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2 B. or Not 2 B....Your Mistress?

So....I was asked, how can I write/sing/entertain as a "Mistress" when I am the child of a preacher? .....well here is the skinny...I am more than just a PK. More importantly, I am the child of a KING. Although, I write/sing/perform in a secular arena, I do understand the power of prayer & forgiveness. I try to ensure I deliver topics about intimacy & love in the most tasteful way I can. Honestly, sometimes, I do like to get a little grimy in my approach (Check out #LOVEPAIN), but at the foundation of my words is a base of strength. I am comfortable with who I am & I am firm in my beliefs. My mother (whom I believe was called by God to minister) says she is my biggest fan & I will always respect her as the most important woman in my life, my spiritual advisor, & my friend! I would never do anything to intentionally upset her; however, as a woman who is also confident & grounded in my own sexuality…I am perfectly capable of expressing myself without being disrespectful. IMO, Sex isn’t a bad thing. It is actually a wonderful gift that has been made into something shameful. Fortunately, I am not ashamed. I love the passion, & excitement, real love can bring between people. “Pornetry” dives into that type of intimacy! The experience of my live performances attempts to touch on those emotions even if just for a short while. The problem is NOT with my music, the topics, my lyrics, or my performances….The problems lies inside closed minds. Live a little, LOVE a lot…but in the end…Judge NOT! Discover music & more at www.BDEVINE.com ♥ xoxo ~B.

Sexplorgasmic... (the poem)

I look down…into your eyes As my back arches and I try My best to ignore the throbbing inside. I wonder how long I’ll survive Before my soul explodes And liquefied lust runs upon my thighs. Inside I cry as I… I try to make this yearning subside. But no help, no refuge do I ever find. So I… Just let myself go. I know That all it takes is that first blow That first lick, First sip, First slip Of my fingertips, erect nip..ples My body can’t seem to help itself, Everything stands at attention for you Doesn’t it? Even my cl*t Salutes YOU It seems to know before I do Whenever you enter a room Damn baby, just the thought of Entering your room, Gets me excited Inside your warmth You tell me I’m invited & I’d be delighted To touch it, Kiss it, Taste it, Take it & Make it Flow like a river from you You just don’t know how wet you make me too… How long and how strong I come for you The things you put my body through Your kisses keep me speechless; it’s as if you want them to But you want to hear how you make me feel, don’t you? How you make me shake and beg for more, don’t you? Or can I just utter one word and let that be it? You make me feel.... “Sexplorgasmic!” xoxo ~B. Read the full BLOG here: http://therealbdevine.blogspot.com/2013/04/therealbdevine.html


Whether you want it too or not, I have realized that in spite of my circumstances, I must continue to B. positive & focus on all of the wonderful people & experiences I am blessed to encounter! Those who have known me personally know that I am a die-hard optimist...but what happens when the one who always encourages others... needs encouragement? I know… the irony... right?! :) Well, it happens sometimes & in those moments, I've had the chance to reflect on the good & the not-so-good aspects of my journey. Like…the friends I've made, the relationships I've built, & the loved ones I've lost before obtaining the success I'm working so hard to reach! It gets tough. However, I have to say, MUSIC has been my therapist. I can sit & listen to instrumentals...sing my heart out about how I feel & sometimes, (if I'm lucky) I remember the lyrics long enough to jot them down. But, expressing myself through song has truly been a part of my saving grace. God knows how sensitive I can B. at times & through it all, I remain humbled by the incredible people that have rallied around me. I am grateful for those who are praying for my continued success & I want you to know that I am praying for you all in return! THANK YOU for allowing me....to B. Until next time... xoxo -B.

FEEL "Some Kinda Way" FRIDAYS.... (Intro)

