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New fans

Thank you so much. New tunes soon. As Willy Wonka said... We are the music makers.. We are the dreamers of dreams.

Pizza Bytes

Added new song Pizza bytes .


Truer emotion is really hard to express, except through Music. Happiness, sadness, loss, acceptance. One of my favorite band names is Blood Sweat and Tears. That pretty much sums it up. Love and peace to you all..Jimmy D.

New Album !

Bob is furiously mixing the latest record, which means it should be ready in like 6 months..lol. Seriously, he does an excellent job. Soon.. Hey, 2 out of 10 tracks sound passable.. He might even get that up to 4... Free jam Rules !! Peace.... Jimmy D.

New Tunes !!!

Check out our new songs !!!

New tunes !!!

Check out our new songs !!!!

New fans..

We love that you love.. !


new jam, new photos, new songs coming soon!!!!!


Yes You... What a great time we have.. We get to make each other laugh.. Sometimes ' til we cry.. I have had the pleasure of free-jamming with two of the coolest, fun dudes... The energy is electric, sometimes you can feel it in the air. To feed... Eat up.. I'm hungry.. Peace...... Jimmy D.

new fans

It's so great getting to check out all new fans stuff.. I like stuff. Peace... Jimmy D..