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Goatneck is back!!

So after a fucked up 5 months we made amends and are moving forward without Nick, this may come as a shock to fans but it was our decision to make and we are looking forward to getting on with the music so you the fans can have something to listen to and see us again at future shows, please feel free to love/hate or just express your thoughts on Goatneck

Were the only band on this chart from cleburne

We're number 4 on the ReverbNation Metal charts for Cleburne, TX. www.reverbnation.com/goatneckrising .WOW you really like us really!!!???!!


Well thats a huge leap from one blog to the next, Hey everyone its 2013 and we got lots of shows for the new year and now that our new lineup is firm in place we are recording and getting ready for a new start lets make this one a year to remeber!!!

New line up new year

We had a little hiccup last year with Cody. He had issues with job and family that cause his depature from the band leaving the four of us to what was left of the band at the time. After talks and meetings between members we decide to move forward and recruted a drummer who seems to be settleing in just fine and with J switching from the skins to the strings things are tighter than ever so get ready fans this years gonna be a big one with more shows and music from the Goatneck camp!!!

Dec 3rd next show

We have been taking a break after the eight years of horror Halloween show. We had a great turnout thanks to all the fans. Next up is Dec 3rd at Tomcats West a familiar venue for Goatneck as we have done this before and are looking forward to the sound at this particular establishment. come out and join the fun as we bring the metal to the fans at the next one!