So, I decided to begin sharing a bit of myself on FRIDAYS...hopefully, I can get you all in the right kind of mood and GET your weekend OFF to a great start! Ready to take this journey with me?? Great... so here goes... as some of you may know, in my lyrics, I am always trying to find ways to push it to the limit. My goal has been to take your mind through the gutter before leading it to the sexy place I want it to reside. "Pornetry" encompasses that goal, sexy music, suggestive lyrics and topics...they all work cohesively to get YOU (the listener/reader) to where intimacy & fantasy meet! My new single "LovePain" is a perfect example of what happens when an evening of passion is translated into words and set to music. Take a listen ► http://mad.ly/18af73?o=tm and B. sure to get your fix with another great short story from the vault of... "YOUR FAVORITE MISTRESS" ParaDise (Written by B.DeVINE) "I have wanted to say this since Moby’s Dick was the size of a minnow. When we make love my body interacts with yours. Your heart seems to communicate with mine, causing me to render myself unto you. Subconsciously, I am begging you to overpower me. Pin me down with your strong hands and just go to work! You’d start by kissing my forehead, then my right cheek, my left cheek, the tip of my nose, my chin, then come back up and suck on my bottom lip so gently and seductively, just as I am sucking on the top of yours. I can feel your fingers inside of me before they even make it there. I am calling out to you “Baby, Baby, please don’t tease me. I want you so bad; please make love with me. Yes, I said it…”with me”. We are about to embark on a journey that requires a minimum of two people. Let’s just say it isn’t safe to travel this road alone. We are kissing each other, rubbing up against each other. No, grinding up against each other. You are moaning & I can’t help but join you. It feels so good to me. You are above me, as you look down at me, our eyes connect & we clairvoyantly express our feelings for one another. Not a word is spoken yet we smile in agreement to what was said.... READ MORE @ http://therealbdevine.blogspot.com/2013/02/sexperiences.html xoxo ~B. **Until NEXT FRIDAY**

Express Yourself....

Have you ever had a moment of clarity immediately after meeting with someone? Like the planets aligned and all was just peaceful and alright in your life? No? Well, that just means you have something to look forward too! LOVE & LIGHT is right around the corner for you and when you feel it…when you find it…mmm, you will know it! I’d like to share my experience with that feeling, with YOU! I have always been very expressive with those around me simply because I feel like if you feel it (especially if it’s something nice) why not share it with your loved ones. It’s like the cliché “there's no time like the present!” I mean, really, why wait? What if you met someone & you thought you’d B. perfect for each other, or maybe you felt they had the most B.eautiful spirit. What’s really stopping you from expressing that? Lately, I’ve realized that communicating my thoughts with those closest to me can B. a little overwhelming, especially if the receiver isn’t used to hearing so many compliments or the TRUTH. :) I will admit, I wasn’t always this way. I used to hide my emotions & only express things when questioned or confronted. But, in 1999, that all changed. My godmother, a woman I have loved since I could remember, got married & at her reception, I figured she was busy with being a new wife & would probably B. too busy to hear me go on about how much I loved her & how gorgeous she looked in her dress. I figured I could & would talk to her & tell her just how happy I was for her when she returned from her honeymoon after a few days. I walked up to her, hugged her, & I told her I would B. leaving early. I left, only to find out that night she passed away on her honeymoon, devastated & feeling guilty I realized that there is no better moment than the present to express exactly how much you care about someone. If I had known then, what I know now..I would have told her everything I wanted her to know. You just never know when it will B. the LAST TIME you have the chance to say what you truly feel. So with that, I give a little bit of my heart with every lyric, every line, every note in my music! I want YOU to know that I am loved & I am okay with sharing that feeling with those who deserve it & even some who don’t. :) I encourage you to do the same…Enjoy your weekend & this piece of my ♥! Read the full blog & poem here: http://therealbdevine.blogspot.com/2013/02/express-yourselfthe-ladys-weekly-blog.html xoxo ~B.

Introducing... the "Lady of Lust" (a weekly B.LOG)

Today, I'd like to dive into the sexier side of B. (if that's even possible) There are so many facets of your favorite Mistress that you may not know about...what lies at the very core of "Pornetry!" Yes, there's more to it than just spoken word & sexy music...there are stories that inspire my content too. Open your mind and dive in deep...I promise you, the "Lady of Lust" will not disappoint....read on.. if you think you can handle it... Introducing... ♥ "The Lady of Lust" ♥ The door suddenly swings open and hits the wall with a bang, the force causes the dust from the floor to unsettle and move quickly throughout the room. “Your Mistress has arrived!”, I shout firmly as I grind my 5 and ½ inch black patent leather stiletto heel into your brown-lacquer wood floor. The reflection of my jet-black soul-tight bodysuit seems to enter before I do. Hell, you can’t help but examine me from the floor up…. My boots begin to make an unusual squeaking noise as I come closer to you, my legs…long and look as though they will never stop, you stare as though you’ve never seen me before…my hips, are just full enough to handle someone grabbing me from behind and riding this ass like a wild stallion. But YOU wouldn’t dare touch me without permission..Now would YOU?! Your physique is amazing and demands my attention! Even I am speechless, but I’d never let you dominate me, at least not this time! There is a zipper that extends from my breasts to my navel, but I refuse to close it, I want you to want me…crave what you can’t have, what is just out of your reach. I love to torture you more and more with what you can see but could never touch! You see only a sliver of my skin as it glistens from being held captive in such tight quarters, and it drives you absolutely insane thinking of us being just this close to each other but that only punishment awaits if you so much as breathe hard! You jump from being startled but tense up because you know what awaits. I can only slither towards you….because I want every moment to last. I push your upward with the end of my leather whip, so slow that it feels like an entire day has passed us by. You can’t even look me in the eyes for fear of being disobedient & I stare vacantly through you and as you hang upon my every word… Read the FULL STORY ► http://therealbdevine.blogspot.com/2013/01/introducing-lady-of-lust-weekly-blog.html What do you think next week will bring? Cum..back to find out.... *smiling seductively* xoxo ~B.

