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bday/my fans

Thanks to all of the fans for bein there for me. It would be an awesome birthday present if i was number one on the charts just for one day. But otherwise thanks for listening and would love to collab with a few other artists just for fun. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day guys.

To New Fans

Thanks to all new fans for liking my page just thought I'd say that. :) #Keep doin what your doin guys

Hey All

Those who love my music thanks for takin the time out to listen. Love the comments on it and what to do better. I'm in the process of doin videos for some of my music. Thanks for spreadin me around. :) Keep up ur music as well. -JBlyze-

You can also find me on facebook - J Blyze

Starting Out

Hey a big thanks to everyone who listens and hears my music, also would love to work with other artists. Just hit me up and we can rip sh!t up. :)