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If the shoe fits, kick some ass!

As the summer season kicks fully into gear for performing musicians, it's rather humbling to be part of such an active season. While we here in Milwaukee have to contend with the biggest musical festival worldwide, "Summerfest," it is also the goal of musicians everywhere to have their bands seen and heard by as many as possible. So in conclusion, I would like to put the request out there for all fans of music everywhere to get out and support your performing artists, especially in this weak economy! It is a fairly inexpensive way to still enjoy a great summer with fun!

How to tame preshow jitters

Hey everybody! Angelo here again with an important message to other bands. There are several things I've learned in my three decades as a performance artist, and I'd like to share some of those things with you all, in the hopes that this may be considered a public service announcement, and therefor be considered for hours logged on my community service requirement!

1. Coffee is only your friend in the morning on the day of the show, anything later may result in an awkward moment on stage. 2. Don't ever piss off a drummer on stage, I'm playing Finney's tomorrow, and the last time I was there my previous drummer walked off stage mid-set. He was having a moment. 3. It truly is in the interest of your band to remain fully clothed during your performance, it really doesn't matter how hot your bass player is. 4. Most on stage antics are remembered with the phrase: "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time." Whether or not that statement is true, chances are, it wasn't ever really that good of an idea. 5. If you're playing an all ages show, remember to card every girl backstage. I don't care how cute she is or if she "looks" old enough. 6. Your lead singer IS a whiny little bitch. It isn't just your imagination. 7. If your bass player seems a little on the strange side, it's okay. They all are. 8. Yes, your drummer is playing that beat faster than you play it at practice, just try to keep up! 9. If you play in a band to get laid, this will be a disappointment not only for you, but any of the people stupid enough to sleep with you. 10. Always remember to thank everyone involved with a show, from club owners to band mates, from fans to promoters and any supporting acts. This will help to ensure you get to take a stage again!

I think that does it for now, if anything I touched on hits a little too close to home, it's perfectly natural. After all, a band is like a family, you may not always get along, but as long as you remember that your band mates are also human, you can accomplish anything together. Thanks Helmut and Damien, you guys are the best family a little songwriter like me could have ever asked for. Let's kick some ass at Finney's tomorrow.

d'Morte Disclaimer

For any future blogs or on stage antics, I should mention publicly that my opinions in no way reflect the views or opinions expressed by my band, the venues we play at, or society in general, just keep in mind, if you are easily offended, I'm truly sorry. Now suck it up Sally and smile!

Angelo d'Morte

Living Several Deaths

Nothing much to say

I think the title says it best. We'll be back when we have some cool stuff to blog about.