – Ryan Morris

2. I Know A Place – Martha Reich

3. Nothern Lights – Johnny Papp

4. Emanations – Judson Klein

5. Insomniac (Away) – Polaroid Faces

6. Together Forever – Howard Pavane

7. Harder Than It Seems – End Of August

8. Gone So Long – Danny Cullinan

9. The Fall Of A Man – Dan Bygdas

10. Believe What I Say – Facelong Gone

11. One Day – Don Smith

12. Aphrodite – The Ryan Express

13. What You Deserve – John Mooney

14. Who Else – Leah Greene

15. Addicted2u – Ben Arens

16. The Cat And The Field Mouse – Dulcet Effusion

17. Sanguine Romance – Rob Schrey

18. Taking On The World – Timothy Alexander

19. Million Miles Away – Ethan Johnson

20. Seize The End – Ingrid Tance

21. Through The Night – They Called Me Legion

22. Beyond Stars – David Hanchey

23. The First Score – Arthur Akshaev