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A Busy 3 Weeks!

TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012

A couple of months ago I started the process of finding members for a band. A very talented musician, Lee Darby, was working with me on a couple of songs for my new album. I went to him in search of a drummer since he's been involved in the Nashville music scene for many years. He offered to fill in until I found a permanent drummer.

Lee has played music with bass player, Jeff Wall, for many years, in several bands. I brought my ideas to both of them about the things and direction that I wanted to go. They were very excited and came up with the idea of writing songs while in search of a guitarist. We co-wrote three songs together and are still writing.

After one of Lee's shows with another great band that he plays in, he met an unbelievable guitarist by the name of Vincent Peer. We all 4 went into the studio to record these three songs adding Vincent's flare and unbelievable guitar skills.

While in the process of recording we met three aspiring and amazing filmmakers, Zack Eagles, Nick Eagles & Logan Eagles, owners of Eagle Brothers Productions. We contracted to making 5 music videos. The first two, which are Angry Man and Misery Ever After, have been filmed and released on YouTube.

Our first show as a band was July 21, 2012 at Rock Bar Nashville, alongside Vintage Radio Gods and Dogs at Bay, was a complete success. A huge thanks to these fantastic bands.

We are currently playing covers ranging from early 90's to current rock. We're in the process of throwing cool twists into different genres of music to play live for your entertainment. We will add our new, original songs into the set as people get to know us. We are here to entertain you!!

More new music. More new videos. More live shows. Very soon! Thank you for the over 2,700 views in 10 days for our Angry Man video. 1,700 of those views came after our first show!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Just finished filming his first two music videos! Both (along with 2 new songs) will be released throughout the next couple of months!! His debut 12 song CD has been recorded and is currently in the final stages of production with producer Jeff Huskins as well. Rodney has recently made the move to Nashville & is collaborating with some of the best musicians/songwriters Music CIty has to offer.

Live show dates with his stellar new band will be announced soon. The excitement keeps growing about Rodney and his music and he couldn't be more thankful and appreciative of his fans encourgement and patience.

Great and exciting things are in the works! Stay tuned!!!


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