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New Single - Walk Away

To celebrate our participation in the CBGB Festival this week in NYC we decided to release a new single "Walk Away" from our soon to be released debut album, "The Send Off". We are really proud of the track and the album as a whole.

New Single Release Tonight at Midnight!!

To celebrate our participation in the CBGB Festival we are releasing a new single from our upcoming album, "The Send Off" at midnight. Join us online. See ya there!!

First Single Off of Our Debut Album

We released the fan voted first single "Liquid Universe" from our upcoming debut release "The Send Off" tonight!!! MUCH LOVE!!!!

Lazy Days!

So, we're nearing the completion of our first full length record. We have one last studio session left for touch ups before we start mixing! We're very excited about this. And I'm thinking, I may or may not leak one of our songs from the record for you all to check out, before you can purchase it at shows or on itunes (and other music media sites as well). What do you think?


So, I've been going through all the new song ideas we've been working on as of late, and I realize that we've got enough to begin working on our second album, before the first one is even done. That's pretty awesome. It puts the pressure on getting this first album done alot more than ever. Hopefully, we can keep within this time line that we've given ourselves to get this album done. I hope. On a side note, I had fish and chips today for lunch and I feel like I have an alien in my stomach that's trying to eat it's way out. gross.

Bikinis, Bars, and Boomers!

We recently came off our PeaceFest 2012 Adventure! And we are happy to say that we survived another year! With a stunning pyrotechnic show, provided by our very own 'Riga'Tony during our set (thanks brotha, sorry about all the sulfur burns, but you're a fuckin' champion!)

This summer has been pretty fantastic thus far! We've had the joy of playing awesome venues, with great, and even Legendary bands/artists. We are truely blessed and thankful to everyone who has been a part of our journey as a band. Without you we are just a bunch of shoemakers with instruments.

We've got some pretty cool dates coming up so be on the look out as we come to a venue near you! Stay cool, stay awesome, stay blessed!

Peace, Love, and Brown Chicken Brown Cow.

Shows, Studios, and Sickness

That's what's on our agenda right now! We've been playing shows like whoa! We even had the 'joy' :-/ of having some of the cast members from The Jersey Shore, show up at our last show, in Seaside. Yes, we showered thoroughly afterwards, outside, so as not to bring that filth into our homes.

Working ever so diligently on our full length record. So, it should be out before one of us dies.

And we all have strep throat. Note to selves, do not share the same bottle when one is sick, or thought to be sick.