Happy NEW Year HoneyBs!! #2013

With this upcoming NEW year, there is so much to B. thankful for….the past prepares us for the present and sets the foundation for the future! Make your foundation a solid one!

It's a B.eautiful thing to build new relationships, step outside of comfort zones and grow from it all...2012 has taught me how to express myself better through song and release myself from situations, I can't change. For growth, it is imperative to learn from your experiences...Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you when you need it. WE ALL NEED IT (from time to time), those who truly care will want to B. there for you just as you are there for them!

Remember to RELAX and allow yourself the opportunity to exhale...take a little time for YOU! :) You deserve it! Finally, but IMO, most importantly... don't B. afraid to walk away from people and things that only "subtract" from your life...if it doesn't ADD value... it isn't worth it! Live! Laugh! & Love HARDER than you have before!

What do you have to lose?

Thank you all for your prayers, love, & support throughout the year!

Without YOU, I would not B...Let's make 2013 even better!

Have a fantastic & amazing year! It's already B.eautiful, if you're a part of it!

All Love All Ways!

xoxo ~B.


I have found out so much about myself within the last two years. From coming to terms with my goals in life (personally & professionally) to actually seeing my goals and dreams come to life before my eyes. I have been blessed to meet and get to know new people and actually form relationships. I have learned that these relationships are truly invaluable and can provide much more value to my life in the long run than money ever could. Unfortunately, with the good must come the not-so-good….I have also lost a few relationships along the way, I have no ill feelings towards those who have chosen to simply take a step back and allow me to grow and become the very best person that I can B. We all need support and a hug every now and again and sometimes those you think or expect to provide what is essential for you, will actually have to stand aside to allow others to B. your support system for a season. The cliché “timing is everything” is important to remember when feeling “Some Kinda Way” about a situation. J Yes, my feelings have been hurt when I am performing and I look out and miss seeing my loved ones and friends’ faces in the crowd. However, being the optimist that I am, I always think of the new faces I am sharing gazes with; the B.eautiful people who may B. hearing my voice for the first time and those who are smiling because they seem to B. enjoying my performance. I think about the importance of my family staying home to care for my children because although “B.DeVINE” is performing late, “Mommy” still loves them and wants them to have a hot meal each night and homework complete for school the next day. I am learning that while my friends and family are at home asleep, I must stay up at times to write, record, learn more about my craft…that is IF I want to progress and make all of my efforts count! I owe it to myself to see it through to the end, to fight tooth and nail for my goals and my talent. I owe it to myself, to work as hard as I can to make others see from my actions, why I am so passionate about music and why this is no longer a hobby… it is MY LOVE! xoxo -B.

#TeamHoneyB (Gr8ful)

I am so thankful for the support and love I have received! Friends (new and tenured) have truly rallied around me and made me feel so comfortable in my musical journey! For those that wanted to help but couldn't for whatever reason, I sincerely appreciate the thought! For those that have been instrumental in making things happen, I will forever B. indebted to you. Either way, you know who you are and I have so much love for each of you in whatever role you played, B.cause ultimately it was YOUR action or inaction that made me who I am and who I am striving to B.come. I realized that sometimes God puts things in your path for your growth and at the time, it may hurt your feelings or make you second guess your relationships but in the end, the REASON is crystal clear! I am still thankful, still extremely grateful for everyone I have met along the way and I am looking forward to so many more adventures and learning experiences B.cause I know at the end…is my reward! Please continue to like, share, tweet, and talk about the music (it is made JUST FOR YOU) and when you see me…please feel free to offer a smile and a hug…and I promise to always have one waiting on you in return. #AllLuvAllWays xoxo -B.

Some Kinda Way

This is one of those songs that will have you thinking about the one that "got away" :) or at least had you feeling "some kinda way".... ENJOY the song and let me know what you think?! xoxo ~B.