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Literati Records' Marcus Greybeard interview of Treehouse Sanctum and Podcast

From their early folk-infused, singer/songwriter inspired beginnings as a duo, Treehouse Sanctum has blossomed into a full-on four piece band, that continues to push it’s own boundaries, and expand it’s musical palette. Although the band is made up of a core group of multi-instrumentalists, live shows are often highlighted by various guest performers and close friends taking the stage to perform alongside the group, keeping each gig fresh and unique. Treehouse2 The bands new full-length album, Shake The Shadow, has been a labor of love for the group, and represents 3 years of hard work, hopes, and dreams, finally coming to fruition. The art of the song is not lost on Treehouse Sanctum, who seem to explore new and interesting ways to harness the beautifully rich vocal palette of Rymer and Prado, with each subsequent track they produce. Catch Treehouse Sanctum live, this Saturday, for their album release show at The Marquis.


Treehouse Sanctum releases new record

By BluesTribute Entertainment

Treehouse Sanctum will release their much anticipated debut album “Shake the Shadow” on March 15th, 2014 at the Marquis Theater in Denver, CO. They will be joined by The Burroughs, Jon Boland & the Blind Tigers, and Gora Gora Orkestar. They will also be raising funds for the Denver Rescue Mission as part of this show. Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and help those in need! This show is open to the public and all ages are welcome! More information is available here. Advance tickets are available here.

This unique debut album represents a harmonious fusion of traditional folk, soulful jazz, groove filled dream rock, & boot stomping Americana. The warm male/female vocals are woven seamlessly in richly layered textures and display the versatility of Sam Rymer & Danya Lynn Prado as singers. With the backing of a talented crew well versed in the art of tasteful accents, this one time duo has blossomed into a forceful creative contingent.

Shades of Blue is one of the most interesting & unique indie rock songs on the entire album; dynamic, wordless harmonies on the chorus and a lively outro jam mask the heavy lyrical content of a pending divorce. Battle Hymn is a joyous and defiant groove that’s draws on soulful southern gospel roots music; check the funky slide guitar work on the bridge.

The album’s 2nd track, Grace Colorado, is an alt-country duet that is a frank and sentimental look at a man moving on from a relationship with a good hearted woman. Delivered from his and her vantage points, it is a song that is immediately accessible to anyone who has loved & lost, and couldn’t explain why.

Songs like Paramour, The Wake, & Beauty highlight the progressive dream pop abilities of the band, while Ocean Song, the albums final track is a near a capella rendition that makes you want to dig your toes into the sand someplace warm and watch the sun set. From smooth, martini sipping trumpet work on You Move to the swinging eccentricity of Almost, So Close; this album delivers a masters class in versatility. A worthwhile debut album to explore.


Shake the Shadow album review

Colorado Music Buzz by Tim Wenger

Shake The Shadow, the new record from Treehouse Sanctum dropping in March, is Colorado proud. It is upbeat but mellow- easy to dance to but also perfect for a calm listen. Ambience is a big thing for this harmonious four-piece- they let emotions ride high throughout the record with vocal patterns that at times almost seem to be humming.

Their music is indie rock stock full of folk, with male and female vocals harmonizing for optimum effect. Steady guitar work and soulful lyrics dominate the music and leave a pleasant taste in the ear of the listener.


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