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I am currently working on getting a few shows together in the northeast Ohio area. At the moment its looking like the shows will be a two piece. Evan Krise: Guitar and Vocals, Brandon Krise: Drums and Backing Vocals. I'm really looking forward to this. In other news. I am also working on writing and recording new material! A possible second album could be in the future. One song is almost completely recorded, so that leaves at least 11 more to go. This next release will start to stray from my first album "Lost Souls". It will still have a indie feel but i am going on a more rock based album. There will still be some songs like my first album but i want to make something a bit different this time around. Keep checking back for more updates on the new release!

"Lost Souls" Album

My new demo album "Lost Souls" is finally finished! A lot of hard work went into making this album. The album was recorded from January to March of 2012. All songs were written and recorded by me , Evan Krise, in my basement. A special guest guitar solo is played by my brother, Brandon Krise, on the track "Goodbye, Goodnight", which is dedicated to my Grandfather. I hope you enjoy listening to my songs as much as i enjoyed playing them. 4 of the 12 songs are up on the page to give you a taste of the album. If you want a full copy let me know and i will try to get one to you soon. Post on my Facebook wall if you want a CD at Facebook.com/blackholeevolution. Thank you and Enjoy -Evan Krise

New music.

Hopefully i will be able to record some new demos soon! After i get some more demos down I'm going to try and professionally record all my songs! So hopefully new music is soon to come.