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New Year, High Gear!

Alright Throw The Temple-ites, it's a new year and we're kickin things up even more. We've got our new single "Princess" nearly complete and its B-side, "Dock" on the way shortly after. Then we're gearing up for TTT's first Southwest Tour in March! Help us make the most of this year by sharing our music with everyone you know! Thanks so much for everything, you guys make it all worthwhile!

December 2012 - Finishing 2012 Strong!

TTT Family,

This year has been ridiculously awesome because of you guys. This year's seen us play more shows than before and had us leave our homes twice to play out of town and out of state.

2012 has seen us lose original members but has also added Kody. We've gotten to play during SXSW in Austin, TX. We've gotten to play on a talk show as a musical guest. We've released our first demo back in April and are now working on our two newest songs in the studio. We also got voted into playing EdgeFest and had the honor of becoming the first local band to win the Edgy award for best local band.

We've been so proud of all that we've done in 2012 so far, and we couldn't have done any of it without you guys.

Make sure and come to our next couple of shows at amped to cap off the year and be sure to tune in to NBC after Saturday Night Live on December 22nd to catch us on "The After After Party" with Breaking Bad's Steven Michael Quezada.

Thanks for a great year, let's make 2013 even bigger!

Much love, Gabe

July Update

It's been a crazy few months! We picked up Kody Audette as our new permanent bassist and haven't stop moving since. We've gotten a lot of new fans and have been doing more All Ages stuff. We want to thank everyone as always for coming out to our shows and showing love!



May 2012

Hey what's going on guys! We're working on some new stuff. We have a couple of shows coming up, May 31st and June 12th here in Albuquerque. Stay updated! New songs coming up. Thank you guys for your support!


Post EdgeFest/Bass Player Situation

Hey everyone, this is Gabe. I have a few things to say. I absolutely have to make sure and thank each and every one of you for the outpouring of support over this weekend. The Damn Bar was amazing and gracious and every single person in there made us push ourselves to put on a good show for you. Thank you to 104.1 The Edge and ESPECIALLY the new fans who saw us at Edgefest and went absolutely nuts while we were on stage. I think we may be the only band whose bassist crowd surfed haha and I believe we had the best pit on local stage. Thank you to all who listened to our demo and for the feedback! Thank you to Sleeptastespretty out in Gallup for coming out and playing with us in Rio Rancho and sharing their venue, The Juggernaut Performing Arts Center of Gallup,NM, with us so we could rock out there. Thank you to Attaloss for being such great friends and such a great band and hanging out with us/playing with us this weekend. Also, we're really pleased to announce that Antonio Camarena has decided to become our full time bass player and that we will keep moving on with him! Thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart and all of our hearts. We couldn't do this without you and we seriously love you for your support. Please keep up to date with our shiz and thanks again.