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Divine Death

Divine Death

Slowly Dying  Dying Slowly  Fade Away  We're made of clay 

Chains bar me down  Shackles weigh my feet  Circles I walk around  Insanity is deep 

My body's hungry & tired  The Sweat burns my eyes  I'm surrounded by liars  In a primal disguise 

Flying highly  Highly flying  Dying slowly  Slowly dying 

Take my last drop  But gimme yours  Let this all stop  Let it flow through my pores 

You know as well as I  That it doesn't end here  You know as well as I  There is nothing to fear 

I see it in your eyes  You see it in mine  Everybody dies  But not all are divine 

Copyright ©2006 Anthony E. Barr

There comes a time

There comes a time In everybody's life When it's time to sit down And let the others fly I never look back I'll never wonder why All this heartattack From this bloody heart of wine Maybe sometimes You're never gonna find As you play it back But you're run'n outta time And I can't decide As you're making up my mind But 'tis no suprise You do this all the time Anthony E. Barr Dec 3o, 2oo7